by Vaughn Klingenberg

  • 41.  Now His parents used to go up year by year to Jerusalem at the Feast of the Passover.
  • 42.  And when He was twelve years old they went up as was customary at the time of the Feast, and,
  • 43.  after staying the full number of days, when they started back home the boy Jesus remained behind in Jerusalem. His parents did not discover this,
  • 44. but supposing Him to be in the travelling company, they proceeded a day’s journey. Then they searched up and down for Him among their relatives and acquaintances;
  • 45.  but being unable to find Him they returned to Jerusalem, making anxious inquiry for Him.
  • 46.  On the third day they found Him in the Temple sitting among the Rabbis, both listening to them and asking them questions,
  • 47.  while all who heard Him were astonished at His intelligence and at the answers He gave.
  • 48.  When they saw Him, they were smitten with amazement, and His mother said to Him, “My child, why have you behaved thus to us? Your father and I have been searching for you in anguish.”
  • 49.  “Why is it that you have been searching for me?” He replied; “did you not know that it is my duty to be engaged upon my Father’s business?”
  • 50.  But they did not understand the significance of these words. [The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 2]

I am interested in Jesus the child and Jesus the man. It is my contention that were Jesus to return to earth today–with the same message he bore when he walked throughout Palestine two thousand years ago–that he would immediately be vilified and branded a self-hating Jew and anti-Semite (and probably a racist and a Holocaust denier as well).

In a certain, very narrow sense, there would be some merit in this charge, but as is typically the case in these circumstances this ultimately bogus charge would fall under the informal fallacy of logic entitled “half-truth,” a demagogic rhetorical device difficult for your average person, unschooled in logic, to untangle.

True, depending on the Gospel, Jesus is at times contemptuous of Jewish Scribes, Sadducees, Pharisees, and the Jewish High Priesthood in Jerusalem. Also, both true and very significant, the Jewish priestly Establishment only begins in earnest to plot the assassination, by Roman proxy, of Jesus after he threatens their financial livelihood when he throws the money-changers out of the Temple in Jerusalem.

With all this in mind, let us look at some of the salient events in the life of Jesus and look afresh at what he has to teach us today. Try to strip away the generations of politically correct and Establishment sanctified orthodox views of Jesus and see him in the light of his own age, and in ours.

To begin with, was Jesus a Jew? The unthinking reactive Pavlovian response from most people, Jew and Gentile alike, would be, “Of course, he was born of Jewish parents!” Judaism is a racist religion and Jesus has the appropriate racial pedigree to consider himself authentically Jewish–end of story.

But not so fast. In order to be considered a full-fledged Jew–one who could fully participate in Jewish religion and culture—one had to go through the Jewish male rite of passage known today of as Bar Mitzvah.

Only then, after this rite was performed around the age of puberty, could one, for example, read from the Torah, be counted in forming a minyan, possess property, be legally married according to Jewish law, and testify in a rabbinical court. Historically, according to some rabbis, the first documented Bar Mitzvah occurred when Abraham set out a great feast on the day Issac was weaned (Genesis 21:8). Crucial to this evolving Jewish rite of passage process was being interrogated by rabbis in order to test the candidates knowledge of Jewish law and customs.

Most significantly, in the passage from the Gospel of Luke quoted above, we do not have the rabbis interrogating Jesus but just the opposite: Jesus is interrogating the rabbis! Jesus isBar Mitvah’ing the rabbis!

In what would be a proto-Bar Mitzvah ceremony when Jesus was at the appropriate puberty age of 12 to undergo this Jewish rite of passage he, in fact, challenges and tests the rabbis who, under ordinary circumstances, were to challenge and test him!!!

Since Jesus was never properly Bar Mitvah’ed he never becomes a full-fledged member of the Jewish community in spite of the fact that both of this parents are Jewish. Of course someone might here claim that because Jesus was God that it is only right that He teach the rabbis and not they Him, but, as I said, I am interested in Jesus the human boy and man.

