Homosexuality and the Decline in American Values (with editor’s note)

This paper presents an opinion which is not likely to be accepted by most modern Americans, especially those who are millennials and the homosexual community.


Editor’s note:  I couldn’t help this.  The Russians are so f&^king stupid.  Not only was “W”  Bush gas as a Mardi Gras parade but the GOP is and has always been a “gay mafia” party.

That they are flakes and murderous bastards is the problem, not their sexual orientation.  This is a standard problem with Russia, they find the only American president that would drop sanctions on them and Iran, someone of course hated by Israel, and for some strange reason, dump on him, even when it screws Russia over.

Who runs the Russian media?  The CIA?  The Mossad?  I wonder sometimes.


Homosexuality and the Decline in American Values

It is not meant to be considered homophobic, but an opinion based upon facts.

While being considered for Pravda, more than likely it would not be presented favorably by mainstream media in America, which tends to support this type of lifestyle. Furthermore, nothing has really changed that much through history, since President Lincoln, the “savior” of American, a Marxist and anti-Jeffersonian was an alleged bi-sexual (Brookhiser, 2005). Surely, numerous citations throughout history could be presented, but it is beyond the scope of an opinion to do so.

Growing up as children, this was a topic that was at least avoided, if not ignored altogether. Those who were openly gay, especially in Southern states, in some families, were outcast by parents, or parents were to be embarrassed to discuss the matter socially.

Enter the Obama era, and things change dramatically. It may be the biggest part of his legacy (Rauch, 2016). During this time, he adopted a “don’t ask, don’t tell policy” within the military, but then the Supreme Court reach a decision in favor of civil unions and gay marriage, then thirty-seven states, more than 70% of those in the American Union, opt in favor of gay marriages and civil unions (Same-sex law map, 2018).

The most disturbing part of this liberalization is the fact that men in their country’s uniform, which represent not only the flag, but the entire armed forces, have been allowed to openly participate in these types of ceremonies, which many in the military might consider it to be dishonoring their country’s flag and uniform, however this represents a minority of people, and not the majority (Butcher & Heimlich, 2018).

President Trump campaigned in favor of LGBT rights, then quickly reversed course, virtually banning gays from the military upon assuming office, though it will not change Supreme Court decisions made under Obama’s administration (Lopez, 2018).

The key argument which disfavors same sex marriages and civil unions, is the declining fertility rate, since child rearing and birth are obviously via nature, biologically only possible through a man and a woman. This will move the United States toward the same problems that plague other countries, like Japan, who tend to have fewer children, thus weakening the foundation and structure of society (Schumm, 2018 & Semuels, 2017). This will likely hasten the move toward robotic wives and singularity, in which man merges with machine. The author feels this direction will result in the eventual destruction of mankind, or at least a drastic decline. (Cuthebertson, 2018).

One author, who has been accused of homophobia, stated that the Roman Empire fell due to “a contagion of homosexuality” (Squires, 2011).

No matter what the opinion of those opposing this viewpoint will be, it is yet to be seen if America will take third place among the big three superpowers, that being Russia, China, and the United States, the former countries who tend to stand by morality over gay rights, (The Economist, 2018) which makes society stronger.

Gary Price

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Photo: By George Catlin – New version from: http://repo.lib.virginia.edu:18080/fedora/get/uva-lib:34698/uva-lib-bdef:100/getFullView, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=425591

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  1. The church in its many forms has been programming the entire population to create a kneejerk reaction to anything homosexual, while using their piety to hide sex crimes. WHY? What are they afraid of that they go through all this for centuries. They are afraid of homosexuals, they hate and fear them and have programmed the entire earth to do the same. I can answer that in one word… Thermopolie. (I know I didn’t spell it right, so piss off) Who do you think were in the first rows (Willingly!) at that pass?

  2. More nonsense in the article, about Lincoln: “President Lincoln, the “savior” of American, a Marxist and anti-Jeffersonian was an alleged bi-sexual”. Sure, there are allegations, based on the flimsiest of evidence. Lincoln may have occasionally shared a bed while Circuit riding. Well, so what? This was common back then, especially if you were poor, and you rented a room with only 1 bed. And in the winter, when the fire died down and you were freezing your butt off, you would have appreciated the body heat. I grew up in the “Siberia of Canada” and I understand this. Btw, my sisters and I slept 3 to a bed, and none of us are gay or bisexual.

  3. I don’t know anyone who cares about sexuality unless the person is closeted and being blackmailed. But there is a problem, and someone needs to address it soon. That is the fake epidemic of gender dysphoria being pushed by the medical community and drug companies, to put big bucks in their pockets. And the landscape is now littered with poor souls who have taken opposite-sex hormones and are depressed. Not surprising, since hormones are extremely powerful! Worse are the poor souls who have had surgery, and now want that surgery reversed. Worser, is that you and I are paying for all this nonsense, because at the end of the day, do you really believe that health insurance pays for anything without stiffing us with the bill? Worst of all, is that kids and teens are being roped into this, being given powerful drugs. I call that child abuse.

