NEO – Why is “Intelligence” the Mother of All Stupidity?


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor,  …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

– First published … December 09-2018

[ Editor’s Note: Put your hats on for this one folks, and buckle up, as Gordon takes us for a deep dive. It is a long sad story, and one he is uniquely qualified to tell, as he knows it like the back of his hand.

Sure, others have touched on the “Fake Democracy” issue, including yours truly, but no one I know has the background to really lay it out like Gordon, and will dare to do so.

Many will take on a piece of it, trying to set themselves up as the “go to” guy on this or that aspect, but few want to take on the general contractor aspect of it – how the whole thing was put together and works.

This is critical for any concerned public who are thinking about trying to do something, and even better, avoid doing something stupid. The prize winner of that today was a Yellow Vest protester old enough to know better who picked up a gas grenade to throw back at the police, and got to experience the rush you get when getting your hand blown off at the risk.

He will remember this day intimately. Part of being a successful revolutionary is not doing your opponent’s work for them, like taking yourself out of play because you did not spend enough time learning the rules of the game.

You can bet no one tomorrow is going to repeat that unfortunate event. Our condolences go out to him and the family that is dependent on him for their livelihood. Maybe he can play a training role from here on out.

One of the things Gordon is trying to do with the exposé below is to give the public a bucket of cold water, especially the Fox News crowd, that if they want to look for real threats and do something about America’s enemies, they don’t have to go any further than their own backyards.

He will tell you that so much effort is spent inventing bogeymen around the world to take the public’s attention off the uber one that is right here.

It is one that theoretically we are supposed to have control over, but VT readers know that is an Alice in Wonderland storyJim W. Dean ]

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“It’s time for a little fireside chat with Uncle Gordie.”

– First published … December 09, 2018

When listening to political leaders in the West, particularly when describing Syria or “Palestinian terrorists” or the threat from Russia and China, for those with critical thinking ability the statements heard are puzzling. One can’t help but ask, “How do humans get this stupid?

One might also ask, “How do they get elected to public office in supposedly ‘freedom loving democracies,’ but we don’t need to go there now.”

One way of understanding how those who represent the collective efforts of multi-billion-dollar information gathering organizations and the virtual armies of analysts, advisors and experts, and how they get nearly everything so wrong requires an understanding of “process,” or rather “lack thereof.”

Perhaps this is why Donald Trump won’t listen to the FBI or CIA and has, and this author believes quite mistakenly, turned to the Fox News organization or Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Trump, as with many, is susceptible to crafted narratives that resemble TV fiction. This might well be because the “news” from Fox and other networks, networks that also produce heavily propagandized fictional entertainment as well, is as “fake” as Trump says but even more fake at Fox but told with a more compelling narrative.

As for Israel, their motives are always suspect, a 60 year plus history of ethnic cleansing of what had been 85% of their population, continual bombing and strafing within their own borders and broad involvement in regional mischief, supporting terrorists and working closely with repressive regimes around the world.

The description above, the one regarding Israel, might also be a broader description of the typical behavior of a “western democracy.” One easily forgets that the roots of these “democracies” are the monarchical nation states that grew up after the “dark ages,” lightly touched by renaissance and reformation but more boldly formed by industrialization and the ensuing rape of the planet’s resources and population. These are strong words, they are also words that describe “history” with uncanny accuracy.

The issue at hand, however, is how, in this “age of information,” has “wrong-headedness” become so endemic among political circles?

The easiest target, of course, are intelligence agencies, and topping that list is the CIA. The real history of the CIA is as secretive as the history of the American Federal Reserve Bank or the Bank of England, real secrets so secret no one knows they are secrets at all. You see, a secret isn’t a secret if people are aware they are so misinformed they don’t even know there is a question to ask.

Supposedly, the CIA grew up out of the OSS, an organization the public has been told fought the Nazi’s in France, blowing up trains, facing torture and death. Though some in the OSS actually did that, the group itself was made up of Americans close to Hitler including the Dulles brothers, Allan and John Foster, who ran the law firm that represented Nazi Germany in American courts. Allan later “founded” the CIA and his brother, John Foster Dulles, was Secretary of State under Eisenhower and one of the chief architects of the Cold War.