Besides, the fact that Jesus as God teaches the rabbis only goes to show the superiority of Jesus’ message of loving inclusiveness (see, for example, the parable of the Good Samaritan where a Jewish Priest ignores an injured Jew lying half-dead on a road only to be saved by a non-Jew, the Good Samaritan. Luke 10: 29-37).

In sum, since Jesus was never Bar Mitzvah’d, he never became a full-fledged member of the Jewish community, and this omission was both conscious, deliberate, and significant.

Now, let us look at a sampling of Jesus’ own words and he chastises and excoriates members of the Jewish community, in particular the Sadducees, Pharisees, Jewish High Priests, and the Sanhedrin (i.e., the full assembly of the elders of Israel, see Acts 5:21).

Jesus said to them [the disciples), “Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sad’ducees”….”How is it that you fail to perceive that I did not speak about bread? Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sad’ducess.” Then they understood that he did not tell them to beware of the leaven of the bread, but of the teaching of the Pharisees and Sad’ducees. Matthew 16:6 & 11-12.

“For I [Jesus] tell you, unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:20

Then said Jesus to the crowds and to his disciples, “The scribes and Pharisees sit on Moses’ seat; so practice and observe whatever they tell you, but not what they do; for they preach, but do not practice….

They do all their deeds to be seen by men; for they make their phylacteries broad and their fringes long, and they love the place of honor at feasts and the best seats in the synagogues, and salutations in the market places, and being called rabbi by men.” Matthew 23: 1-3 & 5-7.

“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you shut the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither enter yourselves, nor allow those who would enter go in. Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you traverse sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes a proselyte, you make him twice as much a child of hell as yourselves.” Matthew 23: 13-15.

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you cleanse the outside of the cup and of the plate, but inside they are full of extortion and rapacity. You blind Pharisee!…” Matthew 23: 25-26.

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!….You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?” Matthew 23: 29 & 33.

“The Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed….”
Luke 9: 22.

SANHEDRIN (a Jewish religious court composed mostly of Sadducees)

Finally, we must not forget–even though most all Christian denominations today try to minimize or cover up this fact, especially at Easter–that the Jewish leadership in Jerusalem deliberately orchestrated the crucifixion and murder of Jesus so that direct blame would not fall on them.

They used the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, as their proxy to author the death of Jesus. Pilate was certainly reluctant to crucify Jesus (see Matthew 27:11 ff.). He recognized that he was being used by the Jewish hierarchy to dispatch Jesus. Pilate went so far as to admit that he found no fault with Jesus.

He would scourge Jesus and even recognize the practice of freeing a condemned murderer during the Passover, but Jews in the audience asked for the murderer Barabbas be freed and not the innocent Jesus. When Pilate hesitated to condemn Jesus to death, Jews in the crowd shouted (dishonestly and hypocritically) “We have no king but Caesar!”

With the Jewish leadership branding Jesus as King of the Jews they placed Pilate in a dilemma: either he free the innocent man Jesus and have it reported to Rome that he behaved with treason by letting a troublesome populist upstart would-be king go free (and thereby jeopardize both his position as well as possibly his life) or he acquiesce to the immoral demands of the Jewish leadership and condemn Jesus to crucifixion, a penalty reserved by the Romans for political dissidents and political rebels. (Stoning would have been the orthodox method employed by Jews to punish and kill religious heretics.)

Of course, as we all know, Pilate admitted he could find no fault with Jesus and washed his hands to symbolically relieve himself of responsibility for condemning Jesus to crucifixion. And, as they say, the rest is history.

One sometime sees the bumper sticker on cars stating “My God is a Jewish Carpenter,” no doubt posted there by persons who flatter themselves as being deferential to Jews and inclusive religious cosmopolitans.

The simple fact of the matter, however, is that if one recognizes Jesus as God a more accurate bumper sticker might better be, “My God is a self-hating Jew and Anti-Semite.” Jesus did express contempt for Jews, not just those in positions of leadership but also the more commonplace Jews who, because of their ethnocentric Jewish morality, would not see or acknowledge the good in non-Jews (again, see the parable of the Good Samaritan, where Samaritans were seen in ancient Palestine as the traditional enemies of Jews).

