Bush 41

Michael Shrimpton reviews the career of one of the DVD's most formidable operatives.


They say good news travels slowly. The death of President George Herbert Walker Bush, a.k.a. Bush 41, known affectionately to some as ‘Der Obergruppenführer’, was reported reluctantly, at any rate in England. Initially it was put down to a family statement, i.e. not official. There are even reports that he died some weeks or even months ago. I see that my distinguished VT colleague Ben Fulford is saying June. Given the number of offshore accounts to which 41 was signatory it wouldn’t surprise me if someone decided to delay the announcement, like they did with Arafat.

My condolences of course to the Bush family, in particular President George W. Bush, the first American Bush. His grief at the state funeral seemed to me to be genuine. Given the damage 41 did to 43’s administration, particularly in his second term, the son’s affection for his late father was touching.

The great poet John Donne wrote in 1624 (originally in prose form) that ‘each man’s death diminishes me’. In a sense he was right – the loss of one member of the human race affects the rest. Generally speaking it is churlish to speak ill of the dead.

I entirely understand why President Trump has been gracious towards his with respect undistinguished predecessor. In his shoes I would probably do the same. President Trump is simply being presidential. It goes with the territory. Criticising a president for being presidential is a bit like criticising a cowboy for riding a horse, or an airman for keeping a good lookout for other airplanes. Not for the first time the President is raising the tone of debate in the public square. The man has class, and he may quote me if he wishes!

This is an intelligence website, however. Our job is to bring you hard data and penetrating analysis, tasks which the MSM are simply incapable of performing. Aside from their illiteracy (how many print journalists know their Past Perfect Continuous from their Future Simple tenses?) the MSM are subject to all sorts of conflicts of interest. We at VT are truly independent. Moreover our distinguished and very nice Editor-in-Chief (hi Gordon!) doesn’t interfere with our journalistic discretion. He doesn’t tell us what to write and we are free to express divergent opinions in a way that a New York Times journalist simply could not. We also don’t make stuff up.

Aside from being conflicted, the MSM are also simply ignorant. The late President Bush is widely being described, on both sides of the Atlantic, as a World War II war hero. He was, but for the Japanese. Saying nice things about the dearly departed is one thing. Misleading the public about the lives of prominent citizens is another. In this case what is being said about 41 is seriously distorting modern history. He’s even being portrayed as a heterosexual, which is ridiculous. As for being a “devout Episcopalian”, please! The man no more believed in God than the average Archbishop of Canterbury.

There is no point asking me why I have not told the full truth about 41 before. I couldn’t. Whilst VT is a US-based website and its writers enjoy constitutional protections we are also subject to the laws of the jurisdictions in which we live. Unlike US libel laws, which of course vary from state to state, English libel law is designed to protect the misdeeds of the powerful.

Like his hated father Prescott before him, George Herbert Walker Bush was a high-ranking German intelligence officer for most of his adult life. He started working for the Abwehr from about the time the US entered World War II. When he thought nobody was looking he even traveled on a German diplomatic passport, to which as a distinguished German operative he was entitled. Like Prescott Snr he hated my country – you can imagine the relief in London when his death was confirmed. (I understand that 41 was even more on my case after my discovery of the German passport thing – we never met, but I have reason to believe that he didn’t like me!)

A TBM – a fine torpedo bomber. The TBM version was made by General Motors. 

What happened at Chichi Jima?

41 wasn’t shot down in 1944 whilst flying his TBF Avenger torpedo bomber, as the history books state. He was involved in peace talks with the Japanese, in which the British Empire in the Far East was to be sold down the river. Prescott Bush of course was the key player – 41 was acting as an intermediary, on behalf of his father.

His TBF wasn’t shot down – he landed it on a Jap-held airfield. He must have known that his crew would be executed, which they were, being beheaded. The Office of Naval Intelligence weren’t stupid (they’re not the FBI!). One of the TBF’s crew, Lt (j.g.) William White, was reporting to the ONI, no doubt following concerns expressed by President Roosevelt.

Lt. (j.g.) Bush didn’t bale (bail, if you prefer) out, indeed his plane didn’t crash and is probably still sitting in a tunnel in Japan somewhere. If Ben Fulford could get a photo that would be most helpful! (When the Japanese Prime Minister told 41 they still had the plane he ‘chundered’ all over him.)

The USS Finback didn’t just chance on 41 – the skipper had instructions to look out for him. Lt Bush was actually dropped off by a Kawanishi flying-boat, which had cleared the scene before the Finback surfaced. It’s not accidental that the crew filmed 41 as he clambered aboard. You won’t find many shots of rescued aviators taken from submarines in World War II. (It helps if you know the Japs aren’t actually going to attack you and you have all day.)

Kawanishi H8K

Zapata Offshore Company

The media wax lyrical about 41’s career as an oilman, mostly for Zapata Oil. One aspect they have chosen not to emphasise is Zapata’s role in exfiltrating the hit teams for the Kennedy Assassination.

As readers of Spyhunter will be aware, there were three teams, including the team on the grassy knoll, who never had a clean shot. (The ballistics don’t work for a grassy knoll shot – they would have shattered the windshield of the presidential Lincoln.) So far as I know all three teams were exfiltrated via the Zapata facility in the Gulf. They had the usual assurances from the Jerries that they would be taken care of, and indeed they were. At least one team came to a sticky end in a helo with an IED aboard.

Not for nothing was 41 the inspiration for Ian Fleming’s ‘Shady Tree’! 41 led the ‘ST’ faction in the DVD, as identified in Spyhunter. 41 was nothing if not shady, no offense intended.

