… by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Misunderstood, underestimated, this describes George H.W. Bush. He can’t be understood when viewed through the superficial and fake narrative we are fed.

There was so much more, and Bush was so much bigger than life, in ways very few will understand. I will open this door a bit, as much as I am allowed.

George H.W. Bush watched as a shadow government was formed in Washington. He didn’t fully understand what was going on until he was buried in his final election campaign, and by that time, it was too late to do anything from within a crippled White House where everyone around him had been compromised.

You will read truth here never before heard.

When we lost George Herbert Walker Bush, an era came to an end. This was never a perfect man. I had a chance to spend some time with Bush 41. I saw in him what I saw in so many young Vietnam vets, someone who blindly went to war and came back damaged, maimed by PTSD, and moved on with life anyway.

Director of Central Intelligence Robert Gates, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney, President Bush, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Colin Powell, Chief of Staff John Sununu, National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft

Bush had one major “foil” in his life, Benjamin Netanyahu. Few understand this, and the smears against Bush 41, that too many of us have wrongly bought into came from the professionals of all time.

Bush died with Netanyahu and Adelson still in power in the US, ruling America through Donald Trump. He would have had it otherwise at any cost.

Adelson has been attributed to commenting that he was sorry that he hadn’t served in the IDF.

It is easy to go after Bush, he is low hanging fruit for the endless armies of gnawing rats the internet breeds, the smear mechanism bred by the ADL/JDL/AIPAC/SPLC and the crime families behind them, the Bronfmans, the Adelson gambling empire….

When Bush joined the Navy at 19, his father was a US Senator, a father who spent a decade and a half on Wall Street fronting for the Warburg/Schiff banking empire in their efforts to build Nazi Germany on behalf of Zionist interests.

If you don’t understand any of this, or how it works, or the trail it left and how it defines the world we live in today, you aren’t alone. Historians following this trail lose their jobs, books aren’t published, it gets worse, a long history of deaths and smeared reputations.

The Bush family has been at the center of efforts to destroy the United States for some time, with an exception, George Herbert Walker Bush.

Bush worked in the shadows for decades, after his truncated presidency, to stop nuclear proliferation, false flag terrorism like 9/11, and restore some sanity to a Washington culture that had fallen victim to the Satanic pedophile rings Robert Steele is hunting down today.

Yes, they’re real; VT’s Alex Powers and Gw Todd, who worked in the White House, saw them every day. Both are living outside the reach of XXX, neither has been in the US for decades now.

Washington fell under the spell of dark forces to an extent on George HW Bush’s watch, and he knew it. He personally funded investigators, almost all of whom were murdered, through his offices on Memorial in Houston.

George H.W. Bush offices, Memorial Drive, Houston Tx

This story will never be told, except at VT or when we can secure the survivors out of reach and allow their debriefings to be published.

Bush 41 spent much of his life trying to clean up the messes of others, and to be truthful, messes caused by his own “buy in” during the Reagan years. Remember, he inherited Cheney and Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld was a Navy pilot but saw no action. Cheney was a draft dodger beyond imagination, right up there with Bush 43.

The door they opened, taking aim at Saddam as an “easy target,” allowed Israel, through the neocons and fake think tanks, to build a mechanism to overthrow the US.

It took little effort to bring the defense and oil cartels into line with America’s “forever at war/police state at home” destiny.

Those papers we have from the Bush investigators trace it all back to 1983, the Marine barracks in Beirut was bombed, according to our records using a tactical nuclear weapon exploded as a truck bomb.

We saw this same thing over and over, Khobar Towers 1996, OKC, Bali, the same fingerprints, Mike Harari, Mossad, even the Russians had it all according to Dmitri Khalezov whose investigations came to the same conclusions as those financed by Bush 41.

It was Bush records that told us of how Israel stole 5 American crypto machines from the UN base on Golan and used these to manipulate US intelligence for a decade. The records, we are told, sit in Houston in the Bush Presidential Library, hidden behind a filing cabinet possibly. Excuse the humor.

The bombing of the USS Cole in 2000 was one of these Israeli ops made possible by penetration of US crypto, the KG 84 that Canadian troops stole and sold to Israel as was later learned and, of course, covered up.

