Cohen Lied to Congress to Cover Up Trump’s Moscow Tower Deal

President Donald Trump’s former attorney lied to Congress about his role in pursuing a business deal in Russia for his old boss, covering up that discussions stretched into the 2016 presidential campaign and even reached the Kremlin.

Michael Cohen pleaded guilty in a Manhattan federal courtroom on Thursday to one count of making a false statement to Congress last year when he told lawmakers about his efforts to secure a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Cohen’s plea was part of a deal he struck with special counsel Robert Mueller’s office that included significant cooperation with the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia during the presidential campaign.

In an August 2017 letter sent to the House and Senate intelligence committees, Cohen said plans for a Moscow tower had ended shortly before Trump competed in the Republican presidential primaries. “By the end of January 2016, I determined that the proposal was not feasible for a variety of business reasons and should not be pursued further,” Cohen wrote.

But prosecutors say Cohen continued to discuss the proposal throughout the primaries and into the general-election season with Trump’s former business partner, the real-estate developer and convicted felon Felix Sater.

Cohen also told the Senate Intelligence Committee he did not discuss the project extensively within the Trump Organization. In fact, Mueller’s office said, Cohen discussed the project with Trump more than three times and “briefed family members of” Trump about it.

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5 Replies to “Cohen Lied to Congress to Cover Up Trump’s Moscow Tower Deal

  1. “…he covered up that the discussions stretched into the 2016 presidential campaign and even reached the Kremlin”. So what? Is that a crime? I understand lying to Congress is, but the author makes this sound like a major constitutional crisis. Also, the added contemptible imagery added to the article confirms, to me, that this site has become nothing more than an echo chamber.

  2. With Melania in the White House, the mindset concerning opportunity for Russian girls or those in countries formerly in the Soviet Union , to flood forth willing to disrobe is not to be understated, as this is just one of the groups empowered by Trump and his female slave. One can only imagine the trafficking that would have happened, had the tower been built during the first year of the term. It would have been a flood. The greasy pimps were elated. see, when you have fame, your actions have consequences. Notice how he does not complain about the nude pictures of the sponsor of ‘Be Best”.

    1. What are you even talking about? Most victims of abuse aren’t “willing” to do anything. They are forced, and their conditions are each unique to the crimes their pimps are committing.

      And keep in mind genius . . . the law of supply and demand. There is only a market for “trafficking” because of men who pay to indulge in whatever disgusting perversions they can afford.

      Why would anyone in their right mind insult Russian girls “willing” to disrobe . . . which is an absolute insult to the majority of Russian girls, who DON’T.

      But, there you go again Odell . . . talking out the sick of your face.

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