Curiously, while professed faiths such as Christianity acknowledge the universal brotherhood of humankind Judaism does not. I challenge anyone to cite one–one!–major Jewish holiday that celebrates loving the universal oneness of humanity. Passover does not. Purim does not. Hanukkah does not.

Rosh Hassanah does not. Instead, Judaism is a racist, ethnocentric religion and celebrates a culture of victimization (typically at the hands of non-Jews). The Jewish Old Testament glories in take-no-prisoners genocide and slavery, and its heroes are would-be fratricidal fathers (Abraham), deceitful brothers (Jacob/Israel), and philandering and murderous kings (David). Is this truly the religion Christianity wants to call its brother-in-faith?!!!

Of course all that I have recounted here is forbidden to acknowledge, especially in the politically correct mass Media what with its dominant Jewish moral vocabulary. As Karl Marx, a Jew, astutely noted:

“The ruling ideas are the ideas of the ruling class,” and this is no better exemplified than in the Jewish dominated mass Media which inculcates self-serving parochial values in the hearts and minds of an uncritical and guileless Gentile audience.

Our moral vocabulary in the West is a Jewish moral vocabulary whereby the worst that one can label another person is an anti-Semite because deliberately associated with that loaded pejorative term are the notions of being a racist, an apologist for the mass murder of innocents (i.e., Jews), and, simply put, the epitome of pure evil–or so the purveyors of Media disinformation would have the largely ignorant non-Jewish public believe.


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  1. These ‘scientific facts’ of the Quran are simply remnants of the predecessor civilizations of the Middle East. The Islamic world was the benefactor of the knowledge left behind by Rome and Greece and others. We only have glimpses of what heights of scientific knowledge the ancient world had reached, such as the Antikithera Mechanism, but one thing is certain – they were very much more advanced than conventional, orthodox history admits.


    The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is considered the holiest site in Christianity containing as it does Edicule, the shrine that houses the reputed tomb of Jesus. Kristin Romey ended an article in the National Geographic edition December, 2017 “What Archaeology Is Telling Us About The Real Jesus” with these words which hopefully will leave matters stand on this divisive issue for those who believe in Jesus Christ and those like the Apostle Thomas would rather the tactile reassurance of a finger touch to the wounds of the crucified Jesus of Nazareth.

    “At this moment I realize that to sincere believers, the scholars’ quest for the historical, non-supernatural Jesus is of little consequence. That quest will be endless, full of shifting theories, unanswerable questions, irreconcilable facts. But for true believers, their faith in the life, death, and Resurrection of the Son of God will be evidence enough.”

    May we all meet in Heaven half-an-hour before the Devil knows we’re dead!

    • So what that’s saying is that for believers, no evidence is necessary that Jesus existed, whereas for the non-delusional, rational people, the lack of any evidence means it remains a fairytale.

      Do you also believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?

  3. The Quran does not contain any special scientific knowledge, the Ancient Greeks knew the sun and earth rotate, other ancient cultures also had knowledge of celestial mechanics, so all the Quran contains is retellings of old knowledge. Neither does the Quran prove anything about the existence of Jesus as it was written many centuries later and again, is just retelling old tales.

  4. All 3 Abrahamic religions are segments of the known pantheon of “time personas” in a polytheistic level of spiritual knowledge, and selectively consolidated the segments. Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are 3 in a row out of 20. The story of Jesus and Job and Jacob are all concerning the same archetype and decan.
    The blood that has been spilled, and inexcusable torment of female humans due to this set of nonsensical patriarchy is due to end. The amount of things we have learned about the falsification of history in the last 3 decades, will grow ten fold within the next ten years. Donald Trump is the latest product of gullibility and “faith based” decision making. Tel Aviv, the Vatican and Mecca know this and will continue to consolidate their stubbornness together. Meanwhile, the unsustainable nature of the myths is increasingly exposed. Enough is enough.

