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Vaccination is the Best Defense Against the Flu

Vaccination is the primary method for preventing influenza and its complications and getting an annual influenza vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and your family from the flu.

by Wesley P. Elliott for Military Health System

SAN ANTONIO – The recent Influenza Awareness Week, Dec. 2-8 educates military personnel about the potential impacts of influenza, or the flu, on the Department of Defense mission and Force Health Protection Readiness.

Army Col. Tammy K. Mayer, Consultant for Army Public Health Nursing and Health Promotion for the U.S. Army Surgeon General said, ”The more that the community knows about flu prevention the better. Stopping the spread of influenza allows us to stay healthy and avoid missing school or work. We are fortunate to have a vaccine to help us in the fight against this deadly disease.”

Vaccination is the primary method for preventing influenza and its complications and getting an annual influenza vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and your family from the flu.

Vaccination is needed every year because the Influenza viruses change every few years and scientists continue to monitor which viruses are circulating, and change the ingredients in influenza vaccines to match them.

How well the influenza vaccine works (or its ability to prevent influenza illness) can range widely from season to season. The vaccine’s effectiveness also can vary depending on who is being vaccinated.

The two main factors in the effectiveness of the vaccine is the health of the patient and the match between the influenza viruses that the influenza vaccine is designed to protect against and the influenza viruses spreading in the community.

“Each year, the flu vaccine must be reformulated to ensure it is effective. It’s a complex process and can take several months to research and then manufacture the vaccine. Currently there is research underway to develop a universal flu vaccine that provides improved protection against more subtypes of the virus. It may also eliminate the need to get a flu shot every year. There is also ongoing research to reduce the time to manufacture and develop the vaccine from months to weeks,” said Mayer.

“The Army takes flu prevention seriously because of the potential impact of an outbreak on individual and unit readiness. The vaccine is mandatory for service members and strongly encouraged for all other beneficiaries. Most people can recover from the flu by staying home and resting. This also helps to stop the spread of flu” said Mayer.

Patients without access to a military treatment facility can get the influenza vaccine from a participating retail network pharmacy or their health care provider. Active Duty Service members should follow their service policy for getting vaccinated and making sure it’s recorded.

Annual influenza vaccination is mandatory for civilian healthcare personnel who provide direct patient care and highly recommended for all other hospital employees who work in DoD facilities.

Pregnant women are at an increased risk for severe illness and complications if infected with the influenza virus. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that pregnant women with continued concerns or questions about the influenza vaccination should discuss these with their healthcare provider in order to make an informed decision regarding vaccination.

For those who feel the vaccine may make them sick, Mayer recommends understanding their concerns.

“Everyone who presents for a flu shot will be screened to make sure it’s safe for them to receive the vaccine. I try to help people understand the science behind vaccine development and how the body develops immunity. I also share that there are many other precautions in stopping the spread of the flu and other illnesses, including good washing, cough etiquette, and staying home when you are sick,” said Mayer.

Like any medication, vaccines can cause side effects. The most common side effects are mild and resolve on their own within 24-48 hours. More serious adverse events are rare. Some children should not get certain vaccines for medical reasons, while others should receive more vaccines due to high-risk medical conditions.

Carol graduated from Riverside White Cross School of Nursing in Columbus, Ohio and received her diploma as a registered nurse. She attended Bowling Green State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and Literature. She attended the University of Toledo, College of Nursing, and received a Master's of Nursing Science Degree as an Educator.

She has traveled extensively, is a photographer, and writes on medical issues. Carol has three children RJ, Katherine, and Stephen - two daughters-in-law; Suzy and Katie - two granddaughters; Isabella Marianna and Zoe Olivia - and one grandson, Alexander Paul. She also shares her life with husband Gordon Duff, many cats, two rescue pups, and two guinea pigs.

