US Military Aid to al Qaeda in Yemen, Duff on Press TV



  1. GASP …! Say it aint so ..! The U.S. supplying weapons to militant groups and terrorists ? ….Oh BS . The U.S has de-stabilized so many countries globally . Weapons sold = $$$ , weapons sold = $$$ under the table no one knows where much of this $$$ is headed . And certainly the private military contractors are just as dangerous as the private banking industry that owns the U.S. …. Thank you VT for this article !

  2. Thanks for standing up for us GD. I’m curious, Cincinnati or Ann Arbor? if I was smarter would have stuck with the Sixth. I hope you made it to El Barzon on Junction one of the these trips to the honey comb. Big changes afoot, buy buy buy. I’d be happy to keep an eye on, just ask. JBE

  3. Great summation to the issues relative to the U.S., the rouge elements and violations of policy and laws. The story is nothing new . . . as stated. The bureaucrazy in the U.S. . . . stuffed with sock puppets that don’t match!

    I could listen to the anchor, and Gordon in a Q&A for hours. Great exchange!