  5. Oh so many comments about Jesus the Nazarene ! Today if walking among us He would more than likjely would be charged with Hate Crimes with His calling the high ranking Jew officials ” Snakes and a ” Brood of vipers . ” Its too bad so many people have their Bible read to them such as the Hagee Army of the Hateful . Reading the New Testament has even come under fire and many Jews want to re-write the Bible . Jesus was a serious critic of financial institutions run by the High Priests and uppers in society , this upset Him enough that the frauds that established themselves as currency exchange operators He paid a visit to the Holy Temple and took the time to braid a leather whipping strap and let it fly among the robber barons . Try doing that to the FED !

  6. Davor,…”How do you explain human rights origin without religion?”

    Religion is an organized set of rules and observances, designed to establish rights and wrongs. Human rights are obvious and natural.

    Without religion, rights and freedoms expand. That is the whole point. Establishment of rights and time, is a privilege religion has abused profusely. Calendars and laws. Time and permission.

    • Ok, but how do you know the wars, the suffering caused by the West, the occupation is wrong, what makes it obviously wrong? How is it naturally and obviously wrong? Who selects that some wars are good and who universally rejects all war? Without religion there remains only the power of privilege (strength, intelligence, insightfullness, resourcefullness). There is no natural neccessity for self inducing in altruism without outside moral teaching. Some civilizations praise(d) the war prey and killings. Even if the Western people are easy going with religion or non-religious they still effectively produce most wars and killings around the world.

  7. An excellent article. Let me clarify one thing that is important. The term “Jew” was not developed until about 750 AD. Jesus of Nazareth was of Hebrew Blood like 80% of the Palestinians today. According to peer reviewed genetic research by a Johns Hopkins MD geneticist (who just happens to be “Jewish”, about 97.5% of those living in Israel claiming to be of Hebrew blood actually are not, and are instead from East European origin from a former nation called ancient Khazaria. Thus they are Khazarians and some call them Ashkenazi. Judaism was a replay of ancient Babylonian Talmudism which was based on the black arts and a perversion of Abrahamic teachings of Yahwe or “Ya”. Khazarians are a Turk/Mongol hybrid species that converted to Judaism in about 750 AD under threat of annihilation for their road warrior lifestyles against travelers.

    • Abraham was a Zoroastrian, which is why Islam is largely an update of that earlier religion.

    • There’s a big problem with the Khazar theory though – the elite Jews who have been responsible for all the trouble are not Khazars and really do come from bloodlines that trace back to the Levant. For instance, it was not Khazars who ran the Atlantic Slave Trade, the Rothschilds themselves are not Khazars, neither were the Schiffs or Warburgs or Sassoons or the other banking families. The Khazars didn’t start the two world wars, they didn’t found the Bank of England or the Federal Reserve, these nefarious plots are all the work of descendants of the Jews of the Levant and Arabia. The Khazar theory came from the work of Arthur Koestler, another Jew, so the whole Khazar theory needs to be carefully assessed and is likely to be largely a smokescreen thrown up by the really guilty elite Jews to push he blame onto their Khazarian brethren. When the likes of Rockefeller and Rothschild were directing world events from their counting houses, wielding massive influence and power due to their great wealth, the Khazars were still living in dirty, impoverished shtetls of Eastern Europe and weren’t able to do much more than the usually usurious sharp practices with loan sharking and semi-legal banking, a far cry from the wheeling and dealing on the international scene practices by the elite Jewish banking families.

  8. The Bible and Christian history is sufficient evidence that Christ was here on Earth. The naysayers will not destroy our hope and faith in Yahshua our Savior. Had not the Savior come, and die to redeem humanity, we would not be still alive, for sin has no power to procure life but only the Life Giver. What miseary is life for those with no hope for the Kingdom.