The existence of this equipment in the hands of non-cleared foreign troops was hidden from the NSA for a decade, allowing intercepts of America’s highest level communications which nearly brought about World War III.

The only reason this could go on, of course, is that the current code keys were renewed continually, passed on to Israeli intelligence by traitors in the White House.

Despite Bush 41 efforts to “fix this,” he was fighting a losing battle.

Bush also personally paid for an investigation into FBI leaks that led to the murder of Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped off the streets of Karachi by the same gang that later abducted Dr. Aafia Saddiqui and sold her to the CIA as a fall guy to sell the fake yellowcake uranium story used to justify the invasion of Iraq.

What is remembered is the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson story, but it went further, piles of fake documents out of a Mossad cell in Rome, fed into the Carabinari and into NATO and onto the White House, all directed by the cabal Cheney and Rumsfeld partnered with, the Wolfowitz gang, the “neocons.”

Bush watched the world burn down around him, watched this gang of rats take over more than just Washington.

Bush records also cover the kidnapping and murder of Marine Colonel Higgin in Beirut 1989, another Mossad operation personally ordered by Benjamin Netanyahu, or so the documents I am looking at say.

The notes describe investigators finding Higgins’ dress blues and saber sitting in his office closet and handing them over to Sergeant Major Frank Sayers, who returned them to Higgins’ wife.

Bush personally financed and led operations that might well have stopped 9/11 were it not for traitors in Washington. He helped set up front companies that shadowed the huge influx of Mossad “art student” cells and their partners in Saudi intelligence in the months prior to 9/11.

All involved were silenced, all records seized by the real 9/11 grand jury in Houston that sits on a mountain of evidence, thousands of pages of communications between Israeli and Saudi teams, US officials in the DOJ, the NYPD commissioner’s office, key DC think tanks, all planning 9/11.

It was FBI agent Robert Hanssen, arrested in February 2001 as an Russian agent. Aldrich Ames, his partner, had been arrested in 1994. The secret here is the level of cooperation between Israeli and Russian intelligence during the Cold War, the fact that Russia saw Israel as their “junk yard dog” in Washington, a close communist nation penetrating America’s intelligence community.

Only longtime CIA insiders and key members of congress knew the whole story about Jonathan Pollard, part of the Russia “mole” triumvirate with Hanssen and Ames, 3 of dozens, the 3 that were caught.

Hanssen had been ensnared by the infamous Washington pedophile ring we hear so much of, something edited out of his bio. We have the real files. There were many other names with Hanssen and Ames, names still prominent in Washington, untouchable and working to destroy the United States.

Hanssen, in turn, set up an organization that fed dozens of members of congress into pedophile “honey traps,” many of whom now head committees and insulate the real power behind our government.

Follow every congressional investigation during the Obama administration, every single one, look at the leadership, all are blackmailed pedophiles working for enemies of the United States.

Nearly every GOP committee chair in the House and Senate had been burned.

Jonathan Pollard

The key question, as was brought up to me by Robert David Steele, was how Pollard got the information he passed on to Russia through Israel, the CIA NOC or non-official-cover list that included 1100 agents and assets who were slaughtered, blinding US intelligence for a decade.

When Russia came apart, America knew nothing, our organizations dating back from the partnership between the fledgling CIA and Gehlen’s NAZI networks in Moscow, had been axed, all arrested, tortured and murdered by orders of Netanyahu. Yes, we really mean Netanyahu.

This is from Bush records, copied directly:

During Operation Desert Storm in 1990, the head of the UN security operation in Golan met with Benjamin Netanyahu at Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem, a famous watering hole. I personally debriefed this individual. This is a cut and paste from Bush 1 files:

“If we get caught. They will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do. America is the golden cow and we will suck it dry chop it up and sell it off piece by piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s largest welfare state that we will create and control. Why because its gods will and America is big enough to take the hit and survive so we can do it again and again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate.

