Britain becomes the sad Paper Tiger


More British troops will head to Ukraine to ‘defend democracy’ – Williamson set to announce

… from Russia Today, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Nothing is more sad than to watch a country like Britain playing the world military power when month after month more and more of its people slide into poverty and subsist on a diet that could only be described as human cat food.

It pretends to be protecting the free world by going to Ukraine to train troops for a regime so criminal that most cabs drivers in the world are aware of it.

The comment about “sending a Royal Navy ship” turns out to be a hydrographic ship. The essence of the story is that 100 British troops are in country and 30 more are coming. Wow! Russia must be shaking in its boots.

And then we have the comment of the the Defense Secretary visiting the front lines, where not much is going on in the pretend-a-war that goes on to justify putting more NATO troops near the Russian border, and the more serious action of building new permanent US bases that can host extensive major weapons systems.

Only the Neo-Nazis really want to fight in Ukraine. The rest of the troops are doing it for the paycheck, often the case for serving in the military in a country going down the tubes.
Back at home the Royal Navy cannot keep its ships repaired to a state of readiness, and then there is the shortage of manpower and lack of proper training, yet the British Deep State wants to keep pouring big money into major weapons systems anyway.

The British people should revolt against their being gouged like this to serve the military industrial complex like is going on full steam in the US under Trump, and the “fake threat” theatrics so now in vogue.

Santa needs to leave the presents home and load up on common sense, all that his sled can carry. It is badly needed for this year’s stocking stuffingJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … November 21, 2018

The UK will increase its military support to Ukraine, training their special forces and sending a Royal Navy ship to the country, the British Defence Secretary is set to announce, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The build up of forces in the eastern European country is to defend “freedom and democracy,” according to Williamson.

“As long as Ukraine faces Russian hostilities, it will find a steadfast partner in the United Kingdom,” the Defence Secretary will say according to the Tory-supporting Telegraph, who have apparently been provided with access to Williamson’s speech.

“By continuing to work together, whether through training programmes or military exercises, we help Ukraine to stand up for our shared values.

“Those values of freedom and democracy cannot be traded. I have witnessed on the frontline the effects of the war in the east and this has completely reinforced my support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity,”Williamson is expected to say.

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The HMS Echo, a hydrographic survey ship with a crew of 72, will be sent to the region, while Ukrainian Special Forces are set to be trained by their British counterparts.

Some 100 British personnel are currently in Ukraine, reportedly on a training mission in the western city of Lviv and central city of Dnipro, according to the UK Ministry of Defence.

The UK has reportedly trained some 10,000 Ukrainian troops since 2015, in areas such as logistics and identification of improvised explosive devices.

Williamson has been steadfast in his support for Ukraine. During a visit to the country in September, the Defence Secretary – who notoriously told Russia “to go away and shut up” – pledged UK support to the country.

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Christopher Miller


UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson the latest Western official to visit the frontline of the war in eastern Ukraine. Photos via Ukrainian Joint Forces Operation.

“Ukraine remains at the front line of a smoldering conflict,” said Williamson, adding “but you do not stand alone.”


The number of new troops will be subject to Ukrainian requirements, with the Telegraph reporting that it’s likely to total some 30 soldiers from the Army and Royal Marines. The new round of training is set to include the skills of mortar planning and counter-sniping.

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  1. Now with Britain heading out of Europe maybe the EU will allow Russia return its diplomats to serve Europe where Britain failed. In fact any and all actions by the EU instigated by Britain against Russia should be jettisoned. All existing EU policies devised by Windsor country should be scrapped and that includes the pathetic and positively laughable Skripal farce that Shakespeare – even in a generous mood, would have pissed on to flood Salisbury Plains and sent Maye ‘cackling home to Camelot.’

    Williamson’s defense portfolio should be revoked. Assign him instead, the role of clown – one of Her Majesty’s Players who having rear-ended his career in politics must continue to be seen as a failure, a joker, a stock character, a Tory toady reared on Yorkshire Pudding and be forever remembered as a misfit moron, aptly targeted by the grubby and rather déclassé moniker for a tosser – ‘Toed In The Hole’.

  2. The entire West is starting to look like a lamb does to a hungry wolf. The migrant invasion of Europe only gets hand wringing and there’s already talk about America’s need for an influx of Middle Eastern and African hungry folk. I wonder if they will try to jump line at the employment office.

  3. A few years ago Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “Britain is just a small island, no one pays any attention to them.” The truth of this bitter assessment must be sweet for Russia, invaded as it was by the British in the Crimean War for no other reason than imperial rivalry (and again in 1919 to overthrow the revolution). Britain would finally commit suicide by attacking Germany not once but twice, and after the smoke cleared “victorious” Little Britain was just a silly parody of the self-importance “formerly known as ‘Great Britain’”, as Monty Python said, that it is today. By it own folly, the once fearsomely vicious British bulldog is now the toothless lap dog of the American Empire, eager to worry at the ankles of weaker peoples on command, while it dreams of the days it carried the white man’s burden in its bloodstained paws.

