Trump’s Attorney General nominee Barr a drug dealing assassin?


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Anybody who thinks Trump is out to drain the swamp and bust the Deep State just got a dose of reality medicine, in the form of Trump’s nomination of swamp monster William Barr as our next Attorney General.

According to former Bush-CIA black ops specialist Chip Tatum, Barr was part of Operation 40, an Agency-linked criminal gang that moved huge quantities of drugs and was involved in many high-level political assassinations, including those of the Kennedies, Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, and dozens of others. Ironically, Trump—who tossed a few rhetorical punches at the Bush Crime Family during the 2016 Republican primaries—has just nominated a man who represented the Bush CIA drug cartel, both within the CIA itself (1973-1977) and later when he served as “Opium Poppy” Bush’s Attorney General.

David “DC Dave” Martin sends the following snippet of Tatum’s conversation with FBI investigator Ted Gunderson:

* * *

Chip Tatum: Several of the members that I flew to this meeting in El Ocatal – here are the people who were there: it was General NoriegaMike Harari, who was a retired Mossad agent assigned to Gen. Noriega, Felix RodriguezJoe Fernandez, who was the CIA station-chief in Costa Rica, Gen. Gustavo Alvarez, who was the U.S. – or the Honduran Army chief of staff, and a guy named William Barr, who represented the assets of this enterprise.

Gunderson: Now, wait a moment. William Barr used to be attorney general of the United States.

Tatum: He later became, under his boss George Bush, the attorney general of the United States, that’s correct.


Gunderson: That’s right. He replaced Thornburgh, wasn’t it?

Tatum: Yes, I believe so.

Gunderson: Well, isn’t that interesting? …so we have Vice President Bush, we have Ollie North, we have William Barr involved in the drug-operation. It’s that simple, isn’t it?

Yes, it is.

* * *

So why would Trump fire Jeff Sessions and appoint a depraved denizen of the Deep State to replace him? Because Trump is the slimiest, scaliest reptile from the deepest darkest part of the Deep State swamp. If you haven’t figured that out yet, you aren’t paying attention.

Note that Trump has been slyly boasting of his swamp creature status for years. Watch him rapturously identifying with the title character in his favorite poem, “The Snake.”



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  1. AG nominee William Barr was involved with cover up of Lockerbie
    William Barr served as AG from 1991 to 1993 under President George H.W. Bush. Barr directed the infamous investigation of the Pan Am Lockerbie bombing. William Barr is a total disgrace to the US Justice system. He knew full well that Libya had nothing to do with the Lockerbie tragedy….There is no doubt in my mind that PT/35(b) is a forgery that was planted among the debris of Pan Am 103 to implicate Libya and to steer the investigation away from the original suspects.”

    • Susan Lindauer has also spoken about Lockerbie “On the day it was blown out of the sky, Pan Am 103 was carrying that team of CIA and FBI investigators, the CIA’s Deputy Chief assigned to Beirut, and three Defense Intelligence officers, including McKee and Gannon, on their way to Washington to deliver a report on the CIA’s role in heroin trafficking, and the impact on terrorist financing and the hostage crisis. In short, everyone with direct knowledge of CIA kickbacks from heroin trafficking died on Pan Am 103. A suitcase packed with $500,000 worth of heroin was found in the wreckage. It belonged to investigators, as proof of the corruption.”

      I don’t think the swamp is going to get drained with this guy…

  2. Dr Barrett, I share your concerns about William P. Barr. But you have misunderstood the poem Trump read. He isn’t bragging about himself. He is using the poem to reference the border problem, and MS-13 is the snake, a rattlesnake btw. Moreover, you must know that the poem is actually the lyrics to a well-known song by Al Wilson, called The Snake. . It was quite popular. It’s a cautionary tale, about not being fooled. It’s also a very old American Indian story, about a snake who asked to be picked up, as it was cold. Then when the woman brought it inside the house and it warmed up, it bit the woman. As she lay dying, she asked the snake, “Why did you bite me? I was so nice to you.” The snake’s answer, “You knew what I was when you picked me up, you idiot.”

    • The song came out in 1968, and was very popular in Canada too, as I well remember. The soul song seems to be telling good women to beware of “snakes”, bad men. But there are several levels to it. Censorship at that time, meant that you couldn’t curse or discuss overt sex in songs, unlike today! So on another level, the song was slyly referring to good women being careful not to get bitten by those “trouser snakes”.

  3. Worse than you think.On orders from Bush, Thornburgh sent “The Mule” to Miami to see that Noriega went down. We used “The Mule” several times to intimidate and coerse targets. He alse saw to blocking investigations against us as we needed. The Mule is Robert Mueller. He is one of the best cleanup men in the business.. Barr and Mueller were and are tight. Leaves one to wonder does it not?

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