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4 Replies to “NYT: Operation InfeKtion (must watch video series)

  1. This video seems suspicious to me. It would seem to use the tactic of linking things that are true to one another in a way to lead to innuendo and false conclusions, in this case to sow distrust of a political leader, namely, here, Vladimir Putin. I don’t feel convinced by this at all!

  2. Couldn’t watch the videos. I’m so tired of the infections of the counter intel, spy psyops, counter co intel, controlled op, uncontrolled op . . .

    We’ve now come to the place and time where the chess board is no longer atop a level playing field. There are two or three levels, the board keeps spinning, and the Zio-bots just add more GI Joes pawns, to show “their” might.

    The “blame Russia” rhetoric is getting deep now . . . and remember kids, Russia was our “alley” in WWII. So when, how and why did that script got flipped, geez. It’s not hard to figure it out. The U.S. put up on iron curtain, and it was because we didn’t want the Talmudist/Khazar/Bolsheviks up in our grills. Those Zio-bots ruined Europe, Russia, with their sites on the Middle East. NIMBY, as it were.

    They gave the first infektion prior to WWII starting . . . Judea Declares War on Germany.

    That’s hilarious, and I would have thought that was something from The Onion, had it not been so deadly. The virus they shot us up with . . .

    Do you think the AskeNAZIs read this in their papers too? Printed in YIDDISH. Because they spoke, read and wrote YIDDISH — for 500+ years. The original boarders, language, culture. YIDDISH. Rabbis were their leaders.

    And it wasn’t so much a “war” that was being floated . . . it was the REACTION they wanted to observe.

    The AskeNAZIs reaction was whatever the Rabbis told them to have.

    The U.S. Germans read this too . . . and couldn’t recognize the live cultures they were being vacsinated with. Deadly pathogens, after all . . . Germans immigrants were too busy living here, and the Jewish folk living here didn’t recognize that either . . . so no one said . . . WAIT A MINUTE!

    If reality, what did a “Judea” boycott mean? Probably nothing . . . Germany’s market wasn’t dependent on what they bought, or didn’t buy, from them. Plus they would have bought from their own stores, merchants, anywho . . . and had been doing that for a long time.

    1. *In reality

      I did watch a smidgen . . .

      Some Senator asks a retarded question to Suckerberg . . . Is Twitter like Facebook?

      FACE PALM.

      And thousands of miles from Texas — in Russia — they orchestrated some local yokel event . . . okay. I’ll buy that. Tell me anything. I’ll believe it.

      Wasn’t Syria being bombarded with ISIS — a joint bitch slap mission with The House of Sand and Fraud, Israhell and our drunk Uncle Sam — at the same time as the local yokel rally? Yeah, Russia didn’t have anything better to do at that time {rolling eyes}

      I take NYT and WAPO with a grain of salt, which I rub on my wounds . . . a’la Johnny Cash . . . just so I can feel.


    2. Grain of salt? Sack full more like. Jew Pork Pies and The Big Whopper (Dirty Washingtown Preposterous).

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