When purchasing a new house, all that we normally see is the financial burden – arranging for money, loans, and so on. But we often forget to think about the responsibilities that come with the house. And it sure is a long list!

To end up in a house where everything is functioning smoothly, you have to put your boots on and get going with the day-to-day tasks. This might sound menacing. Especially if you are a new homeowner.

However, basic repairs and maintenance will keep your pockets from unnecessary losses. Timely HVAC repair, for instance, means that you don’t have to worry about your home’s HVAC system going awry anytime soon.

The top 5 home Repair tips to help you Out

So, to boost plan convenience, we have created a list that will guide you through your organization, and will make you aware of certain maintenance that you may have never thought about. These top 5 tips will come in handy whenever you’re in need. You won’t even need to consult a handyman!

Check your window wells to prevent breakage from water pressure

For your basement, window wells do an amazing job by letting sunlight come in. It also allows proper ventilation. You need not worry about soiling on the window fixtures either. But, you must properly look after them, because of certain issues that can lead to greater damage.

After heavy rainfall, leaves and other kind of debris clog your drainage pipes and increase water pressure on the window. If you forget to clean the drainage, the water pressure will break through the window and cause unwanted flooding in your basement.

Make sure you have a hand shovel for the cleaning. Though even your hands could do the job.

Make your house termite–free

You won’t even realize when an army of termites attacks your house. But then, one day, while sitting on your couch, you may find your unsuspecting self falling through the floor! Termites pose a serious threat, mainly to those houses that are made of a considerable amount of wood.

If you have a lot of wooden furniture at home, try putting them under sunlight every month, for termites cannot stand strong light. Usually the basement is entirely made of wood. Windows at every corner, especially at angles where the sun rises, are preferable. This naturally reduces termite infestation.

Use foam sprays in gaps near wood. Then use a screwdriver to check whether the wood is weak. When you prod it, you will immediately know if it is flaky. If this be the case, you will need professional assistance, since the damage has already begun.

Clean your chimneys

You hardly find houses with a chimney. But if you own one, you are lucky! So don’t let this luck turn into a disaster.

Chimneys naturally accumulate dirt, bird nests, and other flammable materials that can easily catch fire and burn your house down. If your chimney does not air enough, it could also cause a build–up of smoke or carbon monoxide (which is fatal).

Cleaning a chimney all by yourself is a horrible idea. Call for a chimney sweep who can inspect and inform you of the risks involved, who can also clean the chimney professionally.

Radiator bleeding is mandatory

Radiators look pretty easy to handle, but never approach them alone on maintenance. They need bleeding every winter to work correctly. By bleeding, the excess air is pushed out and makes the radiator warm efficiently, with less power consumption.

The need to call a professional is out of the question, since you can bleed the radiator all by yourself. All you need to do is release the valve and place a rag under the radiator as it drips. You will be able to hear the sound of air seeping out. Once that fades, you can tighten the valve again.

Ensure the function of the garbage disposal

We hardly think about the garbage disposal. But since you put your waste in it, you should at least prioritize cleaning it on a monthly basis (doing it constantly is unnecessary).
Just run some cold water and dish wash soap to remove all the grease and dirt. Periodically, toss a lemon or an orange inside the machine. It’s citric acid not only cleans the tough grease, but it also adds a pleasant smell.

If you still think the machine stinks, pour a few drop of borax and let it sit for an hour before rinsing it with warm water. And you are good to go!

Owning a house is a great idea, but always be aware of the maintenance and repairing any part. You don’t want your house crumbling down due to unchecked repairs. This checklist is more than enough to get you through.


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