The attempt on Ronald Reagan’s life

41 was insanely ambitious, again no offense intended. After losing out to Admiral Turner as DCI, apparently on the orders of the ailing Admiral Canaris, Bush went out all out to capture the White House for his faction of the DVD. His elder brother, Prescott Jnr, seems to have been the head of the Amerika Section of the DVD, although the agency is opaque. Working out who’s whom is not always easy.

The plan was brilliantly simple. Unable to gain the nomination in his own right, 41 maneuvered himself onto the ticket behind Governor Reagan. He then arranged the original ‘Oktober Surprise’, flying to Paris in a BAC 1-11 (I know someone who was aboard) for negotiations with the Iranians. He flew back to the States in an SR-71 Blackbird, made by those nice people the Lockheed Skunk Works.

The Blackbird’s speed allowed 41 to pretend that he’d been nowhere near Paris. (“Who, moi?”) It was then a simple matter of shooting the President. Unfortunately for 41, his man missed, at any rate he didn’t hit any vital organs, and shot the Press Secretary instead. That wasn’t in the plan. 41 already had a job in the Administration and wasn’t gunning for Press Secretary.

41 then tried to wreck the Administration, setting up Iran-Contra and a whole bunch of other nonsense. When President Reagan and his brilliant Navy Secretary, that nice man John Lehman, came up with the bright idea of reactivating the superb Iowa class battlewagons, 41 had his people mess with the propellant, so that the main battery guns undershot, with tragic results in the Lebanon.


41 knew about 9/11 in advance. He had to, as the second most senior officer to his elder brother in the Amerika Section. There were deep links between 41 and the bin Laden family, indeed Bush 41 was well-connected with the Saudis generally.

He applied heavy pressure to prevent the links between Saddam and 9/11 from getting out into the open. Of course if the Allies had gone on to Baghdad in the Gulf War after liberating Kuwait the problem would not have arisen. 41 played a key role in saving Saddam’s ass in ’91.

Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait was a 41 classic, of course. His woman in Baghdad didn’t speak colloquial Arabic, and Saddam’s Arabic was very colloquial! He was only supposed to take the oilfields.

41’s reaction when he heard that Saddam had taken the whole of Kuwait and that Margaret Thatcher was ready to go to war must have been a picture. He would not have been a happy bunny.

41 and ‘von’ Mueller

Many in the Intelligence Community consider ‘von’ Mueller to be 41’s man. Who will ‘von’ Mueller report to now, I wonder? The whole Russia nonsense was a 41 strategy, designed to undermine the Trump Administration in the way that Iran-Contra undermined the Reagan Administration.

41 wielded huge power in Washington, thanks to the huge offshore slush funds at his disposal and his access to DVD files on senior bureaucrats, judges and members of Congress. If he wanted he could access a recording of just about every phone call made by a Senator or Congressman, for example.

His attitude was that he was still the President and had a veto on anything coming out of the White House. He protected Obama and applied huge pressure to judges and the FBI over Obama’s birth in what is now Kenya but was then the Coastal Protectorate. No doubt he extracted concessions from Obama in return.

He tried desperately to block President Trump from taking office and sanctioned the attempted hit on him during his inauguration. Thankfully it was even less successful than the attempt to whack poor old Ronald Reagan. At least 41’s man hit Reagan.


Where does 41 stand in the pantheon of German intelligence greats? Whilst he was not as smart as Wilhelm Canaris and lacked Heinrich Himmler’s personal charm, unlike them he had the disadvantage of always working behind enemy lines. He had to pretend to be working for you guys, a pretence he kept up very well. Although Heydrich was the better piano player, 41 was probably a better intelligence officer. Put another way, 41 probably makes the Top Five. He is certainly in the Top Ten German Spies Of All Time.

Since he’s dead, I ought to say some nice things about the bastard. He was very able, highly intelligent and a formidable opponent. He had a sense of humor and was a fine shot. You would always want him with you on a duck hunt. He was not the totally cold human being sometimes portrayed – he was a warmer person than Barbara, for example. If we had an AGIO (Association of Gay Intelligence Officers) he would have been a worthy honorary president. RIP, Mr President.


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  1. So another GHWB obituary on VT, all conflicting with each other.

    And where is the book/movie review we have come to expect?

  2. Saddam had nothing to do with OKC, there were no Iraqis running around, OKC was, like 9-11, a US-Israeli operation and like 9-11, a mini nuke was used.

  3. No the Bushes were American, the German myth was started by Otto Skorzeny, who was one of the biggest liars of all time. The allegation was picked up and built upon by Webster Tarpley who was well paid to write his anti-Bush lies.

  4. Canaris died in Flossenburg concentration camp in April 1945, several weeks before Germany surrendered. Stansfield Turner became DCI in 1977, therefore that narrative is nonsensical.

  5. I was hoping for a nice read from the good Barrister and I’m glad that I was not dissapointed. “Chundering” all over the Japanese Prime Minister will keep me smiling for the rest of the month. Differences of opinion make a horse race and Mr. Shrimpton has answered the call to post with another winner.

    • They didn’t still have his plane, that’s nonsense, when he crashed it was into the sea and that plane was lost forever to the deep. Bush had food poisoning, that’s all, not as good a yarn but it happens to be true.

  6. Nicely done. Finally some real truth. I’ll still go with the Storm drain (repaved over at least 3 times) for the Temple shot & a Masonic Ritual Hit w/ multiple trigger pullers for $200.00 Alex. Secrecy still rules the planet not rules nor laws. Symbols, colors, ciphers et al all speak in cryptophasia/idioglossia said the Deaf Phoenitian to Mammon Ra.

  7. As for the jfk hit, of course he was hit from in front, at least one shot thru the windscreen which hit his throat, a thru and thru hole witnessed by people at Parklands, and evidence from Ford motor company employee, and another shot in the right temple. Of course plenty of shots fired from behind, Ill let others comment on other statements by shrimpy in this article.

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