In truth, the OSS managed financial relations throughout the war between Nazi Germany, Britain and the US. Allan Dulles served in Switzerland, laundering billions in profits for American companies doing business with the Nazis, through the Vatican.

Rockefeller owned Standard Oil, Lockheed, General Motors, Dupont, Alcoa Aluminum, Ford Motor Company and the Bush family owned the majority of Nazi Germany’s defense industry while the British royal family holdings were significant as well, secrets still classified.

When American and British owned plants were bombed inside Germany or Czechoslovakia, the American government paid reparations to the corporations that owned the Nazi war plants.

Thus, after the war, the CIA was formed from the OSS, which worked hand in hand with Nazi Germany and with the Gehlen organization, the Nazi intelligence organization that had targeted the USSR.

We could go further and tell of how America brought Japanese war criminals from Unit 731 into the US to develop germ warfare programs or how, under Operation Paper Clip, run by Allan Dulles and a young Richard Milhouse Nixon, the worst war criminals from Europe were resettled in the US, but an excess of real history can be dangerous for one’s mental health.

It was Allan Dulles, along with his brother John Foster Dulles, that planned the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba. Allan Dulles was fired from the CIA by John Kennedy, who is believed to have planned to disband the CIA. When Kennedy was murdered, Allan Dulles was tasked with investigating a killing he is believed to have planned.

This investigation resulted in the Warren Commission Report which, during the 1970s, Congress rejected as “fake” after their own investigation by the House Select Committee on Assassinations, now something also erased from history.

Suffice it to say, the CIA and its children, including two dozen agencies some of which no one has heard of, is the creation of the marriage between Nazi Germany and Wall Street. That the CIA’s efforts would serve global banking interests and the enslavement of the planet to financial criminals should be no surprise to anyone.

What are we saying? It is simply this, that all information, be it from “the press,” or owned and manipulated social media, from intelligence organizations or that which is infused into our culture through fake narratives, endless propaganda as public education, as entertainment and culture, from every source, every day in the life of anyone who simply opens their eyes in the morning, is fake.

From the standpoint of the people of Syria or China, of Russia or the Palestinian people, and the list could go on forever, the drone strikes, the economic war so many are targeted with, the arms race, the endless threats, the idea of seeking redress, of seeking an end to the senseless cycle of events is hopeless.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

SOURCENew Eastern Outlook, Moscow


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  1. There are two CIAs, informally “analyses” and “operations”. The former are professionals who turn data into information, the latter “cowboys” who wreck havoc throughout the world. The former should be kept, and the latter disbanded, with criminal prosecutions as appropriate.

  2. Here in Maryland, Homeland Security and NSA are thick as thieves. And they never ever get it right; and I mean never. Talking about the simplest factual narrative, such as Bin Laden dying shortly after 911, and the responces are hillarious. Most truly believe that the bs they are fed daily is some sort of uber secret, for your eyes only, classified knowledge that only they can understand. Of course believing truth would jeopardize their employment. The system is built to fail as a condition of employment. It’s that simple.

  3. Trading with the Enemy is a classic, and unfortunately an unknown classic. All books of this sort were buried, and we only know because they got spread around the internet. But of course no movie was made about it. I was fortunate to have gotten a copy in the early 2000’s. I have not unpacked any books yet since the move. That reminds me to get started as it is a slow process.

  4. I dunno if Gordon has checked out this book yet. I remember I mentioned it in comments some time ago on the same subject. The book is “You’re stepping on my cloak and dagger”. The book is a collections of anecdotal stories about recruitment, training, and deployment of a person by the OSS. I can’t remember the author, I used to but old age ya now?

  5. Sure, but I wouldn’t mind if a Word was also spared to describe the union between Wall Street and Sovjet Union dating back to 1917 and beyond. USAs support for SU was huge, and I quess that was one reason for Great Depression. FED printed money from thin air to pay the wages, European immigrant workers spared money to buy something tomorrow. But when tomorrow came, there was nothing in a store, all transported to SU. It’s hardware that counts, not the money printed.