    • The Bible isn’t proof of anything, especially the New Testament, not least because it’s been edited and altered so may times to suit political and social needs of the times, that the current form is entirely different to the original form. The Gospels can be discarded as evidence too because only Mark is valid, Matthew and Luke are just plagiarisms of Mark and John is just a load of nonsense. Even Mark does not contain anything remotely approaching valid evidence of the existence of Christ and whoever wrote it clearly knew very little about Palestine, had most likely never been there. I wish the religious would wake up and realise just how delusional and downright insane they sound to others who are capable of rational enquiry and aren’t brainwashed by religious myth and lies.

    • Khalid, I can only speak for myself, just because I say the Bible is presented as history, and there is tons of proof to show this, does not mean I am an atheist. The point being made is, Jesus, Abraham, Moses, or Jacob did not exist, or if they did, the stories have little to do with historical events. They are expanded descriptors, that correlate numerically, thematically, and verbatim, with sets of decans from a dozen cultures including the I-Ching which is much much older. Compare chapter 18 Genesis, with I-Ching hexagram # 5. It is the same story. and that is just one example. If people do not know the decans or the 20 days, they do not know what they are looking at in that book. the Bible is evidence of a crime.

    • Your argument is spurious, you seem to think that it is logical and rational to fill in a big gap in our knowledge by inventing a supernatural ‘God’. All I see is spurious, false logic and a total lack of rational inquiry.

  9. You’re being extremely pedantic, as you know full well the Catholic Church, regardless of where it sat, existed for a millenia before the 14th century. Maybe I should have said Papacy rather than Vatican, but you knew what I meant.

  10. “Today the Gentile Christians who claim of holy right have been led in the wrong path. We, of the Jewish Faith have tried for centuries to teach the Gentiles a Christ never existed, and that the story of the Virgin and of Christ is, and always has been, a fictitious lie. In the near future, when the Jewish people take over the rule of the United States, legally under our god, we will create a new education system, providing that our god is the only one to follow, and proving that the Christ story is a fake…Christianity will be abolished.” (M.A. Levy, Secretary of the World League of Liberal Jews, in a speech in Los Angeles, California, August, 1949

  11. Jesus was not a Judean ( Jew ), He was from Nazareth in Galilee.
    The Edomite Jew Herod’s territory did not include Samaria and Galilee.
    Acts 10:38
    38 how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.
    John 8:33 They answered Him, “We are Abraham’s descendants, and have never been in bondage to anyone. How can You say, ‘You will be made free’?” ………This shows that they are not of Israel who were in bondage in Egypt, but are of Esau.
    Jesus was the last recorded of the pure bloods of the tribe of Judah. No blemished Judah blood was allowed in the line chosen to antecede Jesus Christ.
    Christ in the flesh was a descendent of Shem. Therefore to be anti-Semitic you would need to be an anti-Christ
    Judah married a Canaanite woman and had sons to the daughter of foreign gods – Malachi, chapter 3 & 2:11., Genesis 38:1-10
    Judah also began

    • Judah also began a pure blood line, Judah/Tamar [ Gen. 38:14-19 ] which line ended with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
      The Jews are of Esau from Idumea, and therefore not of Israel or Judah; Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925, vol. 5, page 41.
      “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or Hebrew.” Jewish Almanac 1980.
      “Esau thereupon takes a daughter of Ishmael to wife” (Gen. xxviii. 9).
      Ishmael who took an Egyptian for a wife is the patriarch of the Arab nations.
      John Hyrcanus captured Edom/Idumea and its population was integrated into the Judean community around 126BC
      Herod an Esau/Edomite meaning that he was a Judean but not of the tribe of Judah had the 2nd temple built.
      It was a member of the Edomite progeny who first sought to kill our Lord.
      Matthew 2:16 records how Herod the Idumean (Edomite) had all the Israelite children two years and younger slain that in so doing he might also kill the baby Messiah. Jesus would not live in Judea, “for fear of the Jews” (John 7:1).

