Russia/Syria: Israeli Jet Downed by Syria


Syrian air defences have downed several “hostile targets” over the country’s southern region, Syrian news agency SANA reported. A Syrian security source reported that the air defences downed an Israeli combat plane and four missiles. Israeli military has refuted the claims about the downing.

A Syrian security source reported that Syrian air defences have downed an Israeli military plane as well as four missiles over the country’s al-Kiswah area. The downed missiles have failed to reach their targets, the source added.

Later, Israeli military refuted the claims of downed plane in a statement.

​Earlier, Syrian Arab News Agency reported citing a military source that Syria’s air defence forces have intercepted several “hostile targets” over al-Kiswah and downed them.

“Our air defense systems repelled an attack by several enemy targets over the Al-Kiswah area in the south of the country and shot them down,” the Ikhbariya television said, citing a Syrian military source.

Earlier this year, Syrian Arab News Agency’s reporter said that air defences countered another “hostile target” which had breached Syrian air space west of the capital Damascus.The target back then was reportedly destroyed over Deir al-Ashair area. There were no immediate reports as to what it was.

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Previously, Syrian President Bashar Assad said that he did not exclude another US strike anytime as long as the United States continued to violate international laws, adding that Syria will continue beefing up its air defences.

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  1. Khalid you are right on all counts except that Egypt is particularly vulnerable, regardless of it’s army. The Aswan Dam holds five years’ supply of water. Which,, if bombed, would flood the Nile valley and most of the country’s infrastructure, completely submerging the major cities. Egypt does not have the air defenses to counter hostile aircraft. See why US bases are in the dunes away from that path? Mighrt also explain why they play along.

  2. Every time something like this happens the zionist lie machine goes into high gear in order to spin the incident to their favor or attempt to disclaim it.
    The Syrians are stating what they did. Pisrale claims they did not. Who has the record of the most lies? Which country has the worst human rights record? Which country has control over the media in the west?
    It certainly isn’t Syria.
    Pisrael’s long history of falsehoods and arrogance is for all to see. Nothing new here.
    The delusional Likudniks would never admit their military is vulnerable. To do so would point out Pisrael’s own vulnerability.
    That is something they cannot deal with.

  3. My guess is they did. Pisrael is going crazy.
    The zionist news media is now in overtime to spin the incident in Pisrael’s favor.

  4. He appears to be a genius at getting himself and his family in trouble. he is as prone to miscalculation as anyone else and the unintended consequences of it are now coming to reality.
    Pisrael is not invulnerable, which dispels the idea of being God’s chosen people. Of course they never were but that’s beside the point. Hell Aviv is going to have to accept the fact that the Arab world is now arming itself with weaponry equal to or greater than Pisrael’s own capabilities.
    Will this force Pisrael to react accordingly? Will the Likudniks become even crazier and do something even more stupid and dangerous? Would they be willing to stage another big false flag attack in the west in order to blame it on Iran or Syria and get America and other European countries further dragged down in the middle east? Don’t bet they won’t try something.

    • Pisrael will never admit that their military is not invulnerable. Anything with the star of David on it means it cannot be destroyed by man…only God!
      What a laugh!
      Nothing better than to see Pisraeli hardware getting blown up.

  5. Is there conformation on the ground of the downed aircraft? Crew killed or captured? F16 or F35?

    I presume this was diversionary, Bibi has some legal issues in Chosenland.

    • Pisrael will retaliate by murdering a couple hundred Palestinians. Their chickenshit IDF would never think about actually staging a physical attack in Syria. Instead the IDF always attacks those who cannot defend themselves.

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