Did Israel Lose a Plane to the S300 as the Senate Blocks Military Air for Zionism (Duff on Press TV)


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  1. Live by the rocket…die by the rocket.
    And… who’s “bright” idea was it to surround six million Jews in an area the size of Rhode Island by 300+ nuclear warheads?
    I may have been just an Eleven Bravo Grunt, but I still know enough to say that’s a bad “idea’!

  2. Why is Rand Paul blocking military aid to Israel, and what does it mean in the bigger picture? Seems odd for a member of the US Senate to do the correct thing.

    • It’s not at all odd for Sen. Rand Paul! Both his dad (former US Rep. and Presidential contender Ron Paul) and Sen. Rand Paul are very unique as people and politicians. Libertarians, and both are doctors who apparently take their Hippocratic oath seriously.

  3. American Military Aid to Israel is ended. Brendon O’Connell has documented extensive transfers of USA taxpayer funded technology into Talpiot Program and Unit 8200 Alumni Private Ventures all over the world. Smart Cities is a pretty good take over strategy for a start off. In particular there is a massive Russian presence, Jewish and otherwise, in Israel and these scientists are facilitating moving all sorts of technology to Russia and China as active participants in the BRI and re-militarisation. The Intertnationl Bankers have a long history of technology transfers to manipulate dialectics and in this case to complete the Great Game in Asia plan of hundreds of years’ standing. The USA military budget has been gutted of 21 Trillion Dollars over the last twenty years – money that no-one seems to know where it has gone after this very first Pentagon Audit.

  4. And why was Israhell aerial attacking Syria this time?
    This is none other than Satanyahoo giving the orders. Is he in the country now? Is he armchair quarter backing from . . . Australia?
    With Avigdor gone (or, lurking in the shadows more like it) then this aggression falls on Satanyahoo.

    The mic is hot Bibi . . . just sayin’

    TGIF . . . here’s a nice beer sipping blues number . . . love the harmonica!

    Lord, I should have been did just what my Mama told me to.


    To misquote that evil witch, if Israhell would only love their own people more than they hate themselves.

    • Israel has instigated 200 airstrikes on Syria, They don’t even try to hide it anymore.
      They can commit genocide with impunity.

  5. Well, as Secretary Mattis say recently…. the U.S. is seldom free to work with unblemished partners..

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