American “Nutters” Plan World Conquest


[ Editor’s Note: This has got to be the stupidest, most irresponsible address ever made by an American Secretary of State; and it is no surprise that Captain Pompeo lowered the bar to this new level. General Powell was sandbagged with bad info, so his does not count.

But he just confirmed everything that VT has been editorializing about the sociopaths that have taken over leadership positions in our government with the assistance of helpful election influencers, the ones that have been around for a long time, whose fannies Congress lines up to kiss when they come to town.

Pompeo had the gall to threaten US allies who have themselves been targeted by US Deep State aggression. This is never mentioned in their domestic political campaigns, but emerges after they take the reigns of power. Once they have served the Deep State in office, they have a home for the rest of their lives serving their interests. John Bolton is a prime example.

After the first shocking statement below, I thought the rest of the article would be filler, but he got carried away with the moment, obviously relishing in playing Mr. Tough Guy. I can’t wait to see corporate media roll over on this.

I can remember a time when the entire media community would have been demanding Pompeo’s resignation for claiming these threats represented the American people. Shame on you Captain Pompeo Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … December 04, 2018 – 

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has targeted Russia, China and Iran for opposing Washington’s “leadership role”.

Pompeo said on Tuesday during a visit to Brussels ahead of a NATO foreign ministers meeting that President Donald Trump aimed to take the helm of a new world order, but certain “bad actors” were opposing him.

“President Trump … is returning the United States to its traditional central leadership role in the world,” he said.

Pompeo urged US allies to help Trump to succeed.

“We are rallying the noble nations of the world to build a new liberal order” led by Trump, Pompeo said ahead of the meeting with NATO foreign ministers.

Pompeo claimed Russia, China and Iran had undermined the global leadership of the United States.

He said the Trump administration would no longer tolerate opposing influences willing to stop it from reaching its objectives. The former CIA chief warned international organization to follow suit with US foreign policy.

Pompeo hinted that international organizations had to either work in line with US foreign policy, or face change.

Organizations such as the United Nations, European Union, African Union, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank have become corroded are in dire need of change, he suggested.

“The first two years of the Trump administration demonstrate that President Trump is not undermining these institutions nor is he abandoning American leadership. Quite the opposite,” Pompeo said, adding, “Bad actors have exploited our lack of leadership for their own gain.”

Pompeo told the gathering that it was to duty of every nation to “honestly acknowledge its responsibility to its citizens and ask if the current order serves the interests of its people as well as it could — and if not, we must ask how we can right it,”

Pompeo’s comments came as NATO foreign ministers are scheduled to meet to discuss recent escalating tensions with Russia.



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  1. i can write around 110 russian synonyms about this describing word…
    but i’ll write: невежда /neviEzhda/ (old word,that means: a person that doesn’t know what is he talking about).
    But the truth is that he knows well what he says. Thus, i should say we know the reality:
    1. Russian 1000 y.o. super-ethnos will always be the target for deep state as far as we are the only power that can stop the US (as the greatest superpower);
    2. Time shows that we have the two only friends – our Army and Fleet (USSR was a temporary commonwealth of the nations);
    3. We suffered many greatest losses during our centuries. Saved many countries and nations from extinction (but who cares? west did it well!);
    4. As i mentioned several weeks ago: The only salvation of Russia and the people in all terrible situations is a return to the basic values for civilization and the people. The Russian project of the future is justice, the domination of the ethics of conscience, the primacy of truth over the law, the spiritual principle over the material, the general above private.

    • 5. During the shameful 1990s we were good for the USA- we died and was robbed, we were weak (but we remember every letter of that history) – now we become firm and powerful: immediate sanctions, stupid accusations, provocations, lie, blaming all sins as a dog full of fleas.
      6. Not to be boring about everyone’s known facts – the finish nail: we know WELL that only WE can kill the USA (sorry, but they are aggressors – i mean deep state) and their shameful vassals and the entire beautiful world. Nukes is the ONLY our instrument that saves us from becoming a prey or a slave. Only! And the west knows and fears it. And as Putin said recently: there will be no complete World without Russia. We all realise what he means. And They (deep state know it well).
      P.S. God,please, save Russia from traitors and international oligarchs…

  2. Since when are those Nazis interested in the common people´s wellbeing ? Killing them w DEW/EMF weapons means saving them ? Suppressing their own thought and brainwashing them to their agenda ? How stupid do they think we are after we have all information available in the new Gutenberg Press ? But it goes 10 levels higher who is really behind it and US INC is just another pawn in their game to enslave humanity for ever.

  3. Yes rally with the U.S. , the noblest of all . The nation that turns its back on the middle east except for a few ” Chosen ” while the ” Chosen and their other friend butcher and slaughter babies and other innocent people because they just happen to live there . The noblest of all the U.S. that spent 8 years under the previous admin puzzled and daily straining at what sign to put on public and some private rest room doors . The same noblest nation that has let American soldiers die on foreign soil for nearly 18 long years ….If you want to hitch your nation up to the U.S. you are as dumb as a box of raw oats . Now this country is allowing the mentally deficient to control the Christmas songs coming over the radio waves . HAHHAAA. Pin headed Americans YOU FAILED FAILED FAILED . YOU Americans have let the greatest country on this planet be bought out by International bankers that have carved it up like a fat turkey .

  4. Too late. The torch has been passed to China and they ran with it. Many empires have fallen and rivals have taken their place, but the US is the first empire to give it away. The empires wealthy elite are going to have mountains of dollars to play with or perhaps they will take an electronic transfer.

  5. If you are thinking of joining the totally corrupt U.S. military don’t do it. Don’t throw your life away for nothing, murdering innocent children and civilians all over the planet and possibly start a nuclear war for the gangsters in Israel. Let this worthless piece of garbage Pompeo and his crony Bolton go to the front lines and receive the welcomed bullets.

    • Force these hypocrites to reinstate the draft and induct those favored college students from Yale and Harvard and all the other elitists schools to be sent to the front battle lines for a change. Let draft dodger Trump himself go to the front lines where hopefully the enemy will do us all a favor. By the way how did the four star generals do “defending” America on 9/11/01 as they obviously stood down and did exactly nothing to defend this country while they were permitted to retire on lavish pensions? What a shameful disgrace.

  6. “Noble nations” lol. Civilizational travesty that such hypocritical Roman, Napoleonic spirit endured unto 21st century in the US and UK, “we are the light, the salt of the earth” and “we have our legions of dogs but everywhere else is darkness and evil.” It will be our Angloamerican way or the highway. US establishment lives in the elves/orcs world, not human.

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