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Israel admits its submarine sank Lebanese refugee boat during 1982 war


…from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: This was a strange story to see pop up out of nowhere, so one has to ask the proverbial question, “Why now?” And for that I come up blank – other than maybe the outside chance that the captain of this sub recently died and cannot be interviewed.

Heaven only knows that the Zios have a closet full of murder horrors they have committed for which the truth door remains nailed shut. But it was the use of the term “within his operational orders” that triggered me publishing this on VT.

And here is the reason why. Let us wonder if some other country’s submarine commander had sunk a boat of Jewish refugees because he though Jewish terrorists were escaping – like the Irgun for example – which even included some future Israeli presidents who were Irgun members.

Do you not think a great howl would arise from the global Jewish community, which I doubt will happen here? I will try to find more background in the Israeli news on how this got published and to see if it has had a ripple effect inside Israel, other than possibly among the Left at Gush Shalom.

But I felt those whose lives were snuffed out that day and hidden away under the Zionist blanket of, “Oh well, doo doo happens sometimes”, deserved a little more than the “within operational orders” moral dodge. Maybe a monument should be built in the victims’ honor with their names inscribed, along with the Israeli captain’s name and the wonderful “within operational orders” quote.

Maybe then we could get a dialogue going as to the feasibility that all the Holocaust monuments should have such a quote put on them. After all, the record has been public that the Allied bomber command in Britain once fretted about the mental health of its air crews over the huge number of civilians being killed in the big city raids.

A palliative notice was sent out to them all, absolving them from any personal responsibility on the dubious grounds that, due to the civilian support for the Nazi regime that was prolonging the war and thus causing more deaths, the mass slaughter of civilians in large cities would make them turn on the Nazi regime to end the war sooner and thus save lives. Left out of the missive was any mention of the one third of the German population that had voted for the Kaiser.

I am not kidding. The high command is on the record for this and of course, not one in a million persons know about it today. I bumped into the historical data by chance while I was reading some history.

Will this get much play in the corporate media? I doubt it, but I sure hope I am wrong.

Note there are no key words to search for to find this article – not the name of the sub, its captain, not even the name of the ship sunk. This is a little game for publishing the story, while making sure that it quickly becomes as buried online as the original story did. Gosh, who would want to do something like that? Jim W. Dean ]

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Israeli Dolphin sub

– First published … November 23, 2018

“…within his operational orders.”

Israel has officially admitted that its military ordered a deadly attack on a Lebanese ship carrying refugees during the regime’s invasion of the country more than three decades ago.

An Israeli submarine fired missiles at the refugee ship in northern Lebanon in the summer of 1982, killing 25 refugees and foreign workers on board, the Israeli Channel 10 reported on Thursday, after the regime lifted a 36-year-old gag order on the incident.

The report said that the commercial ship, carrying dozens of Lebanese refugees to Cyprus, apparently tried to take advantage of a brief ceasefire and flee the area.

But an Israeli Navy Gal-type submarine, which was following the ship for about an hour after leaving Tripoli, said the report, had fired torpedoes at the boat and killed the refugees and foreign workers.

It alleged that the submarine’s captain, identified as Maj. A, had mistakenly ordered the attack because he was convinced that the ship was carrying Palestinian fighters.

Ten years later, Israel said it had launched an investigation into the incident. The probe, however, ruled that the captain had made a mistake, but that he was within his operational orders.

Israeli armored personnel carriers are seen near a mosque on the outskirts of the Lebanese capital of Beirut, on June 16, 1982. 

The Palestinians and the Lebanese never realized that the boat was sunk by the Israelis.

The Israeli regime has waged three wars on Lebanon — in 1982, 2000, and 2006. It has also carried out assassinations in the Lebanese territory.

The Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, which was founded in the 1980s following the Israeli invasion and occupation of southern Lebanon, has since helped the army defend Lebanon both in the face of foreign aggression, including in the 2000 and 2006 wars, and against terrorism.

Lebanon and Israel are technically at war due to the latter’s occupation of the country’s Shebaa Farms since 1967.

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  1. George Washington’s solution to the Zionist pest and “the greatest enemies to the happiness of America”:


    “I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day
    become deadly to the Human Race” – Voltaire, 1771


    How clear does it need to be? It is “US OR THEM”


    A Museum for all the dead Gentiles they murdered since WW1 would be very apt. This splendid article by the managing editor, Jim Dean, should be the opening shot.

  2. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Empire never ended just went underground into Secret Societies & cryptic occult symbols. Truth is treason in the Empire of lies. From Saturn’s/Abraxas’s bondage to freedom back into bondage. Fasces symbol to Phrygian Cap the Ouroborus cycle continues to harvest & manifest as Kronos. History repeats b/c ruling heirarchy always hires people w/ low moral character & ignorant to the bigger gestalt. For the first time in modern history the veil is lifted for those adept enough to see what’s behind Oz.

