My Son Is a Marine


Editor’s introduction: I have two sons. Neither are Marines. If they joined the Marine Corps I would be proud, not ashamed, on one condition: that they joined the Smedley Butler Brigade and devoted as much time and energy as possible to educating their fellow Marines about the truths expressed in Laurence M. Vance’s article reposted below. If their efforts, and the efforts of their fellow Smedley Butler Brigade Marines, led to a Constitutional Counter-Coup ending the Anglo-Zionist Empire and restoring the U.S. American Republic, I would be even more proud. And if the last war the Marines ever fought involved paratrooping into the estates and gold vaults of the Rothschilds and the rest of the international banking elite, seizing the banksters’ ill-gotten gains, and restoring them to the people of the world via the establishment of interest-free transparent public banking systems, I would be so proud I would probably burst.

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


My Son Is a Marine

By Laurence M. Vance,

Neither of my sons are Marines, and if any of them were, I would be embarrassed and ashamed to tell you. But many people have sons who are Marines—and are proud of it. I know this because of all the bumper stickers I have seen that read: “My Son Is a Marine.” Sometimes there is even another bumper sticker along side of it that reads: “I ♥ My Marine.”

The only thing worse than this is having a daughter who is a Marine.

Is having a son who is a Marine something to be proud of? Perhaps it was true at one time. It certainly isn’t true now.

What do people think when they see these “My Son Is a Marine” bumper stickers? No doubt most people think that it must be a great thing to have a son who is a Marine. The Marine Corps is the most “manly” branch of the military, is it not? Don’t the Marines defend our freedoms, protect us from terrorists, keep us from having to speak German, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Arabic, and fight “over there” so we don’t have to fight “over here”?

I don’t think any of these things. I think of what the bumper sticker really means.

If the parents of Marines put honest bumper stickers on their cars, perhaps they would say things like the following.

My son makes widows and orphans.
My son fights unjust wars.
My son is pawn in the hands of Uncle Sam.

My son bombs other countries.
My son fights foreign wars.
My son is part of the president’s personal attack force.

My son maims foreigners.
My son polices the world.
My son is responsible for the deaths of children.

My son fights senseless wars.
My son destroys foreign industry, culture, and infrastructure.
My son goes where he has no business going.

My son is a myrmidon.
My son attacks other countries that have not attacked the United States.
My son helps to support a network of brothels around the world.

My son neglects his family while he goes overseas.
My son is a mercenary.
My son rebuilds infrastructure in other countries—after he destroys it.

My son serves the state.
My son tortures foreigners.
My son fights immoral wars.

My son obeys orders unconditionally.
My son is part of an organization that is a global force for evil.
My son wastes the taxpayers’ money.

My son spreads democracy at the point of a bayonet.
My son intervenes in the affairs of other countries.
My son serves the state.

My son kills on command.
My son invades other countries.
My son enforces no-fly zones—in other countries.

My son kills civilians and dismisses it as collateral damage.
My son helps to make Americans less safe.
My son occupies other countries that are no threat to the United States.

My son carries out drone strikes that miss their targets.
My son fights undeclared wars.
My son spreads goodwill at the barrel of a gun.

My son defends other countries and not the United States.
My son bombs, maims, and kills for the state.
My son helps unleash sectarian violence.

My son takes sides in civil wars.
My son engages in offense and calls it defense.
My son marches while reciting filthy cadences.

My son helps to maintain the U.S. global empire of troops and bases.
My son kills foreigners that resist being invaded and occupied.
My son helps mete out death and destruction overseas.

My son does the government’s dirty work.
My son commits atrocities and war crimes.
My son helps to carry out an aggressive, reckless, and belligerent U.S. foreign policy.

My son transports insurgents and detainees to black sites and torture-friendly countries.
My son helps create terrorists, insurgents, and enemies of the United States.
My son travels the world, meets interesting people, and then kills them.

Now, is every Marine guilty of all of these things? Of course not. But by virtue of being a Marine, he is guilty of many of them.

There are some other honest bumper stickers that the parents of Marines might, unfortunately, have on their cars.