Destroy them very slowly and make the people suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

Fink’s bar – the locale for Bibi Netanyahu’s quote. “During the time of the British Mandate, Fink was popular with the British, Arab and Jewish elite. Even when Moshe Fink sold his restaurant to David Rothschild in 1946, it continued to be a place for movers-and-shakers to convene, and as the state was formed, it was a perfect place to entertain diplomats and visiting dignitaries who were used to European food and service. Rothschild’s son-in-law, Mouli Azrieli, continued the family business.” [Ref. Jerusalem Post]
By 2005, with the compromised Supreme Court able to legalize Sheldon Adelson’s power play against congress, through “Citizens United,” any vestige of domestic control of America, even by thieves and criminals, was pushed aside.

This became a slave nation, the one we see today. Every act by the US serves an international criminal conspiracy, and everyone knows it.

George H.W. Bush is the last person to try to stop any of it. The evidence of this, particularly in how “W” relates to Trump, is its own story. It was during his son’s presidency that many of us thought America reached its low ebb.

We didn’t know what was coming.

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  1. So, “if” GHWB clandestinely tried to outfox zionist espionage, it sheds a different light on Bush’s peculiar closure of Rocky Flats’ production plant and his cessation of nuke testing in 1992.

    “In 1992, due to an order by President G.H.W. Bush, production of submarine-based missiles using the W88 trigger was discontinued, leading to the layoff of 4,500 employees at the [Rocky Flats] plant. The DOE announced that 61 pounds (28 kg) of plutonium lined the exhaust ductwork in six buildings on the site. … Starting in 1993, weapons-grade plutonium began to be shipped to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the Savannah River Site.” [Ref. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocky_Flats_Plant ]

    GHWB also suspended above-ground testing at the Nevada Test Site.

    “On September 27, 1991, President Bush launched what we now call the Presidential Nuclear Initiatives with a phone call to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. GWHB and Mikhail Gorbachev signed the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) in 1991.” [Ref. https://thebulletin.org/2018/12/george-h-w-bush-worked-toward-a-soft-nuclear-landing-for-the-dissolving-soviet-union/ ]

    On October 2, 1992, President George H.W. Bush signed the law containing the nuclear testing moratorium amendment.

  2. Jim, I only wish that the President Bush had done something, when he had the obligation to do something. Your statement “when he had no obligation to do it, he took this task on” is the lament of every politician after they are out of office, and on the dole.

  3. Ian, regarding your comments about Catholicism. There is a difference between the Church and the rank and file believers. Frankly, Catholics are some of the nicest people I’ve ever known. Salt of the earth. You can’t paint everyone with the same brush. That is true for every religion and/or non-religious believers. Some folks just live by the “Golden rule”.

    • Sure Harry, I was criticising the church and it’s clergy. The only time I would criticise the adherents to Catholicism is when they blindly defend their church despite all of the facts and evidence being to the contrary.

  4. “Did the First President Bush Lose His Job to the Israel Lobby?”
    i do give him credit for standing up to the jew israeli zio-nazis for blocking the extortion racket of our US treasury also known as “aid for israrel’s securtity”.
    only he, gerald ford, quite obviously jimmy carter, and of course JFK for courageously demanding david ben gurion open up dimona to let the international atomic weapons inspectors inside to conduct their inspections which they never really did because the jews deceptively built a fake dummy section onto the real atomic plant which they showed the inspectors.
    we’re all toast fellows in a decade or so i figure so enjoy the last vestages of america.
    i’ve read over many times the entire FBI Newark field office report of the capture of the “5 dancing israelis”
    caught celebrating the collapse of both WTC towers on 911.
    the report stated that in interrogating the only american employee of “urban moving and storage” which the jews used as an espionage front the american cried when he heard one of the jews tell him
    “give us twenty years and we’ll ruin your country”
    they have three years left!

  5. The Jews used Thomas Aquinas and the Natural Law to exact their murderous plan at the Nuremberg Trials to convict German Officers who followed orders issued under the Positivist Law of the Legally Elected Adolf Hitler. They were required to have informed consciences and were not exonerated but hung. The hippocrysy is monumental from followers of the Kol Nidre and Pilpulistic Babylonian Talmudism. The Catholic Church gives particular attention to the last ten years of a man’s life when deciding on Sainthood. Perhaps time will tell, but G.H.W.Bush never publicly recanted and disclosed his wrong actions and the assertion of the existance of documentation of those wrong doings, that has not seen the light of day, is neither definitive of convincing at this point in time. Reconciliation requires Truth and that is still totally enshrouded in Secrecy.

