Khashoggi, Yemen and 9/11:  When Will The US Hold The Saudis Accountable?

Said to have drained Khashoggi's blood into a sink at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, according to recordings, while listening to music
                                                        by Rich Scheck

The conversation regarding the apparent murder of Jamal Khashoggi remains focused on the death of one journalist and Saudi dissident, allegedly at the instructions of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

That has lead politicians and pundits to address the horrendous war in Yemen launched by the petulant prince 3 years ago that has created a needless humanitarian disaster in that impoverished, beleaguered nation.

Beyond the outrage of those two events that can be attributed to the KSA lies other, deeply disturbing matters including the funding of Al Qaeda and ISIS rebels who adhere to the Wahabbist faith of the Saudi Royals……………and the attack on 9/11.

The MSM and Congressional critics rarely go beyond Khasoggi’s murder or the monstrously inhumane war on Yemen.  But in addition to so much else that is wrong with our entangled relationship with the Saudis is the unanswered question of their role in 9/11.

Two years ago, Congress demonstrated enough testicularity to pass JASTA and demand accountability after releasing those mysterious 28 pages that ostensibly implicated the KSA.

Even candidate Trump jumped onto that bandwagon during the campaign by raising the issue that “we may well find out the Saudis brought down the towers” if he is elected.  But it was all a big tease, a charade designed to fool the public and get those who sincerely doubted the official narrative to hope the NY Wrecking Ball would go after the Deep State and its foreign allies.

Instead we got a big arms deal, that obnoxious sword dance and the murder of a dissident who was himself no angel being a pal of Osama bin Ladin and a cog in Saudi intelligence!

The Kushner/MbS bromance serves the interests of Israel and the Saudis as it strengthens the effort to destroy Iran’s current regime.  It is decidedly not about America First!

The disappearance of Khashoggi remains a mystery.  Is he even dead?  Who killed him and why?

The US backed war in Yemen by the Saudis is an abomination.  The 9/11 attack on America that served as a pretext for unending wars in the Middle East via our war on terror remains both a failure of policy and successful false flag, psychological operation that has so far cost us many trillions, thousands of American casualties and the loss of good will around the globe.

tion remains:  When will the US hold the Saudis accountable for their misdeeds?  And when, dear citizens, will we hold our elected officials responsible for their misguided policies, waste of resources and criminal acts?