  12. A rather non-zealous Jew, Jesus was not a political tribal Jew which someone like Zealots would expect of such heritage and talents, a messianic angelic version of modern day Ben Gurion. We can’t determine if he was anti-semite but he had prophesized accurately about his own persecution, and persecution of jews as well as of those who believe in him-subsequently named christians. We have persecutions today in all monotheist religions, some in between them and some within them.

    • Jesus didn’t exist, there is not a single shred of evidence that he ever did, Christianity is nothing but a lie built around that central lie about Jesus Christ, a purely fictional character.

  13. There can be no morally honest conversation about the Judeo/Christian bible without addressing the days and decans. It is not a coincidence, that the 4 gospels are written in common structure with the four sons of Horus, and their place in the pantheon. It is not a coincidence, that the 50 chapters of Genesis follow the decans and trecenas by chapter and verse, Exodus the 20 days twice round, Numbers the 36 decans in a row, even with the four sons of Horus decans listed at the end in the proper order. Deuteronomy is so badly manipulated, that it is childs play to see the deletions and insertions. There was no man, and when they speak of the return, it is the pantheon of time that is being referred to. The book, as presented, seeks to destroy knowledge of time, and replace it with historical revision to create a religion. Nothing more, nothing less. it is Pious Fraud.

    • Jesus didn’t even exist and there aren’t four gospels, there are several more, just the Vatican selected those four as the least contradictory. Matthew and Luke can be discarded as useless as they are nothing more than plagiarisms of Mark with a few added comments. Mark is clearly written long after the supposed time of christ by someone with only a passing familiarity with Palestine. John is laughable, whoever wrote that had never been anywhere near Palestine. Then there is the fact that the new testament has been so altered, so messed with to hide the obvious holes, that it bares little similarity to the original texts. Just comparing the King James and other fairly modern versions with the Greek version they are based on shows massive editing and manipulation, then further comparing the Greek to the earlier Aramaic version shows yet more mass manipulation and changes. Yet idiots today still buy into this most obvious of lies. failing to see just what a pile of rubbish the new testament is, clearly displaying a lack of the ability to assess it rationally bordering on delusion and mental illness.

    • Ian, precisely why I bring it up all the time. They chose the four, because they use the stuff all the time,.
      The differences in the four “books” is meaningless without the nuances of the decans.
      My thing in all this, is to prove, not only did they make it all up, but how they continue to use the original information in planning the timing for ceremonies and other things. I agree, there is no such person as Jesus.
      Or Moses, or Jacob or Abraham. All mythos , but not mythos without purpose. All of their stories are structured to follow and teach the decans and days. They are even purposely written in such a way, that no person would think they are real stories. Proper myth writing.

    • David, there will be no honest conversation of anything unless addressing indo invasion in Europe 4000 years ago. Bush rapists writing their own history as brave heroes with swords, who’d get any woman they like. Self delusion and You Still believe in it. Father lines cut, as DNA suggests, similar behaviour as lion male tries to kill lion cubs to copulate with females. But female lions join together to protect the cubs. I saw a video where 3 females were against 1 male and considering the teeth and grin, females could have killed the male in a few seconds. But they didn’t. Is that turn the other cheek and focus on the main thing?

      Historians like Ian may think, that unless we learn the real history behind us, we are doomed to repeat it. I think we are doomed anyhow. There should be enough evidence and popularity of 911 to wake up suspicious, but not really, people believe in what they want to believe. That is the mainstream “true” hero stories, usually males. Nothing has changed in allegedly 2000 years, those who take the side of the poor, expose the doublestandard and are not afraid of moneychangers and those who made the god as their own image will be crucified in a way or another.

    • No, just a person who is able to look rationally at the evidence (or rather, total lack of) to prove Jesus actually existed. There is no evidence, not one single iota, and if it existed, it would have been found by now, therefore the rational conclusion is that Jesus never existed as he left no trace of ever having existed.