    • Oh dear, extreme hypocrisy here! You keep proclaiming you’re a Catholic, which means you have accepted a bunch of fairytales as being factual, despite their being no evidence to support them and a huge body of evidence that the Catholic Church has always been a fraudulent lie factory; but then turn around and insist on documentary evidence about Bush. Why don’t you apply the same evidential standards to your religion? Probably because, if you were honest with yourself, you know, deep down, you would never find that evidence because it never existed. Rational thought and religion are simply not compatible.

    • There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Catholic Church has been infiltrated and corrupted on numerous occasions, but there is also no doubt that Jesus Christ was vehemently opposed to the Sanhedron, Scribes and Pharisees who are described as “Sons of Satin, liars and murderers from the beginning”. Lord Acton’s extended quote from the famous “Power Corrupts..” describes the fact that People who obtain Power and their Facilitators are Bad men, in response to The Pope declaring Infallibility in 1870. The Doctrine has “not one iota changed” and prescribes a whole of society outlook based on respect for the Human Person. It is logical to surmise that the Church would be subject to infiltration and corruption by the same external forces that Rule The World. Further, there is no doubt that Syncretistic Influences were inserted , particularly under the Romans. Please describe any other Institution that can cahallenge the Monolithic Super Power that is running the show now. There may be a greater validity in the other foundation Bishoprics of: Constantinople, Jerusalem, Antioch and Alexandria and the Primacy of the Pope can be questioned. But the Universal Church, flawed as it is, constitues the only option to counter Jewish power and the Hidden Hand. Ian, have you ever read Aquinas and the reconciliation with Aristotle, together with Greek Philosophy? Athens/Rome versus Jerusalem/Babylon – with all the internal contradictions that implies.

    • Now you really are talking a load of rubbish. The Catholic church was rotten to the core and downright evil from day one; it’s principles and practices all run directly contrary to what Christianity is supposed to be. Proper, authentic Christianity is absolutely nothing like Catholicism. For starters, Christian clergy are supposed to live in poverty and are supposed to give all wealth to the poor as alms, but we all know that the Catholic Church operates in the opposite way – it hoovers up wealth, it impoverishes and oppresses while it’s clergy live in gilded luxury. Then there’s all those magnificent cathedrals and palaces that cost huge fortunes to build and maintain – none of it should exist, Christians are supposed to worship outside, in the open, under the sky in the full sight of God. Then there is all the paedophilia and sexual abuse, which has always been rampant in the Catholic Church and most shamefully, has always been hidden by the Church, with the victims who dared to speak out thrown into monasteries of nunneries to rot. Just look at Ireland, where in the last century alone, hundreds of thousands were raped and sodomised by Catholic priests, tens of thousands of young women had their babies forcibly taken from them to be sent off to homes where they were abused mentally, physically and sexually. Ireland is not an exception, it is typical, just look at the US where diocese like Boston and Philadelphia have covered up massive numbers of cases of paedophilia and rape The Vatican has been enabling and sporting this behaviour right from the start, paedophile priests are never punished, they just get moved on to a different diocese where they can carry on their penchant for rape and abuse. There are many more terrible crimes of Catholicism, all supported and sponsored by the Vatican, be honest, Catholicism is not Christianity, it is a perversion of it that functions to enrich the clergy at the expense of everyone else, it is a cancer, a terrible disease that has benighted mankind and one that is long overdue for destruction.

    • Ad Hominem arguments are not arguments at all. Strip that away and what are you saying? That the whole of Western Civilisation,built by the Church after the Dark Ages, but run down in the post Calvinist (Cohenist) Chosen People, Justification by faith alone and not works, isn’t leading the world to a sticky end? What are the alternatives? Marxist Communism? When one picks a Rugby Team, one has to deal in the reality of the available players.