    • Article says, “The key argument which disfavors same sex marriages and civil unions, is the declining fertility rate…” This is nonsense, mixing apples and oranges. There are some good reasons for declining fertility, but this isn’t one of them. The biggest reason is economics. Kids are your real social security. In developing countries, people have lots of kids, because too many die of childhood diseases. When a country develops and has good disease control, people have fewer kids, 2-3. But now, in “overdeveloped” countries, the average is even less, 1-2. In the U.S., the reason is very simple. Health insurance is viciously expensive, and people can’t afford to have these kids! I can tell you for a fact, that health insurance was the #1 reason I only have 1 kid, although my husband and I wanted more.

  4. Great article but I think it was Bill Clinton who initially endorsed the bill into the law for US military personnel on February 28, 1994 as a corroboration for Department of Defense Directive 1304.26 issued on December 21, 1993 which took effect, lasting until September 20, 2011. Secondly, the political correctness is a diabolical tool among many which has been effectively used by a hand full few TPTB to silence & confuse masses as to what comes natural or unnatural to the senses.

  5. In any human society, there is a surplus of males. The number of fertile women and their willingness to conceive is what determines the demographics. Some men are sought after by females, and fertilise an inordinate number of them. These females may well be married to someone else. The legal father of these kids has a choice to either pretend nothing untoward has happened or to make a scandal. Since these kids are probably smarter and better looking than would have been the case had he been the biological father, he almost always acquiesces with good grace. He has nothing to gain and a lot to lose should he make a big deal of it.

    The problem is what to do with the surplus of males? Historically, they tended to die young in combat. These days, civilians are just as likely to be killed in a war. In the current fake peace, far more people die from motor accidents than from fighting.

    Personally, as a male with 3 kids, I think for men to become gay is quite OK. It leaves more females for guys like me. On the other hand, I deplore the current fashion for young women to “experiment” with lesbianism. I know it rarely lasts more than a few years – but those years are during their peak fertility.

    It goes without saying that allowing women and gay men into the military is a sure path to military defeat. The Israelis tries it a long time ago. They found that as soon as a woman soldier was wounded, all the males rushed to her assistance and combat ceased.

  6. “There is nothing that is good or bad, tis thinking makes it so”, a quote from some seemingly forgotten Bard. Pope John Paul II said that Homosexuals should help families to raise children. He would say that wouldn’t he? Therei some evidence to suggest that a high proportion of Catholic CLergy are Latent Homosexuals. Logical really and generally I have experienced Catholic Clergy supporting family life in areas such as Morality, Education, Sports Coaching etc etc.. In addition, there is nothing more High Camp than the Catholic Church with Boys Dressed As Girls (demure black soutane, lacy frilly white surplus) sweet smelling candles, incense, bells, music, gold accesories, Classic Architure – the whole nine yards. Problem with the Clergy getting into the Altar Boys though and neither the Church hierachy nor the Gay Community are prepared to admit that this is about homosexuality and in supporting families, the Catholic Clergy have (or did have before the present scrutiny) ample opportunity for pedophilia. If you went through the Catholic system there was evideence that “Cissy” boys were suseptible.

    • Having said all that, even Dork Dawkins admits that Evolution can be accomodated within Catholic Theology. The debate in that area is Creation (First Principle) versus Emanation (Pantheism/Dualism/Gnosis/etc). My Biology Tutor in year 13 at High School was Gordon Hewitt, later President of the Sceptic Society. So I studied Primateology, starting with Konrad Lorenz and Ethnology (note the same word is used for animal and human behaviour), Desmond Morris et al., as well as Franz de Waal, the Primateologist at the Amsterdam Zoo with books like; “The Ape and The Suchi Master” and “Chimpanzee Politics”. Once you study Ape behaviour, you will never look upon Human Persons in the same light again. I call “Original Sin” the “Ape Brain”.

    • The set up in Chimpanzees works something like this. The Dominant Male (Alpha Male) has an Harem of a wide age range of females, including a strict pecking order (another ethnological term developed for hens) from the Alpha Female to the youngest virgin. Interestingly, the son of the Dominant Female is protected and often ends up as the Dominant Male (The basis for Judaism’s Matrilineal Succession?). Meantime, a whole group of younger males are driven off to the forest, with a tough guy occassionally challenging the Dominant male for control of the Harem. How do these testosterone laden young chaps keep themselves amused and what sort of pecking orders develop? Put it this way, a long time ago when I was hitch hiking a Gay man picked me up and explained in detail how some are Butches and some are Bitches, along with all the mechanics of the situation after I did my usual interrogation style of questioning. In addition, some Hot Young Female disdains the Old Fella and slips off into the bush to rendevouz with young Mister Factor X to have a liason. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. Such is Human/Primate behaviour.

    • In Wider Sociey and in Law this becomes: Firstly, The Natural Law (based on Logos and Rationality to form ‘Morality’): Second, The Positive Law based on Passion, The Senses and a fair degree of Casuisty to circumvent the Natural Law (Babylonian Talmud, Kol Nidre, British Empirical Thought and “there is no basis for morality in rational thought” – a denial of the Natural and Mosaic Law, with Pleasure and Pain replacing Good and Evil): and lastly the Custom Based law as illustrated by the Free Masons’ Maxim “custom is the sole governant of The Law”, which can descend into “Do as thou wilt” from Crowley or “Manufactuting Consent” and “Propaganda” from Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays and his disciple Josef Goebbels.

