Gordon Duff meets with Robert David Steele

Steele responds Friday Dec. 7 8 to 9 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio


Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today, is an ex-Marine, former high-level US intelligence insider, and leading figure in open source intelligence. A few days ago he met with a fellow ex-Marine: former CIA Clandestine Services officer Robert David Steele—often considered the founder of the open source intelligence movement, a prolific reader and book reviewer, and the only ex-CIA official who has publicly admitted to running a false flag operation for the Agency. The meeting, held at Gordon’s impressive “estate” in western Michigan, was not exactly top secret (I heard about it in advance and considered attending). Among the topics under discussion:

*Is Trump a corrupt, illiterate Likud-aligned narcissist and total disaster for the USA and the world? Or is “the Don” a 3D chess playing “America first” guy who wants to expose the Deep State and maybe even end the Empire?

*How can America rebuild its infrastructure and economy to benefit ordinary people rather than the .001%?

*Could we soon see a long-awaited disclosure of secrets concerning anti-gravity, free energy, and an alleged ET presence on Earth?

*How might the scourge of Zionist hegemony be purged from our shores (and the shores of Occupied Palestine)?

*Is the FBI, along with a secret Houston grand jury, sitting on a pile of evidence concerning who really was behind 9/11?

…and last but not least:

*Could Robert David Steele’s plan to bust up the two-party tyranny by running well-funded, closely-cooperating third-party candidates in the 2020 elections actually work?

Ex-Marines Duff and Steele—two modern-day Smedley Butlers—are both smart, headstrong guys who don’t suffer fools gladly. Prior to this meeting they were at loggerheads over their conflicting views on Trump. But they seem to have emerged from their meeting with increased mutual respect…and a degree of optimism about the prospects for saving America.

Note: I will be interviewing Robert David Steele live this Friday, December 7, 8 to 9 pm Eastern on Revolution.Radio.

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  1. Kevin, where is your talk with Robert David Steele? I tried to find it, where you said it might be found, but only found other stuff, not RDS. Could you please anounce the URL? Thank you!

  2. I posted this before, but I can verify that the only “tunnels” under several Wal-Mart Supercenters (at least at the time of opening) are normal utility piping. The dry (i.e. not water and sewers) ducts would be passable by ferrets, but nothing larger.

  3. Can mass also be increased by these means? If so, I want to decrease the mass of my push-bike going uphill and increase it going downhill.

  4. Fundamentalist Christians are only too proud to support Israel, they listen to their fundamentalist preachers and guffaw in support of future events that will show their love was not misplaced. Just imagine if this group of approximately 60 million realized their support was wasted and detrimental to the health of America. Are these people America haters? I listen occasionally to an AM radio preacher who substitutes for the real host of the program on a general interest program. He claims he loves America, loves Republicans, and Trump is the greatest president ever. Why doesn’t he realize his support of Israeli slaughter of Palestinians is repulsive and criminal, loving America as he does?

    • With people who believe the Earth was created 6000 years ago, there isn’t much we can do. If in addition they also support war against third world countries, we can only scratch our heads.

    • How about introducing laws to ban anyone who believes in such nonsense from ever holding any public office? A true separation of church and state. The tax exempt status should also be withdrawn from churches and they should be subject to strict regulations concerning things like fundraising, as many of these churches are money-making enterprises run by conmen. They should also ban religious broadcasting and religious advertising, a blanket ban on preaching in public, (outside a church building) or trying to recruit people to their churches should also be banned. The more extremist churches like the Mormons and Christian Zionists should be outright banned.

    • Ian, I think that would be very difficult. Take America, where there are still som Indians left, who might still believe in the Great Spirit, and other strange thing, such as peace pipes, dreams and omens. But they have lived in the land for many many generations, and if their credo should become outlawed, they might end up as refugees, wandering, seeking new land, knocking on doors and getting rejected. Which would not only be unfair, but also inhuman. Sounds like ethnic cleansing to me. Quite another thing would be closing the borders to certain sects, especially such as preach violence. In fact, some countries have already outlawed certain sects of that kind.