    • Religion is a huge detriment t mankind, a cancer that needs to be excised, it has been the cause of more misery, suffering and death than anything else man has ever created. As for the church saving civilisation, that is laughable as a notion, on the contrary, the church has done more to destroy civilisations, to destroy knowledge and to enslave and oppress people than any other body in the history of mankind. Just take the Americas as an example, the Catholic Spaniards laid waste to the continent, destroyed almost all of the writings and knowledge of several entire civilisations, they burned hundreds of thousands of scrolls and codices, all the writings they could find, they demolished any building thy found with writing carved into it, they did everything they could to destroy an conquer, then replaced it with the evil that is Catholicism with it’s rampant pedophilia, wholesale theft of wealth and murder of anyone who dared to oppose them under the excuse of heresy. Back in Europe the Catholics murdered thousands of intellectuals, burned untold massive quantities of books, suppressed and destroyed any and all knowledge they could track down that didn’t fit with their official canon of lies and deceit.

    • Ian, just start from First Principles. Call the possibly Allegorical “God The Father” just ‘First Principle’, never expplained properly in Physics. Call God The Son “Logos”, well documented in Philosophy. Call The Holy Spirit “Love”, often with e female aspect. These ideas are enshrined in Psychology and came out of the depths of Human Personhood. Brahman/Krishna/ Kali and Shiva is the harsh and possibly less evolved version. Osiris/Horus/Isis from Egypt was adapted to the Greek featuring Oedipus and has entered into all psychological analysis. It is not possible to dismiss this rationale with a few sentences. The polar opposite is The Kabbalah (Incorporating Marxism and Freudian Psychology0 that dominates the Material World and I have studied that too. It is one or the other, a binomial system.

    • That’s just a lot of long-winded waffle to be honest. Throw out all this mythology and esoteric nonsense, it is completely obsolete and nothing more than a hindrance to the progress of mankind. In the modern world, where people are literate and not reliant on priests and clergy to read to them and spoon feed them knowledge (which was more often than not, lies) about the world, all this ancient superstition and mythos is not only obsolete, it is diametrically opposed to the really positive, useful modes of thought which are built on logic, rationality, and scientific enquiry. Studying this ancient esoteric nonsensical claptrap is time wasted in a world where science and technology are at an advanced state and we aren’t largely ignorant of the workings of the world around us as we were in the past. The world would be a far better place without religion and just imagine how much progress we would have made if all the energy wasted on religious thought had been put into a useful field such as physics or chemistry or astronomy. I’m sure modern psychiatry has figured out why some people still cling to this ancient crap but I just don’t care enough to have studied it in much depth.

    • Catholics did not build the world. They don’t even build their own churches. Using your method, Now is a good time to judge the Catholic Church as this is the last ten years of its life. It’s not looking good at this point for sainthood. Saddling the laity with unsustainable monstrous structures, and still demanding tithing for the diocese, is not the sign of a good builder. It is the sign of extractors.

  6. There is only one relevant question for me here. What was his involvement in the JFK assassination? Was he there that day? Was he working for the CIA? Did he help murder Jack? To me, that is the only question that will decide whether he is the “good guy” that Gordon says he is. Gordon ranks very high on my trust.

    • Note that the goods things Duff claims GHW Bush did all occurred late in life – maybe his childhood upbringing finally wore off and he regained some conscience?

  7. from your own article, mr duff,

    “When our research teams, tracing the real financing of Hitler, got behind the screen, got behind the Bush and Rockefeller and Harriman cash that financed Nazi Germany, we found one man above all others, Jacob Schiff.”

    $$$ corrupts. more $$$ corrupts morely. another one, an apple does not fall far from the tree.

    gee, mr duff, are you trying to capitalize some on the news of the day? (and i thought vt could be depended on for a consistent line.) you weave good narratives. this one i don’t buy.

    • Hang on, you’re criticising Gordon for what? Your own failure to comprehend the information properly? We’re not going to dot every I and cross every T for you, just give you the basics because few can handle ore complex insights. Yes, Jacob Schiff was the real money and power behind all the US oligarchs like the Chases, the Morgans and the Rockefellers. They used Prescott Bush’s bank as a conduit to Nazi Germany, but none of this is in any way contradictory to the information Gordon gives you in this article about G.H.W. Bush. The narrative is consistent, you just conflated disparate parts of it and confused yourself.

