By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

We have covered for the Saudi’s long enough.  In 2003, the initial FBI investigation of 9/11 found Saudi Arabia fully complicit, their government and royals at the highest level, working in concert with Israel, prominent organized crime figures and traitors at Washington’s highest levels.  I have seen the reports.  They are real.  We needed to invade Saudi Arabia in September 2001 and when America gets a president with guts, we will do exactly that.

America doesn’t do that much business with Saudi Arabia.  Their military is a sham, beaten to a pulp by spear wielding Houthi tribesmen.  When their pilots come to Las Vegas to train, they never leave the whore houses and casinos while paid Palestinian surrogates attend their classes and fly their planes.

Everyone in the US military knows this.

Let’s thank Gina Haspel, current CIA director, for attempting to do her job.  We won’t forget it.  We also know that Gina can prove that Trump ordered Khashoggi’s killing through John Bolton.  We believed she had prior knowledge as we knew she was with Kushner when the request to kill what Trump had called “the enemy of the state” was passed on to Saudi Arabia.

While we are at it, we might also note that Turkish intelligence has leaked, to all who pay attention, that they have had access to almost every room in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.  The leaks already slowly bled to a waiting world are nothing compared to what Erdogan is holding.

For years, Erdogan has recorded Saudi Arabia planning ISIS attacks, arming them with chemical weapons and one more thing even more important.

On February 25, 2016 a squadron on Saudi Royal Air Force F16s and F15s arrived at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey.  There, they were met by Israeli instructors and technicians who had arrived two days earlier in two C130 cargo planes from Israel.

The Saudi F16s were modified to carry nuclear weapons that Saudi Arabia had purchased from Israel between 1993 and 2005.  Strike groups were established, combining F16s and F15s for deployment against Iran using nuclear weapons.

Initially negotiations began when as early as 2009, Saudi Arabia offered Israel use of their air space in nuclear strikes against Iran.

Only a year earlier, Turkey had contracted with Israel to have F16’s at Incirlik modified for nuclear weapons.  Israel had promised Turkey that the 80 or more B61 thermonuclear weapons stored on the base could easily be seized and that Israel had the necessary software, supplied by Bush era national security advisor Richard Clarke, to activate and use stolen American nukes.

Upon learning this, President Obama had America’s nuclear arsenal in Turkey disabled, all fissionable material removed from the country.

There is much more to tell including Saudi, Israeli cooperation in testing small yield nuclear weapons in Yemen and testing the first W54 glide bomb over Yemen.

Early version of W54 nuke without glide system

Trump gave dozens of the newly designed W54’s to Israel, which is why Russia sent the S300 system to Syria, not because of the loss of a single plane.

From Today’s UK Guardian: Fred Ryan, the publisher and CEO of the Washington Post, said: “The CIA has thoroughly investigated the murder of this innocent journalist and concluded with high confidence that it was directed by the crown prince. If there is reason to doubt the findings of the CIA, President Trump should immediately make that evidence public.”

Trump’s statement, titled “standing with Saudi Arabia” sought to portray the kingdom as an essential US ally in a struggle against Iran, and an irreplaceable customer for US arms sales.

He claimed a breach in the relationship between Washington and Riyadh would call an oil price spike.

“If you want to go see oil prices go to $150 a barrel, all you have to do is break up our relationship with Saudi Arabia,” Trump said in his remarks to reporters.

His statement made a series of false or unsubstantiated claims, suggesting that Riyadh is buying $110bn in US weapons. The actual total of offers since Trump took office is less than $15bn, and the value of actual signed contracts is significantly lower than that.

A new independent report found that US arms sales to Saudi Arabia account for fewer than 20,000 US jobs a year – less than a 20th of the employment boost Donald Trump has claimed.