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25 Replies to “Vaccination is the Best Defense Against the Flu

  1. Public Health England Lying About The True Number Of Flu Deaths In The UK.
    (The CDC In The USA Use The Same Decepetive Tactics)
    The BBC was at it again on Friday running a report hinting that 50,000 people had died from flu in the England and Wales during the the 2017-18 season based on newly published data from the Office for National Statistics:

    “There were around 50,100 excess winter deaths in England and Wales in 2017-18 – the highest since the winter of 1975-76, figures from the Office for National Statistics show…The increase is thought to be down to the flu, the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine in older people and spells of very cold weather last winter.”

    One fundamental problem with this is that the government had already published the influenza death toll for the season in May – it was indeed an exceptionally bad year but it still only meant 320 deaths in England and 372 in the United Kingdom as a whole (which includes Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

  2. “Flu season” is almost upon us, and with it, influenza vaccine propaganda is everywhere.

    I don’t use the word “propaganda” lightly. It has a negative connotation and implies that misinformation is being fed to people to manipulate their beliefs and their actions.

    Unfortunately, that’s exactly what we see when it comes to the influenza and the flu vaccine. And it’s only gotten worse over the last 10 years.

    I mean, Walgreens and Walmart are giving people $25 gift cards to con them into getting the flu vaccine. Kelly and Ryan got their shots on live TV to show how “harmless” the vaccine is. American marketing at its finest? (Or worst… you decide.)

    But wait, you say, thousands of people die every year from the flu. We have to get the influenza vaccine so that we are totally protected against getting the flu. And we have to get it every year. It’s totally safe!

    None of those statements is true.

    Let’s break down nine (9) of the biggest myths about influenza and the influenza vaccine.

  3. When I went into army during VietNam war, they gave everyone a huge dose of “vaccines”. A lot of them got mennigitis and some died from it.

  4. Haven’t had a flu shot in years, not even when it was handed out free at work. I haven’t even had so much as a sniffle for so long I can’t remember.
    What’s effective about flu shots is…..they make money.

  5. Agenda 21 = depopulation (by any means). Big pharma = profit (by any means). Annual flu injection of a slow acting cocktail of poisons keeps both sides very happy. Each version of the flu virus is not a mutation, it is a new version they create in their labs as they try to find one that is as effective as Spanish flu, or worse.

  6. M.D Dr. Rowen is affectionately known as “The Father of Medical Freedom” for pioneering the United States first ever law protecting alternative medicine in 1990, in Alaska. Robert is a very rare doctor. He is asking uncomfortable questions about vaccine safety from his family clinic in California. Dr. Rowen advises his patients on vaccine safety concerns, something that very few doctors have the courage to do. How does he do it? He explains how and why and also tells Richie why he hardly ever dispenses prescription drugs to his patients. Robert also expresses sympathy with the victims of the HPV vaccine Gardasil and says that he would never recommend the vaccine himself. This is jaw dropping stuff.
    Richie Allen Show: December 12, 2018.
    (From 19.20 min into the show)

  7. Here we go again. Get your shot-in-the-dark-10% effective flu vaccine and all the aluminum/mercury/formaldehyde cocktail that goes along with it guaranteeing death or dementia, whichever comes first. Take your pick. Ain’t science grand.

  8. Carol, I don’t believe you are advocating for the flu vaccine. Total bullshit. You’re doing a great diservice, and throwing any credibility you have built up right out the window. Sad.

    1. joetv, Notice who wrote the article…Military Health System. No me, I just published it…I also do not censor information that I deem that our readers might want to know about. That being written, I am not against flu shots for those who have chronic illnesses that might make their immune systems more susceptible to viral infections and DO NOT FORGET that people do die from having the flu….I am not making this up.

  9. veteran tomorrow, The issue of pregnant women getting the flu vaccine is so after she has delivered and the baby is too young to have the flu vaccine, the mother will not give the baby the flu if she contracts it. It is also recommended that any caregiver for that baby should have the vaccine.