  3. The title of this article reminds me of what that lunatic rabbi Ovadia Yosef said about’ goy’ were only created to serve Jews and the book written by another ‘rabbi’ called the ‘Kings Torah’ or ‘The Guide to killing Goy’.

  4. If this had really happened, no one would have heard a word about it. Someone thought the time was right to rattle Lebanon’s cage. Thousands of incidents have been done by hundreds of countries, worldwide, for centuries. Has moral righteousness driven them to release the truth? Forget it. Your brainwashing is taking over.

  5. One can make sense of the quagmire in the middle east by remembering and applying this logic to anything that happens there: The Jews are terrorists, and those that resist them are freedom fighters. Case closed…

  6. The time is long past due for the world to stop giving Pisrael a free pass every time it commits an atrocity. No more cries of anti-Semitism whenever some one dares speak the truth. Germany and Britain have gone over the edge of respectability and decency for persecuting those who would dare speak out. Since both of those nations no longer believe in the idea of free speech, we should simply write them off as lost causes. They have no business labeling themselves as democracies when they are not.
    The rest of the world needs to roll up its sleeves and take care of that zionist hell hole. Pisrael needs to become history.
    Other wise there will be no peace for anyone either in the middle east or elsewhere as long as Pisrael can get away with anything. No one will be safe, no one will be secure as long as Pisrael is able to blackmail, threaten and bribes its way like a common street thug.
    The attacks on freedom of speech is becoming problematical both here and in the west. Political correctness and labeling anything some one disagrees with as hate speech is dangerous to liberty and the republic. The sickness needs to be stopped. Those who are responsible for spreading this nonsense need to be held to accounting.

  7. I am reminded of the Iranian civilian airliner which was destroyed some years back, and shortly after take off, by a USN destroyer. The photos of dead children being fished from Gulf waters is still with me, but the article raises a question; was there a targeted individual on board the fated aircraft? Or was it just an act of pure hatred, hatred wrapped in hubris.

    • When I was in Iran last Spring I was surprised how many people remember and asked about this event. At the time I was not aware that the US Navy Captain was even decorated as part of the spin. Iranians told me he had gotten the Medal of Honor, and I said “no way”. But we were both wrong. He got a Navy Cross or something like that.

  8. and then there was the Mysterious Murder of Lebanese Politician Rafiq Harriri and current PM of Lebnon Saad Harriri’s Father ….. He was making a speech at a Rally when a Truck Full of Explosive RDX Exploded and created a Huge Crater in the Asphalt Road and Killing Rafiq Harriri at a distance away , it was a Huge Explosion and the Crater was Huge too and Somebody like Hezbullah got Blamed for Murdering Rafiq Harriri …… then we can look at the Facts that the Nearest Manufacturer of RDX is none other than Evil Israel and Investigation concluded that it was a Truckload of RDX …… To Date the Chicked Saad Harriri dare not name Israel but Blames the Attack that Murdered his Father on Others like Hezbullah ……. Hezbullah would have needed to Import a Truckload of RDX Explosive to do it and Hezbullah had no major bones with Rafiq Harriri ……. ” We Shall Wage WAR BY DRCEPTION ” Mossad’s Motto …… go Figure ….

  9. “Exceptional phenomena of the Jewish moral code is that it does also not make truth binding upon the Jew with respect to the goy. There are only two instances where it is recommended that a Jew ought to tell the truth to a goy: when there is a danger to his life, or if it is in the interests of the Jew or the Jewish community” .

    Zionism, Judaism and the Jewish State of Israel . — https://thesaker.is/zionism-judaism-and-the-jewish-state-of-israel/

  10. Thanks Jim, it is not so unusual for Israel to commit such a horrific crime. Let us remember Qana, the murder of over 100 Lebanese that allowed Peres to win the election, or the cold blooded murder of over 600 Egyptian prisoners of wars during 1967 war or the deliberate murder of US sailors of USS LIberty or the downing of the Libyan Jet over Sinai and so many international crimes that Israel can commit and gets away with. No thanks to the imunity and protection provided by the US. For every murder Israel commits tens of thousands of dollars are raised in the US tax free.

    • ” Judaism’s moral code is characterized by its particularity: it only binds Jews vis-à-vis Jews, not Jews vis-à-vis goys. The most outstanding exemplar of this system is that a Jew is not bound to save the life of a goy if saving the life requires the use of electricity or travelling in a motor vehicle, such as an ambulance, because such activities are forbidden on the Sabbath as they are considered forms or work, and a Jew may not work on the Sabbath. a Jew may do so for another Jew according to the law known as pikuah nefesh which translates as saving a soul. A Jew not only may break the Sabbath to save a Jewish soul, he is obligated to do so. Pikuah may be translated as to take care of and to oversee, and nefesh means soul: because goys do not have souls, pikuah nefesh cannot be applied ”

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