    When Winter War broke out, Finns desperately tried to buy aeroplanes for defence. Americans sold us Brewsters, but FDR delayed the transport in purpose just to give those too to Soviets. Same thing during Continuation War, all the canned food made in USA.

    • MOAB, quess that was too far fetched to assume, that SU aid at 1920s caused Great Depression. SU aid started seriously at 1930s. Anyhow GD was planned prior and architected by FED to drive small businesses to bankruptcy and cause 10mln unemployed and starving. That gave a huge skilled and hard-working workforce for their new Project, a big one called military industrial complex and it’s Still in full power. In case someone asks the reason for perpetual wars, that’s one but certainly not the only.

    • One could say, that modern Soviet industry eatablished at 1930 was almost completely done by Americans. 1930 GAZ auto factory by Ford Company. At the same year modern tractor and tank factories and tank model Christie, from which Soviets made their famous T-34 at Harkova and Tseljabinski. Most modern aluminium factories in Zaporophe and Stupino by General Electric in -38 and -40. Steel factory in Magnitogorsk and of course cracking technology of gasoline which provided higher altitude flight for aeroplanes.

      That means in practice nothing, but Churchill wanted to get rid of Hitler and Jews wanted to get rid of Stalin and that ment war. During war was that lend and lease agreement which the architect of WW2, slimy lizard Roosevelt demanded. L&L deal gave to SU 101000 tanks, 2200200 military vechile, 240000 aerplanes, 260000 artillery, 34600 ships and of course those food cans.

    • Frankly, I don’t think neither Stalin nor Hitler were puppets, but they were surrounded by those and both somewhat paranoid for a good reason. And of course FDR was just a salesman same as Lenin, and Churchill, don’t know..

      Karl Marx was not the father of any of todays marxism variations. Instead he more likely opposed them, that is the feudalist banking system, the old World order which is the same as the new. But they print his name on it as a revenge. There may be something similar with Stalin and Hitler too.

  6. The OSS was run by General Donovan, a two star general. Almost immediately at the end of WWII he paid a professional military assassin, a member of our military, $10,000 in 1945 to plan and carry out the murder of four star General George S. Patton, widely considered by the German Generals, to be the greatest General of WWII. The author of the book even interviewed this hit man who was still alive when the research was done for the book. Even Ike and other top brass were in on it. The hit was done by ambush when Patton and another General were out in his Cadillac Limo for a Sunday Bird Shoot. Rubber bullets were used to cover his tracks. Patton did not die at the fake accident but was finished off at the hospital. The motive for this planned murder was that Patton planned to return home and blow the whistle on Ike who had mistreated German POW’s and other misdeeds. Patton was very popular at home and likely would have been President instead of Ike had he not been murdered by these criminals in our government. Almost none of the top brass attended his funeral. Patton was buried with his men, as he requested, over there. This is just another incident which has been lied about in lying history books.

    • The movie is total bullocks; he was given an air embolism while in the hospital. Donovan bragged about his death. Patton thought maybe the wrong side won the war. He was against killing Germans after the surrender.

  7. Good article & read. Smupidity by design. Secret Societies still run the planet. “An Intelligence service is the ideal vehicle for a conspiracy” Allen Dulles. The Great Game continues to harvest the nescient & ignorant. “In the 20th century power will wear the mask of tragedy” Albert Camus, bank on it.

  8. That was short and sweet, now how to get anyone to pay attention. As a population we have been infected with a terminal cancer yet made to believe it’s ice cream, and who doesn’t like ice cream. I get it, I understand that this reality we’re sold is actually a war against everything we’re told we have, but don’t. I know we’re in it’s 6,000th year, and running out of time. But just look at what we’ve allowed ourselves to become. Our silence has been criminal so long that soon it will be against the law to speak out. For everyone of us who see through the smokescreen and who want to shout out loud and expose the deception we walk through everyday there are hundreds who like it.

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