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[ Editor’s Note: This is an old story, but one that needs to get more wind in its sails for a number of reasons. Mass media, as always, has ducked what once upon a time would have been a savage media attack on the America people being lied on a scale like the “Saudi arms deal”. But it rolled over, publishing what was handed to them.

So welcome to Trump and Kushner world, who American voters put in charge of what happens to the future of their lives to a great deal, and yet both families have extensive criminal histories, with Jared a chip off the old block from his ex-con dad who is smart enough to stay out of sight.

The pledges from these people to serve the American public was con on the scale of trying to pass a three dollar bill. Your response might be “how could they have been so stupid”? But having gotten away with it in the past creates an attitude of superiority, and even supremacy.

Brandp owns the “Say it ain’t so Joe” line, in terms of learning the game is rigged from the start.

If someone had told me we would be living under a president and his family like we are now, I would have been cleaned out with the loses on that bet. The Republicans have ridden Trump like a pony to get what they wanted, as he and his backers played them like a fiddle.

Can the new Democratic House Judiciary Committee save us? Maybe. But if they do it for the wrong reasons, like gaining control of the reins of power to put their own whupping on us, we will just end up betting on a new losing horse, but with some up front winnings to ease the pain.

So I ask you, will the new Democratic House Judiciary Committee launch investigation to to stop the massive Israeli espionage that goes on inside the US? How much would you bet? A 69 year old Jim Dean would not bet a dime.

How to get this through their thick skulls escapes me. If you have some good ideas let me know in the comments  Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … November 26, 2018

US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law pushed American officials to pump up numbers for a supposed $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia, sources tell ABC News.

“There was a back and forth between Kushner and Department of Defense and State officials on how to get to a larger number because the officials initially told Kushner that realistically they had about $15 billion worth of deals in works,” read a Monday report, which cited two US officials and three former White House officials.

According to the Pentagon, Riyadh has so far signed “Letters of Offer and Acceptance” (LOAs) for only $14.5 billion in sales of helicopters, tanks, ships, weapons, and training.

Kushner, Trump’s adviser put in charge of the Middle East, was apparently trying to solidify the new alliance between the Trump administration and the Saudi royal family.

Therefore, he pushed the State and Defense departments to inflate the number, an initiative also backed by Defense Secretary James Mattis

“We need to sell them as much as possible,” Kushner reportedly told colleagues at an NSC meeting weeks ahead of Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia last year.

The new revelations come amid tensions in US-Saudi ties over Trump’s connivance of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s probable assassination at the Saudi consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul last month.

Saudi Arabia has acknowledged the murder, yet left many questions unanswered.

Turkish intelligence intercepts reportedly show that Khashoggi, who was last seen entering the Saudi mission in Istanbul on October 2, was murdered on a direct order from Saudi de facto ruler Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

Trump has thrown his support behind the monarchy and bin Salman, taking credit for low oil prices, which he claims emanate from his close ties with the Saudi royal family.

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  1. Jim, I just saw this article, due to Thanksgiving having been a priority. So you want good ideas for getting through to some “thick skulls”? Offhand, I can think of one thing, and that is that the Saudis are the soft underbelly. On Friday, Nov 30 I became aware of the brand new DoD report on EMP, which is very bad news. James Woolsey’s (Clinton CIA Director) name was 1 of 4 names on the cover. I did a little googling to see what else Woolsey has written. And I found a short speech, titled World War IV, delivered Nov. 2002, on the eve of the Iraq War. https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/report/2002/021116-ww4.htm .

    • I mean that I just noticed your Editor’s request. More about the Woolsey speech… Right up front, Woolsey asked, Who is our enemy? His answer was, “Well, there are at least three”, implying there are more that he won’t talk about. He briefly then discusses the 3, all out of the Middle East: extremist Shiites, fascist Baathists, and extremist Sunnis. Of the 3, he says in Paragraph 6 that the combined Saudi Wahhabi/Egyptian fundamentalist threat is the worst. This is remarkable! Just as we were about to pulverize the Baathist Saddam, Woolsey was warning that it was the Wahhabists/Sunni fundys who were the worst of the threats. And 16 years later, it sure looks like he was right.

    • He gave some reasons why he thought the Sunni extremists were the worst, but he did NOT mention something that I have considered, which is Balance of power. If you get rid of one or more of the three threats, the others just grow stronger. And as we have seen, in reality they ALL grow stronger, as this many-headed Hydra seems to have an endless capacity to regenerate heads. I am sorry to use this metaphor, and I wish I had a better one, in light of the actual head-chopping that some of the extremists seem to like.

  2. Jim, Sibel Edmonds says Khashoggi’s 2nd wife is Egyptian, and that he married her in Canada/US. So I assume that the Canadian wife you refer to is this Egyptian woman. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me too much. That idiot child Trudeau has opened his arms to anyone who can sob a good story about being persecuted in their homeland. That kid is as much of a menace as Kushner is, and for similar reasons – still wet behind the ears, and was born with silver spoon in mouth, which is a nasty combination.

  3. The part about the Canadian wife was something that US media could not have missed. So it they ducked it it shows they wanted to go with the flow. There was very little of the indepth personal history background you see in major cases. As for his low volume of articles at WaPo, “celebrity journalists” have a history of not producing a lot, as they are being paid for specialty work that few others, or no one else can do.

  4. The promise land of oil independence was the holy grail of American independence for a long time, and now that we have it, we seem more entangled in Monarchy and pseudo religious states more than ever, and not even on our half of the world. The Red Lion District has sunken its claws deep into our intelligence agencies, and if we want to extract out of it, we need to be unobstructed by foreign religion or arm sales.
    I actually agree with Dunford, that we need to redirect our best and brightest, to our own military, but simultaneously we have to stand down for the most part globally to do it. He says we are the good guys, but I have to see more limits on what generals can do after they retire, and more limits on what constitutes “valid response” and expenditures in the Red Lion District. Street cred, and actions, will attract the necessary people to deliver the upgrades to our military tech. Nobody smart enough will do it, until they see advancements in the hesitancy to wage constant war on other peoples lands. Start closing bases. Stop selling weapons.

    • Long term entanglements are difficult to untangle, like a divorce from 4 wives and ten children in 3 cities.
      We need to be,.. less convenient, but not the right wing nationalist way. Just plain and simple disinterest in the affairs of trouble makers.

  5. I have a few questions about the story as she writes it. If there were inconsistencies in the fiance’s story, is it because she was lying, or is because she is not a detail oriented person, the watery type ? Generally, the account is very close to what has been said here, with a few slight caveats.
    It’s been awhile since I checked out what she is publishing, I like the new format, but I would like to know how much she relies on her work for income, as one of the reasons I hang around here, is I know these guys are not exactly financially dependent on the work. Not insinuations, just questions.

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