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3 Replies to “Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein (video)

  1. If Epstein goes down, Trump will also fall–as collateral damage. He was buddy-buddies with the degenerate scumbag in the ‘pedo island’ heydays; this is documentable intel.

  2. Minute marker 13:25

    Hmmmmm . . . isn’t that obstruction of justice if a prosecuting attorney knows about crime/s being committed and fails to act . . . at all?!?

    Wasn’t the U.S. prosecuting Jeffrey Does this 12-year old make my ass look fat Epstein?
    Maria Villafana . . . the Asst. Attorney General of The United States of America, apparently this position in the U.S. government means nothing to her. YEAH for women’s rights and freedumbs. Now my “sisters” are just as retarded as their male counterparts. Viva la raze Villafana. I’m glad to see Affirmative Action has done exactly what it set out . . . {rolling eyes}

    Where, oh where has the wikipedia page gone? Oh, where oh where can it be?

    Odd, I can’t find Marie Villafana’s page. You’d think she’d have a page being the United States Assistant Attorney General, and all. Was that page hacked?

    I wanted to find out a little info on her . . . she sounds like she’s impressed with men with money. Poor, cheap easily impressed little twit.

    Oh, and what does “highlight” for the Judge mean”, exactly?!? And what did she summarily determine wasn’t supposed to be “highlighted” to the judge . . . ?!?

    1. * YEA for women’s rights . . .

      Q: What do you get when you give an asshole a million dollars?
      A: You get: An asshole with a million dollars.

      Asshole . . . pedophile . . . million dollars . . . billion dollars, you get the point.

      Jeffrey Hey At Least I Don’t Eat Them and Bury them Under my House like Dahmer . . . is a sociopathic that society allows to remain unmolested, so he can continue molesting. Pedophilia is not curable. The video was putting it mildly . . . 40 girls?!? What? In a month?? We should do the Zio-math, add a zero.

      The “butler” died of cancer, associated with asbestos. That’s funny! So that’s what they’re calling homicide now?

      He lives in the U.S. Virgin Islands . . . hilarious!!

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