    • ian,
      i’m assuming pres bush as being faithful to his initiation rites in skull & bones, at the fear of exclusion here on earth and eternal damnation over there…anthony c sutton wrote about wall street’s collusions with the bolsheviks and hitler — and what one would expect from tha litvaks. a “go along to get along” chicken shit groupie like ghw bush aint gonna change his ways. i’ll side w/ the intellectual sutton.

  8. Good report Gordon, but all this, what it tells us?? GW Bush it was better person in his last years of life but what do it when was president, and he could be done something about the evil joos network?? He was a part of they, he was part of the deep state, was responsible for the rise of traitors as Gingrich and Cheney and so on. Surely also GWB made some good things on his carreer but the final total outcome of his life, put on the scales, is very bad and negative. At least I see like that.
    A small souvenir of his 1988 campaign… 🙂 https://youtu.be/EC9j6Wfdq3o

    • No, he was not at all responsible for the rise of the likes of Cheney and Rumsfeld and he was ot part of the ‘deep state’.Yes, he was around when these things happened, but by the time he realised what was happening, it was too late and that is why he spent so much time and effort trying to oppose them.

  9. I suppose he never attended Bohemian Grove either.The fact that Hinkley”s family was close to GHW Bush has no bearing on the assassination attempt on Reagan.
    Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, rapist and child molester. I suppose his invasion of Panama was nothing more than a little correction or maybe it was because Noriega was skimming off the cocaine profits Poppy was upset about.
    So everything in Webster Tarpley’s book is crap I suppose.
    Oh yeah….” A New World Order”
    A New World Order
    A New World Order
    A New World Order

    • Tarpley was a well paid liar tasked with smearing the Bushes, as was Wayne Madsen. Almost all of the allegations about Bush come from Tarpley, are therefore highly dubious and almost certainly false.

    • There are lots of books about George H. W. Bush, but I suppose Tarpley’s from 1992 is the earliest. But I find it difficult to believe that later authors just copied from Tarpley, whose 700 pages are documented in copious notes. Besides, being paid is not necessarily a bad thing for an author, and it is also difficult to lie when refferences are given for everything. But of course, by means of omissions and cherry picking, it is possible to paint a lopsided picture. However, I must say I am not pleased by put downs of barely a sentence without any references or further explanations.

    • Your assessment JohnZ is spot on. Masonic Zionism & it’s coterie of cohorts are how it’s done. Any student/researcher of real history can easily connect the dots. Your right over target & you know how to think vs what to think. Bravura to you. George Scherff Jr. (Timber Wolf), Prescott, Reinhardt Gehlen, Otto Skorzeny, Operation Paperclip, Von Braun, Marvel Jack Whiteside Parsons, Allen Dulles, MK Ultra, Noah Hide Laws Talmudic Laws et alia etc. Truth is stranger than fiction b/c that’s the best way to hide it on the fringes. Then play the DSM ‘Psi Op’ hoodwink card. Symbols all speak once you learn the cryptic cypher codes. Truth has no temperature, needs no defending & stands on it’s own. Thanks for adding more truth b/c now I gnosis your straight up. Cheers

  10. Doesn’t it want to make you cry watching his son shed a few tears which divert public attention from is own disastrous term as President serving Israel above our own Country? Isn’t this the Bush who lied to Congress? Isn’t this the Bush who aided Israel in doing 9/11/01? Isn’t all this production largely a massive national scam to divert public attention from the dismal failures of most of the still living former presidents ending with a presidential train? I am not criticizing the comments of Gordon. But the whole production makes one want to throw up.

    • The entire Bush family is one major crime syndicate.
      Babs was the grand daughter of Allister Crowley.
      See the connection.

    • You have no proof of any of that at all, they are just allegations from dubious sources. Yes, there is a passing resemblance between Barbara and Crowley but it is extremely doubtful that allegation is true.