    Too bad our leaders have learned nothing from Britain’s mad leaders’ murderous scheming.

  4. It’s not Williamsons fault, he’s idiot and the same goes with his supervisor. It’s not British but American exceptionalism that calls for war on Iran, for Israel as usual. Where are all those peace activist when You needed one. In 2003 Britons protested war on Iraq in millions, Americans did nothing. Today American peace activists unbelieveably do less than nothing while chasing some southern redneck and his flag and stealing all the attention on that.

    Do not ask what they do, but do ask what they don’t do. It’s the Democratic Party, they’ve done nothing for peace. Obama time was just taking breath with linguistically more sophisticated and smaller wars. Now dems are driving Trump to hangmans noose, just to make sure he will call Bibi, his best and only friend at present. I guess this all was orchestrated which Hillary and Trump knew nothing about, just to make some kind of bad cop worse cop entertainment.

  5. Britain is the European mirror image of the USA military ambitions, which are joint in one and the same in fact. Also Britain is a place where Russophobia originates from (and many many phobias). I cannot accept that Britain is not a powerful country while they can get russian diplomats evicted all over Europe in matter of hours on Skripal charges, no matter how despicable and false the accusation. They have their imperial ways which seem more cheaper and trivial but turn out far more deadlier than those of their brothers in arms. They don’t need to fund overthrowing of Yanukovich. They can take EU apart with EU blaming and sanctioning all other but them. They can bribe for EU enlargement and swing EU favor even after Brexit. They can take sides on any interventionist matter with USA and don’t have to, and are not gonna get penalised for either. If that is not powerful country then there is no powerful country.

  6. in the UK the ” Lords ” are ALL Powerful and Since the Zews infiltrated the UK the ” Lords ” are driving the UK from one Zionist Conquest and Occupation to the next and the Zewish Lords been in Power for Centuries now and Even the Invasion of India through the so called East India Company was done because the Zewish lords wanted the Occupation to Loot the rich India and in ALL cases of UK Invasion and Occupation which is to Loot the Resources and Riches of the Occupied it’s Always UK Uniforms Following the Desires and Orders of the Lords , The ” Common wealth Troops ” do the menial work in Fighting , Occupying and Looting and the Dying While the Riches always wind up in the upper Ruling Class like the Zewish ” Lords ” …… the ” Lords ” are the Blood Suckers of the UK Ordinary People using the UK Peoplulation to Enrich themselves further while UK Uniforms get defamed from Every Invasion and Occupation which is always to Loot the Victim Country …….

  7. The UK’s biggest carmaker, owned by India’s Tata Motors, now makes Jaguars. Williamson should resign and get a job on its assembly line. This is the car whose reputation became a joke that if you wanted to increase the probability that one would be operational, it was necessary to own two of them. He should be qualified for this job. Imagine India owns the Jaguar!

    • Jaguar had reliability problems for a few years in the 1970s when they were part of the British Leyland Group. Things improved in the 1980s until they were bought out by Ford in the early 90s and since then, they have increased reliability to the same level as any other manufacturer.

  8. You haven’t got a clue. Ordinary Britons never had any chance of becoming part of the aristocratic establishment, we were merely tools that did the dying and suffering while their lordships and their banker cronies were enriched. The ordinary Briton was as much a victim of this system as any imperial subject.

  9. I would second Edwardo, Excellent introduction Jim.
    Quotes from his Wikipedia article:
    “ He obtained a BSc in Social Sciences from the University of Bradford.[7]
    Williamson was appointed Secretary of State for Defence on 2 November 2017 (about age 40)
    Williamson has supported the Saudi Arabian-led military intervention in Yemen against the Shia Houthis despite concerns from human rights activists and Labour MPs about war crimes allegedly committed by the Saudi military.[32][33]
    Williamson voted against an investigation into Tony Blair’s role in the Iraq War.[26]”
    Observe nothing in his ho hum background with any qualifications to be Defence Secretary. No military service. Even most of the worthless Royals have military medals. He protected that criminal Tony Blair. England is going down the tubes just like the U.S. What a disgrace. We should have finished these evil hypocrites off over 200 years ago when we had the chance. Let’s don’t insult science by falsely calling social science, “science”.

    • Thanks folks. I was not pandering here. As soon as I read just a few paragraphs I already knew what the tone of the lead in would be, and I got angrier as I read more. The anomaly here that still has me mystified is how Britain has stuck with the JCPOA, and we have not heard a word from Trump on bashing them for it. Of course they have not offered to host the Special Purpose Vehicle facility in the City of London, despite the financial muscle it wields there. I am looking forward to whoever breaks the back story why the Brits have hung on to the Iran deal.

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