    • Only a fool will deny Christ. Why even the Jews never denied he existed. Jesus claimed to be the son of God and backed it up by returning from the dead. Tacitus, Josephus, Lucian wrote about him yet you say he never existed. His message is one of brotherly love and only got annoyed by the money-changers, those to whom money is their god. St. Paul – Saul of Tarsus was converted on the road to Damascus within three years of Christ’s death. Five hundred and fifteen people met Christ after he resurrected. St. Paul met with two of these people, both Apostles of Christ if I am not mistaken so he had first hand accounts to confirm the central tenet of the Christian faith – Christ’s resurrection. The events of Pentecost where the Apostles hit the road brought us to where we are today. Yes, there are many malefactors within the Christian church yet what wars can be attributed to Rome of late? The Bolsheviks, the Bankers and the Zionists between them are responsible for most of the global upheaval in the last 100 years. It is not religion that is the problem although the Zionists are doing their utmost to foment wars with help from the so-called Western Alliance to stir things up against and among the Muslims of the world.

    • Those Roman writers were not contemporaries of Christ, they lived later and therefore all they could possibly have done is write down te myth, so their writings are not evidence of Christ’s existence, merely of the existence of the myth.

      All the other points you offer come from the gospels and only one of the four gospels is worthy of any consideration – Mark, and even that is easily proven to be nonsense written by someone who had almost zero knowledge of Palestine.

      So the gospels aren’t evidence either. So what is Christianity based on – nothing more than old myths and Jewish lies.

    • I never said god didn’t exist, I said Jesus didn’t. Surely, if you believe in god, the onus is on you to prove you’re not delusonal and he does exist, rather than me to prove he doesn’t.

    • Ian, to be honest I trust more on myths than written history. History at it’s honest and best can be a detailed 2D photo of 3D reality. Change the angle a bit and the photo will look different. Humans been telling stories for maybe 100000 years. When a person tells a story to another and the another tells the same story to the third, the story will be altered. Only very significant events maybe stay the same, like earthquakes or maybe Supernova shining on the night sky. A myth penetrates the 3D reality and indirectly tells more about character of the people inside, who’s been carrying on the story.

      Good old war historians are almost equally to blame for what’s going on today as rabid Priests. How many times have You seen a priest in BBC compared to some lying academia expert convincing, that a war, tax the poor and open the borders are necessary for England to survive.

  14. Most people are indoctrinated into religion at young ages long before they have developed any critical thinking abilities and also where they are not independent of their prejudiced ignorant parents either.
    Most religions are mythology at best and lies at worst. Blind religious beliefs have caused more human suffering than all wars put together. For example, read:
    “why i am not a christian by bertrand russell”. Freedom of religion in our Constitution also means freedom to reject religious lies and dogma. Most people however are too brainwashed with those lies since childhood to reject them as adults.

    • Also read “Letters from the Earth” by Mark Twain published after his death about 1938. A person stated he had communicated with God; he is still waiting for a reply. The Catholic Religion is a world wide scam to raise good Money from poor fools. Money donated for church purposes is used to pay lawyers to get perverted priests out of criminal charges.

    • you’ve been indoctrinated in anti-religion, which is infinitely worse than been religious. Religion is the foundation of civilization, there’s never been a single civilization in history without religion. Look at our western world, utterly destroyed by anti-religion, and you’ll understand, if you still can, how good religion can be for mankind.

    • The western world has survived the blight of religion, which is perhaps the worst plague to ever infect it. There is nothing good about religion, just another framework for controlling the masses, keeping them ignorant while maintaining the power elite that lords it over them. More wars, murder, misery and suffering have been deliberately inflicted on us by religion than anything else and mankind will not advance until we finally shake off the shackles of religion.

    • guides,.. Our western world is the sum total of product of religion. They came, they burned, they reprogrammed, and here we are. It was a fresh start, and the opportunity to create from their fantasies, and here we are, in a violent culture barely tolerant of wisdom. It would have been much better had we simply adopted the ways of those who were here. We are the merciless savages now. Ask any small country we have bombed lately. This is the product. The proof is self evident.

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