by George Cassidy Payne

President Trump steadfastly denies that there is a smoking gun in the Khashoggi murder, and he refuses to listen to the recording of him being tortured.

But even if the president were confronted with incontrovertible evidence implicating the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, he has stated that he will not abandon the U.S.’s partnership with The House of Saud. “America first,” he has declared, as if doing business with Saudi Arabia is equivalent to eating apple pie at a baseball game on the fourth of July.

Recent history, however, demonstrates the immorality of this position. How is doing business with a country that favored and sponsored Khaled Sheikh Mohammed good for the United States? The architect of the 9/11 attacks may have earned a bachelor’s degree at North Carolina A&T in 1986, but it was his rise to prominence as an associate of the Afghan warlord Abdul Rasul Sayyaf that led him to the Saudi Osama bin Laden, who he presented his master plan for attacking the U.S.

And how is it good for America to do business with a country that produced, educated, financed, and gave sanctuary to so many culprits of September 11? The names may no longer register with most Americans today, but these individuals with Saudi ties did everything in their power to kill Americans. A cursory list would surely include infamous names such as Nawaf al-Hazmi, Abu Jandal, Jamal Khalifa, Khallad, and Mohammed Qutb.

Regarding the Saudi connection to September 11, I encourage readers to attain a copy of Lawrence Wright’s gripping book, The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11. Readers will come away with a clearer understanding about the relationship between the modern Kingdom and the radical Islamist movement. Needless to say, it is not a simple relationship; nor is it one that can be deciphered apart from American foreign policy decisions.

For instance, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia funneled hundreds of millions of dollars through the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. This funding was largely responsible for creating the Taliban when the Soviets withdrew from that conflict.

After nearly 20 years of fighting the Taliban since 9/11; after billions of dollars squandered; and thousands of U.S. troops injured or killed, I do not grasp how this relationship has been good for America. I don’t care how many jets and bombs we sell to the royal family. How can an American president put a price tag on the lives lost in the ruins of the World Trade Center?

Furthermore, who exactly was Jamal Khashoggi? According to Wright, “he was a longtime Saudi journalist and former member of the Muslim Brotherhood who covered Arab Afghans in the Jihad against the Soviet occupation…

After 9/11, he distinguished himself by being one of the few Saudis to acknowledge the cultural responsibility that led to the tragedy; later, he was appointed editor of Al-Watan, the Kingdom’s largest daily, but was fired after publishing articles and cartoons that criticized the religious establishment for supporting violence.”

In other words, he was a brave journalist who stood up to the same religious zealotry we as a nation spilled so much blood to eradicate from the world.

Again I ask: is it good for American business to sanction the extreme violence of a religious establishment that helped facilitate 9/11, but wrong to seek justice for a slain journalist who risked his life to openly challenge those who perpetrated the worst crime in U.S. history? If so, there is something profoundly messed up about that.

ABOUT AUTHOR:  George Cassidy Payne is an independent writer, domestic violence social worker, adjunct professor of philosophy at Finger Lakes Community College, and a student of history. He has degrees in the subject from St. John Fisher College, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, and Emory University. He lives and works in Rochester, NY.

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  1. You need to read the Oded Yinon plan and look at how Israel used these ME wars to grow it’s population….you only have 1/3 of the 9.11 story, leaving out Is reel and US NEO’s.

  2. The author fails to realize that 9/11 was the result of a conspiracy between US Neocons, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

  3. “Again I ask: is it good for American business to sanction the extreme violence of a religious establishment that helped facilitate 9/11”

    No, it’s not, Israel did 9/11, American business follow BDS! And every sellout to Israel should be charged with treason!

  4. Talking about “Morality” is irrelevant to analysis of the actions of the “Left hand of God” or The Hidden Hand. Positivist Relativist Philosophy and its sister British Empirical Philosophy hold that “there is no basis for morality in rational thought”. Ethics? Social Contract? What happens when a man holds a gun against your head and demands you wallet, your gold, your wife, your daughter? This is the Dog Eat Dog Darwinian World that we live in as advocated by Business International. “Former Muslim Brotherhood” is BS and shows no understanding of Masonic Theory. They have Secret Chambers within pyramids and Inverted Pyramids adjoining Hidden Pyramids. Very devious organisational charts. The House of Saud was put in place after WW1 and reputed to have originated in an Iraqi Jewish family – Babylon Rears Its Ugly Head Again. The Husseins got the consolation prize of Iraq (replaced by the Baathists) and barren Trans Jordan as a Buffer State for Israel and a British MI6 Puppet. British MI6 has been under control of International Bankers, via a corrupted and inter bred Aristocracy (see Carroll Quigley), for Centuries.

    • Khasogghi was Grand Nephew of Old Ibn Saud’s Personal Physician. That was after the break up of the Ottoman Empire and there were probably few educated Bedouin Arabs. Khasogghi was Turkish and his uncle became an agent for the Military Industrial Complex, peddling arms to whomever the CIA said to. I suppose the Saudis considered that the Khassogis owed them some fealty for a considerable fortune acquired under their aegis. So when Khasogghi turned on them, presumably still working at the behest of the Eastern Establishment, formerly the likes of the Bush’s at Yale and Harvard but increasingly also Jewish Dominated, then they did what they do best, not fightling bravely but back stabbing, head chopping and apparently bone cutting.

    • Perhaps he was Turkish Jewish. Firm information holds that Kemal Attaturk was, coming out of (I think) Attica. One does wonder about the sincerity of the somewhat forced “conversion” of Sabbatai Tszvi after 1666. He was facing a Firing Squad at the time and most likely, no doubt really, had significant Mental Reservations in that Particularly Jewish way under the circumstances, about his belief in Islam . He had numerous followers who followed him into conversion to Islam, in a similar way to Spanish Jews in their aquiessence to Baptism. Upon reflection, it is likely that they would have felt unduly bound by the strictures of a tough Moral Code such as the Catholic Catechism, quietly and secretly slipping back into the much more accomodating extremely flexible Casuistry of the Babylonian Talmud and Ambiguous Pilpulism.

    • T.E.Lawrence got stabbed in the very lower back by a Turkish Pasha attacking the pretty petit blond blue eyed Lt Colonel’s “fountain of his manhood”. Apparently he enjoyed it. English Public School Boys will be English Public School Boys. There is a whole School of Thought, originally coming out of the Greeks with Phallos, which held that a man initiating a boy was not really homosexual and this lead to the Nth American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) that influenced the Catholic Church in Nth America after Vatican II. John Vann, author of a very interesting book about the Vietnam War, “A Bright Shining Lie” was subjected to the same and Kay Griggs, wife of a Special Ops Colonel and sometime Yaley, talked about “Cherry Marines”, particularly amongst the Officer Class I hasten to point out to Gordon. I watched that four hours of Kay Griggs a couple of times.

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