My son was sexually assaulted in the Marine Corps.
My son died in a training accident in the Marine Corps.
My son died from friendly fire in the Marine Corps.
My son died in vain in the Marine Corps.
My son had his genitals blown off in the Marine Corps.
My son died for a mistake in the Marine Corps.
My son died for a lie in the Marine Corps.
My son suffers from PTSD from being in the Marine Corps.
My son lost his legs in the Marine Corps.
My son received a traumatic brain injury in the Marine Corps.
My son died for the military/industrial complex in the Marine Corps.
My son committed suicide in the Marine Corps.
My son came home in pieces in a body bag in the Marine Corps.

Please don’t encourage your son (or daughter) to be a Marine. They can do better.

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  1. The driving force behind most of what is in the article are the results of Zionism . My nephew lost 2 fingers on his left hand and the left side of his face in Afghanistan about 4 years ago . I tried to persuade him from becoming another pawn for the elite Globalists but him like so many others did the opposite . Myself being a Vietnam vet I have taken it upon myself to try to discourage anyone from wearing this countries uniform until it really becomes a need to protect and defend OUR nation . These global expeditions are killing fathers mothers and other Americans that are in lockstep with the Zionist war machine and crippling the others . The U.S. is nothing more than a breeding ground for war material . The MSM , the Congress the Pentagon are filled with scum puss bags that are of the most evil sh**piles on the planet Cowards all of them .

  2. Speaking of TV shows, it just hit me. Remember Gomer Pyle, USMC? I then thought of the article printed here at VT along with the Youtube video concerning McNmara’s Morons which led me to the conclusion that the TV program had inadvertently exposed what was going on in the military. The producers probably had no idea the show was a mirror of what was going down. Since the show ran from 1964 -1969 it would have been during that time that McNamara was pushing his agenda.
    Was it a coincidence?

  3. Neighbors kid wants to join the Marines. I did my best to disabuse him of the notion. But you know teenagers, they all think they’re ten foot tall and bulletproof.

  4. The restoration of the Republic is in progress. But the crooks in both parties are trying to stop it. The entry of billionaire Trump, who won, has freaked therm all out, which is why they attempted to assassinate him on his Inauguration Day. Trump is a third force, one who is for America, as Ross Perot was before him. But Mueller, who was part of Bush 41’s admin, was quickly dispatched to prevent the restoration at all cost. Mueller, as Chip Tatum revealed, is not the good guy he pretends to be. That’s why he is there on the job, to protect the Deep State. Conclusion: If the enemy (Trump) of my enemy (Mueller et al) is my friend, people should support Trump! And the fact that Mueller’s stupid Russia probe has done absolutely nothing about the Russians and Uranium One, is proof of who Mueller really is. He, btw, was head of the FBI on 9/11, and also when he assisted with the Uranium One deal that benefited Russia. He was in Russia, handing over nuke material. He should have recused himself from all Russia investigations, due to his own culpability on Russia, but that is something an honest man would have done.

    • MOAB, Indeed. tRump has shown nothing but contempt for not only the Constitution but the Bill of Rights as well. He reinstated the Pentagram’s 1033 program and attacked the very freedoms that are the hall mark of a free people. tRump is an authoritarian, a little dictator with delusions of grandeur.
      Worse yet, 67% of his supporters probably can’t name the three branches of the government let alone the five freedoms the First Amendment ensures. Civic ignorance is the hall mark of an enslaved people.
      tRump has played these people like a fiddle.
      “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. The functionaries of every government have propensities to command at every will the liberty and property of their constituents. There is no safe deposit for these but with the people themselves; nor can they be safe without information. Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.” Thomas Jefferson.

  5. The above statement should be required to be posted in large letters at the front of every recruiting station in the country and also given a copy to every recruit who enters the office before signing up.
    Recruiting is another big problem because many of them lie to green behind the ears recruits.

  6. I have read many such articles by Mr. Vance. Posted over at Lew Rockwell’s website.
    He also posted a different version of “Thank You For Your Service”.

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