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  1. It’s a cluster Ph**K, of Trumpian Crypto Family Semitic-ism… Follow the money of Christian fakery and the herding of American (USA) psuedo patriots…. My take on how the conditioned sheeple of Zombie America, Cell Phone Heads are us… are unable to see the special interest and tyranny of dual citizenry…aka… Zionism and wahhabism rolled up into a nice clean little plutocratic monopoly…. the fakery of Christian Zionism that controls the minds of the herd, is destroying the truth of constitutional mockery and the rule of law. The forefathers, being masons for the most part, rolling over in their graves… Seeing how religion and superstition rule the mass herd of ignorance and ideological dementia, the cryptography of propaganda and public opinion mixed into the lies, known as truth!… Here the sheeple are conditioned by consumerism of electronic means… where the truth is now purported to be a lie and hate is the synonym that is classified by the deceivers of justice within the left-Right dichotomy. This has lead the conditioned masses to believe the big lies and bicker over the small white lies of nothingness. The Main Stream Media, and their CEO”s of dubious nature, are fleecing the masses into a numbbrella of idocracy… Love your take and insight Gordon Duff…

  2. So there were ” initial F.B.I.reports in 2003 on 9/11 finding “Saudi Arabia fully complicit, their government and royals at the highest level, working in concert with Israel, prominent organized crime figures & traitors at Washington’s highest levels.” & Mr. Gordon Duff has seen these reports & they are REAL ??
    So is there ANY WONDER that Americans should NOT TRUST the FBI or any other US instution ?????

    When the US Main stream media ( US propaganda machine ) published the “list of the 9/11 high jackers” there were 15 or more stated to be Saudi Arabians & YET there was NO CONNECTION made as to “Saudi Arabia ,their government or royals at the highest level being “complicit”or FULLY COMPLICIT.
    The initial FBI contention was that “EXPLOSIVES” were used on 9/11 until Cheney persuaded Robert Muller otherwise .
    MbS has since declared that he knows that Israel did 9/11.
    So the web of deceit is close to falling apart ? Mr.G Duff could not have been “fooled” by forged documents ?

  3. Well, oil price dopped to from $82 to $54 and Trump a.k.a ‘a bird in the head’ twitt… “Thank you to Saudi Arabia” , that means Trump save the ass of Clown Prince a.k.a ‘If a Body Meets a Body’ and him paid for the work…. at same time Tulsi Gabbard twitt… “Hey @realdonaldtrump: being Saudi Arabia’s bitch is not “America First.”
    The rest are booby dupes…

  4. Interesting read. The Gordian Knot of deception & treachery becomes clearer & more defined. Zionism & Wahhabism are mutually aligned for many years. SA is UK Zionist puppet & has been for years. Chabad Lubavitch (Ashkenazi Hasidism) Talmud, Saturn Worship all line up w/ US NeoCon PNAC template. Now if half of Christian Zionist’s would actually research they would know how the multi-level religious Babylon deception works. The threat from within w/ all the sayanim & secret societies is far greater than any threat from afar.

  5. The US relationship with Saudi Arabia has long been that we buy their oil, they price their oil sales in dollars maintaining the petro-dollar, and in return they purchase US military equipment and we guarantee their safety. This arrangement existed before Trump. It will exist after Trump.

    • DT… it is all about the wealth of those who own the oil companies. Oil Companies pay the Saudis a royalty on the oil then they sell to one of their companies in a tax haven like Monrovia where there are no taxes and the countru uses US dollars as their currency eliminating any exchange risks. Then they sell it as high as they can to their refineries in the US and Europe so as not to show any taxable profits for those refineries. Msanwhile, all their profits are made tax free in a tax haven with no exchange risks. If the Saudis ever stop buying US T bills they would be invaded the next day.