  11. Saying a grand good bye to George HW Bush, pedophile, assassinator of presidents, mass murderer, drug trafficker, grand conspirator, and all around good guy. This is what I love about America.
    Drawn and quartered at 25, should have been his reward.

    • Actually, Joe. Not a shred of evidence linking him to any abuse networks,,,or personal inclinations in that regard. But he sure was surrounded by them intentionally or no. And given his son was a bonafide fairy queen,,,medical and psych evidence suggests that george jr. was probabky the creep with a prediliction for lil boys in that family. Thus was compromised and daddy tried to cover this and other stuff up. What dad wouldnt, unfortunately. Doesnt make it right, of course,,,just human,,,

  12. Given the exculpatory nature of this story, I can’t help but wonder about the nature of the relationship between George Bush, the father, and George Bush, the son. If GHWB had any inkling during his presidency, or the eight year interim that separated the two Bush administrations, that characters like Rumsfeld, and Cheney, his Defense Secretary, were such traitorous cretins, how the hell do those same two then end up as Secretary of Defense and Vice-President, respectively? Further, I don’t GHWB helped his cause when he publicly repeated the made-up story about “Iraqi’s taking Kuwaiti babies from incubators and leaving them on cold floors to die” as justification for the first Iraq invasion. Nor did pardoning those implicated in the Iran-Contra scandal before he left office. What good are these investigations he personally paid for which implicate the Zionist lunatics if ultimately the findings are kept secret?

  13. What about all the reports I read on this site linking 41 to the franklin paedophilia investigation, his involvement in the Kennedy assassination, the Reagan assassination attempt after having dinner the night before at the Hinckley’s? Married to Crowley’s daughter?
    All this came from VT, someone has some explaining to do.

  14. Sobering commentary. Good work.

    Also kudos for the heads up on the ” Infektion ” piece.
    We humans are both blessed and cursed by our ability to believe.
    The “smear”; seems to be our best tool for discernment.
    The ceasars got it right with “Qui Bono”.

  15. Thak you Mr. Duff for another fact filled article.
    You mentioned early in the artcle that Bush 41 watched as a shadow government was forming and he didn’t fully understand what was going on.
    Do you remember when he had opposed new Israeli settlements or something similar to do with opposing Israeli expansionism? I remember watching him on TV saying: “those people are very powerful, they bring bus load after buss load to protest my position on the settlements. They have become very powerful.” He struck me as someone who just found out the extent and strength of Jewish opposition to his campaign for reelection. He looked dismayed, maybe because as you say it was too late to do anything.

    • We are quite aware of all that he did not do. That is not the point with this piece, because late in his life, when he had no obligation to do it, he took this task on, and people helping him were killed in the effort. That is not nothing. How many others would take the risk? And yes, the son was a big disappointment. But that is not the point either. What it is is that publishing this today was the best time to publish something like this without it being buried, which it probably will be anyway, but the effort had to be made. Does anyone want to bet whether we will get any calls from corporate media to interview us on Gordon’s piece?

    • It’s not just W either, Neal was involved in one of the largest S&L scandals, the Colorado Savings and Loan which cost taxpayers billions to bail out. Jeb was involved in coke smuggling as was W. witnessed by Barry Seale. So who gave the order to execute Seale?
      Maybe “Chip” Tatum should interject with a few words about GHW. That is if he is still alive.

    • Let’s face it – Medium-sized or larger players in the Matrix can not “be” completely good or bad because power consolidation is an amoral chess game. Suffice to say this article ruined my day. It’s a hard pill not to be able to laser-focus disdain towards one guy, and then realize that’s what you were doing. Essentially, anyone who has ever “joined” the military-industrial complex in any capacity has functioned as a “useful tool” for the amoral power brokers. It’s a hard lesson to discover that. It takes many years to understand how one was brainwashed by one’s ancestors and the culture. Skepticism should be a sacrament.

    • After this about face, I dread the memorial for Heinz, something about ‘at least not letting Argentina go Commie’.

      A few people probably danced the macareña when Dave Bullwinkle Rocky passed on. Of course, no media ever comments on the passing of the Dracos’ untouchable brahmin, the rottenchilds.