  5. Gordon, mine may have been one of the four thousand reads you registered three weeks ago. But you have to remember that a computer registered “read” is not necessarily a real read in terms of completeness of attention. Very often one only lets one’s eyes skim across the matter, because each day brings tons of new reading material. And now I wish you’d put up the right URL so that more people can take one more look. In the mean time I’ll see if I can find it again myself.
    There is a rumor out there on the net – I have already registered it several times – that one needs to take a look at the original Maxwell equations, which are the equations he formulated by means of quaternions. So why not go and find those – dig them up from the various archives at your disposal, and then post them on scribd? A better possibility is Wikimedia. (Anything by Maxwell would slide right in, as a most welcome item). As an electrical engineer you must have learned Maxwell’s equations. But the question is whether you still recall the vector calculus. Quaternions are not all that difficult either, and come very easily if you’ve already been exposed to complex numbers and vectors.

    • I looked a bit into where Maxwell‘s original writings may be found.
      First of all there is “A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism”, vols. I & II, published as downloadable PDF books by Google (Oxford 1873). Then there are the papers
      MAXWELL 1861 : https://www.math.ucdavis.edu/~temple/MAT22C/MaxwellOnPhysicalLinesOfForce.pdf
      MAXWELL 1865: https://www.thphys.uni-heidelberg.de/~ewerz/ps/Maxwell1865.pdf

      But it was difficult to find the quaternions there. It is, however, well known that the quaternions do not reflect the Maxwell eqs. symmetry group, that was later discovered by H.A. Lorentz, and is known as the Lorentz group. The quaternions were initially used by Maxwell only in their 3-dimensional form, because the quaternions do reflect the vector cross product. It was Oliver Heaviside who in 1884 first formulated Maxwell’s equations on their vector form, which is today’s standard form. There are however quantities similar to quaternions that do conform to the Lorentz group symmetry. Such are called Dirac matrices, and were found by P.A.M. Dirac in 1928. See also Wolfgang Pauli’s spin matrixes from 1927.
      But when all is said and done, I have no idea whatsoever how this might relate to “anti-gravity” at all.
      Understanding Maxwell’s original work from 1865 is not something a beginning physics student would be able to get through very easily either. And so most people will just have to “believe” other people’s assessment.

  6. Pretty interesting about BiBi’s comments at Thinks Bar {sp}in 1990 on Israel’s Agenda concerning the American Milk Cow doctrine. Well, the Zionists have succeeded to milk the Americas so far – that’s one thing they haven’t lied about. Thanks for the talk show Doc.

  7. We have found that Israel now dominates almost all criticism of Israeli policy against Palestinians. They love the coverage, love been seen killing children. Millions of Americans find dead children “light entertainment” and this helps Israel’s standing. If only this weren’t true.

  8. I just love these intel dumps. Some of it actually confirms what I’ve read before.
    On the subject of ghost writing fake global warming reports, Monsanto has done the very same thing with regards to Roundup/Glyphosate controversy. They have ghost written very positive and pro Roundup articles and paid some one with a PHD, if that person existed at all, or someone who once had a PHD but was defrocked, whom they paid to sign their names on these so called documents of the proof that Glyphosate is harmless and then gets read by such people as Rush Limbaugh who is nothing more than a whore for who ever is willing to pay him to act as a mouthpiece for some crooks.

    • Limbaugh is but a whore who glommed onto Israel some years ago. Listen to him now and if you are fussy the way English is used, you’ll see that he assumes his listeners are doltish idiots. He is effusively an Israelophile,but I’ve always suspected that some of his riches come from playing along with what the ADL says he will say and do. It was a couple years ago that Limbaugh started to showcase his new attachment to the Chosenites who run American media. Now, he’s blatant, he flat out comes across as being supportive of Israel’s “right to exist”. It’s deadening to listen to this bloated buffoon. Just as he has long backed slaughter of the indigenous Americans, Limbaugh, who pretends to be an aw shucks, down home hay shaker, gives alert listeners the clear and distinct message that although he comes across as an obvious Israeli toadie, he’s put one over on the Chosen ‘cuz he’s so smart, he outsmarts ’em every time. Limbaugh made his choice long ago, he took the bucks and denigrated Americans who idolized him.

  9. Our 2 Party system is under the covers and in the same bed together and loving every minute of it . The corrupt Zionist controlled MSM will never ever support a 3rd Party , ONLY if the 3rd Party would visit the Wall and kiss it as do so many of the Dems and Reps have done . Without MSM backing and supporting anyone other than a 2 Party Member no advertising , no traction , no go ….

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