  6. “We needed to invade Saudi Arabia in September 2001 and when America gets a president with guts, we will do exactly that.” Then what Mr. G.?
    The truth is if “America gets a president with guts”, he should invade England and end the looting that started with the glorious revolution and round up the progeny of the looters of church property and the pedophiles calling themselves nobles. Send in the Marines and invade the Criminal State.
    However, that would require some real guts looking in a mirror instead of projecting on the Southern part of the Globe.
    Why invade KSA when the English are the ones that shoved them down the throat of the Muslim world? So the West can loot its riches and Rothchilds Shell can rape the lands around it.
    All a POTUS with balls has to do is just leave the Saudis alone to be taken out by their own people or allow them to flee to the Riviera where they can drink themselves to death.
    This would not cost one Dollar or one drop of American blood.
    Invade Saudi Arabia is the idea of someone who hasn’t only done his calculus homework but one who hasn’t read the title of the book which is “Blowback.”
    PS. F—k Khashoggi and his whole arms dealing family along with the rest of these tea sips who care nothing for their people.
    Poor Khashoggi and his last minutes but what about those dying from radiation in Yemen and Iraq? To me they are not Yemenis or Iraqis, they are fellow human beings, fellow human beings that simple. Can you dig? Can we rise to this level of consciousness?

  7. I want to have some of the stuff duff is smoking but its also clear, no major airstrike/attack on Iran can be made without using saudi airfields and soil. For the sauds the problem is 85% of their crude production depends on the 14.5mbpd salt water injection plant at Qurayyah which can be destroyed within 8 minutes by an unstoppable Iranian missile salvo.

    • If Duff can sneak off for a nice cigar; he’s looking over his shoulder for Carol and a bucket of water. The House of Saud is corrupt to the core. However, secondary and tertiary recovery is the norm for all production fields of petroleum.

  8. The minute I read the statement by bloody Gina, immediately I thought bulls***. Trust no one, especially anyone inside Washington, the center from which all evil emanates.
    The only two countries that need regime change are Pisrael and Fraudi Arabia. Those in Washington, the gutless, blackmailed, treasonous, greedy, lying, backstabbing lot of them will do nothing that might upset their personal gravy trains. For that we thank them for the endless wars, excessive military spending, for the expansion of the American empire, now soon to fail and a dangerous foreign policy the benefits only those two worthless nations and the MIC.
    America’s foreign policy, particularly that of the middle east needs to be revamped 180 degrees. Don’t count on it to happen anytime soon. The anti-war movement appears to be dead. Even the liberals remain silent, complacent with their own little suburban lifestyles of political correctness and social justice. Meanwhile America bombs innocent men, women and children in Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan.

  9. If everything in this article is true, and I have no reason to believe it’s not, it only confirms what I have suspected for some time: that the Zionists, radical Islamists, Neocons, Chabad-Lubavitchers, Chicoms, and certain rogue elements of the government are allies. This is why Trump will do nothing that would threaten the alliance. It is a well-documented fact that the Israelis have been working closely with the Chicoms for years. Alex Jones has openly stated that China is our greatest threat, yet he has never once mentioned this ongoing Israeli-Chinese business and technological relationship. IMO, Jones is a gate keeping limited hangout, a Judas goat.

    • So in other words, his First Amendment rights should be curtailed.
      Also, the right to voice one’s opinion can be curtailed by certain high tech companies run by neo liberal progressives.

    • @JohnZ I didn’t read all that in to what James Robert Calvert wrote.
      Jones may be a gate keeping limited hangout, and a Judas goat, but Calvert never said he should be gagged.
      You implied . . .

  10. Referring to earlier VT articles, where evidence of use of very strong explosive detonations in Yemen was mentioned, and today the remark “there is much more to tell including Saudi, Israeli cooperation in testing small yield nuclear weapons in Yemen and testing the first W54 glide bomb over Yemen,” I can still recall a video from a few years back, that displayed the development of a detonation that was really something, and that any one who has seen it, will certainly remember. The worst thing is that such took place very near one of the larger Yemeni population centres. The footage showed houses and streets situated at the base of a large mountain, with the grandiose-grotesque detonation taking place about halfway up the mountain side.
    Now take a look at the panorama photo shown here :
    I am convinced that it shows the exact place where this explosion took place. It was a couple of years ago in the month of May.

  11. And when I heard the backasswards news on NPR this afternoon, I wondered why Humpty Trumpty was sound biting Saudi again . . . and . . . he dovetailed it with stuffing his mouth with more sound bites with Iran doing this, and Iran doing that. Good old Zionists, at it again.
    The Saudi pilot training in Vegas . . . hilarious.