    1. Here is the critical part you have apparently not figure out yet: all of your training and knowledge and everything you think you know was designed, funded and delivered by big pharma and medicine industries. all the universities/colleges are funded by and the curriculum determined by those medical mafia. just look at cancer as an example – it has been known for almost 100 years (eg: the 1931 noble prize) what cancer is and how it can be prevented and even cured, yet the medical mafia train doctors in none of that truth, only to prescribe chemo drugs and surgery at enormous profit to them and near certain toxic death to patients. here is a freebie for you:

      sorry but i agree with joetv above. i expected more from you and VT.

      More gifts for you:

  10. “The Army takes flu prevention seriously because of the potential impact of an outbreak on individual and unit readiness. The vaccine is mandatory for service members and strongly encouraged for all other beneficiaries.” Ya right!

    Military whistleblower Sherrie Saunders shares the truth about vaccinations given in the military and the damage they did.

    1. 80% of us soldiers, well vaccinated against everything, who went to destroy Iraq to end all wars, came home incapacitated to varying degrees.

    1. Here’s a little info I guess Ms Duff has not yet read. Obviously it is well suppressed and virtually impoosible to find.

      I read a scientific paper a while ago about the relationship between flu vaccines and miscarriages. The baseline miscarriage rate was 13%. After 1 year of flu vaccine it jumped up to 32%. After 2 consecutive years it soared to 78%. Sounds eerily similar to the vaccine sterilization programs conducted in Africa.

      Ms Duff, I suggest you advise female family members to NOT get the flu vaccine. Note: it is very VERY interesting to see above that they SPECIFICALLY mentioned (ie: scared) pregnant women into getting that vaccine !

  11. The “one size fits all” obviously does not work since they admit the vaccine is not 100% effective for all patients. Therefore alternatives are called for but not mentioned in prejudiced articles like this one.
    The late Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. became fascinated by the safe, simple and cheap powers of high dose Vitamin C to cure and prevent viral diseases in man and many other medical problems. The criminals in the FDA have obstructed just the study of these facts and only approved a trivial daily dose of 60 milligrams to prevent scurvy when much higher doses, given intravenously, are necessary to cure viral diseases up to and including polio which Klenner proved before 1949! While it is good to take Vitamin C by mouth, it leaves the body in about 2 hours in the urine. This is why it must be given intravenously to get a high enough concentration in the blood. But no ordinary patient is able to prepare the preparation of Vitamin C to be injected into their own body. Only a trained pharmacist can do this job. But because the criminals at the FDA have obstructed this knowledge most pharmacists fear making such preparations. There is no reason to believe high dose Vitamin C can’t cure all additional viral diseases as well. I urge everyone to read the above two seminal articles. Fred Klenner, M.D. lived from 1907 and died in 1984. He was a top biology…

    1. He was a top biology student from Pennsylvania who earned his M.D. degree at Duke University in 1936. He was a true research scientist in addition to treating patients. Even poisonous snake and insect bites can easily be cured this way. It is similar to the way Vitamin B-12 shots are administered. An Iron man died from a rattlesnake bite in Colorado in the ER waiting for the test for the slow, expensive and painful anti venom procedure. He would be alive today if the Vitamin C procedure of Fred Klenner M.D. had not been obstructed by the criminals in the FDA.

    2. Everyone has heard the wisdom: “There are many ways to skin a cat”. In any field, medicine, engineering, physics, mathematics, politics, etc. one must always have more than one way to solve and approach problems and not be tied blindly to a single way because a single way might not work on the problem at hand. It is ignorance to blindly follow only one path to a problem. For example the cancer generals have spent between $100 billion and $1 trillion studying cancer but most doctors can’t even tell you what cancer is, let alone how to cure and prevent it in the human body! About one person dies every minute either from cancer, treatment or both, usually treatment but falsely reported as from cancer. This is not success but dismal FAILURE.

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