    • There has been a battle between Kabbalaist/Talmudic thought of those operating from within an Hermetically Sealed Cabal and followers of the Teachings of The Logos as exemplified by those of Jesus Christ, going on for 2018 years now. Set aside the obvious present and historical corruption of the Catholic Church by deliberate external forces, as well as human weakness from hubris and the abuse of the power built around all the good people in The Church. The Sanhedron advocates a cult of Death and Destruction to wider society (remember Thatcher denying “Society” or saying “is he one of us” – for me Thatcher’s “Us” is my “Them”) and from the Illuminati has co-opted Goyim through Free Masonry. This Destruction and Death is conducted as Hybrid Warfare and the Editors of this site know about; Psyops, Propaganda, Mind Control et al. Identitarian Politics is part of the Divide and Rule Propaganda and homosexuals are being driven into the bush and divided from wider society in Ape Like fashion, instead of participating in a civilised manner. There is only one division: “Ora et labora” versus Love of Money and Usury.

    • Chris, fresh out of school and working the Oil Field as a Mud Logger; I ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere Texas. A gay man, a real flamer, stopped and gave me a rid into town and back to my car with fuel. He told me not to be offended by his being gay and I thanked him for his kindness. Not everyone gay is a pedophile or a bad person. I believe that society can entertain gay sexuality while promoting traditional family. That fellow also refused money; something that I would have done also. I was raised Catholic and am a Past Grand Knight KofC. I believe that Priests should marry and that women should be Priests. Best to you and your faith; sometimes I wish I could believe in the faith of my childhood again.. I envy those comfortable in their beliefs.

    • The Catholic insistance on Monogomy in Consecrated Holy Matrimony is an attempt to even out the Ape Like Tendencies of Human Persons. There is someone for everyone. Alpha Males continue to dominate and the Boys in The Bush are being cemented into place through Gay Propaganda. I signed Fran Wild’s petition to Legalise homosexuality in this country back in the 80s and that issue has long been resolved. There is no reason to cement Gay People into their Isolation through Gay Propaganda. The issue is an integrated and healthy Society going forward.

    • I think this stuff is covered in the classic book “The Golden Bough” by Sir James George Frazer, with the Orgy master in the Oak Grove eventually getting killed by the next Young Buck on the rise. I think, if I remember right, that Sir James’ address was Number One Temple Court, London. Another Theosophical Society Gem and the Address cannot be dismissed by readers of this site.

    • But does natural human behavior have more in common with Pan troglodytes (common chimpanzee) or Pan paniscus (bonobo)? For our sakes, we should hope the latter.

    • Yeah, the Bonobos are interesting with a Matriachal Society, observable in many Anthropological Studies. It has been suggested that China was dominated by women before the advent of Taoism, Bhuddism, Confucianism and decended into Chaos. Who is in charge when the Emperor, the Eunichs and 3,000 women get locked into the Forbidden City at night? TheJesuits found many parallels with this system Taoist Bhuddist Confucianist and Catholicism, except for Ancester Worship. Maybe it goes in Long Cycles.

  7. It’s all about destruction of the family. Making women join the workforce, welfare programs, changing school curriculum, the constant assault on traditional morals and norms. You won’t have a New World Order without getting rid of the middle class and the family as the building block of society.

    • Harry. In the Orthodox system the village priests are able to marry and so the problem of nepotism is localised. They are the White Priests. Only the Monastic Black Priests, who are Celibate, can attain to Higher Office. Not that there is a lot of division within Orthodox, covered on VT and BrendonO’Connell knows a lot as he was in an Orthodox Monastry, hence Irate Monk. The Filioque Insertion in the Nicene Creed to do with the Holy Spirit needs addressing by the Romans: John 10 “he shall proceed only from The Father”. Jesus was reported as Ordaining Peter as The Rock and the First Pope, with that Primacy in dispute. We all come out of a woman and Ego Boundary Definition does not take place until about two years of age. This is the basis of a male Priesthood. The Oedipal Triangle in Psychology is in there somewhere. Historically you had in India – Brahma/Krishna(various forms)/Kali+Shiva, in Egypt – Osiros/Horus/Isis and the derivative Greek Oedipal Triangle. G.G.Jung said that the Declaration of The Assumption of Our Lady as an Article of Faith in 1950 was a Balancing of the Triangle of Consciousness or an Evolution of The Collective Unconscious if you like. Sigmund Freud denied the Collective Unconscious and fell out with Jung. Freud then set his nephew Edward Bernays up to ruthlessly manipulate that very same Collective Unconscious.

    • The Assumption according to Jung was a lifting up of women and the Feminist Movement is not all bad, Revolutions always have an overrun. I’ve been virtually a House Wife for about fifty years – serves me right. A squaring of the Oedipal triangle. In the kabbalaistic system Malkuth is fallen and Down Trodden under the feet of the Male figure. The Rabbi prays in the morning “thank god I was not born a woman”.

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