Wahhabist Attack Religious Gathering in Kabul, Duff on Press TV



  1. When I was in Morocco I saw the Women of Wahhabi . . . dressed from head to toe with their “slave” garb.
    Are they too stupid to realize . . . that when women folk were captured by other tribes back in the day, that was the outfit they were given to wear. Why? Because it would HIDE their face and identity, and rob them of their traditional tribe clothing. They couldn’t find their next of kin that way either. Had nothing to do with reverence to God/Allah . . . that was the flip scripting done centuries later.

    Chattel clothing from back in the day.


    There is a Wahhabi mosque in my area. So when I got the stank eye the other day at the market, I had just eaten a sample of Thanksgiving/Christmas ham. Delicious. It was a “white” lady, who converted, I’m guessing. Sometimes the converts are more fundamental then those born into it. I bet she was just standing there, next to the spiral cut, bone-in . . . just to do her duty to God/Allah, and stare down the pork eaters?

    I feel sorry for them. They will be used in future false flags, and psy ops. No one really likes Saudi. That may be the next staging area . . . theater. Wolf tickets on sale now.

  2. Synthesized Chaos on display. What if the Deep State Shadow Gov was funding Terrorists so they can use Hegelian dialectic for profit (Opium/Lithium/Rare Minerals), create fear, anxiety, occupy a territory to enforce more laws on citizens to protect those from the Terrorists they created ? Al Qaeda & the “War on Terrorism”

    “The Muslim Terrorist Apparatus was Created by US Intelligence as a Geopolitical Weapon” – Zbigniew Brzezinski in late 70’s

  3. Sooner or later the Fraudis are going to have to face the consequences of their arrogance, aggression and corruption. That little fiefdom is not going to last, no matter how much oil they sell. No matter how many U.S. congress critters they buy. No matter who’s in the white House. Even their best buddy, the orange buffoon will not be able to save the Wahhabist so called royal family.
    With all the violence perpetrated by Saudi Arabia, blow back is going to be visited upon them. Saudi Arabia is not impregnable. They are open to attacks across their borders and have no missile defense as the Houthis can easily launch a missile into the country.
    tRump’s relationship with MBS and the rest of the slimy lot can only be described as evil, corrupt and loathsome. But then again Washington’s attachment to Pisrael, done at gunpoint by zionist agents may very well prove to be the undoing of not only America but Pisrael as well.
    These three countries are now on the edge of social and economic collapse. As the situation worsens for these three, they will extend more violence elsewhere in an attempt to stave off collapse, however as we are witnessing now, the U.S. especially is facing imminent social and economic collapse. when that happens Pisrael will no longer have a sugar daddy and MBS will be out on a limb.
    The zionist will cook their own goose.