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When is the EU going to start sanctioning the US?

Firms Involved in Russian Nord Stream 2 Face Risk of US Sanctions – State Dept

…from Sputnik, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: The timing of this talk about US Nord Stream 2 sanctions this late in the game is similar in a way to the US denying the Syrian people victory over the US Coalition proxy terror war by occupying a large part of the country as long as it chooses, thus denying them the victory they fought hard for.

The EU publicizing that the Special Purpose Vehicle payment mechanism is nearing completion by year end has triggered the US into tipping its hand that whatever monies the EU firms thought they were going to make on the Nord Stream 2 deal, the US would just take back from them, and maybe a lot more in sanctions penalties.

The US is hell bent to extort the EU into buying US energy at non-competitive prices, or buying US goods it does not want. This is economic terrorism pure and simple, the US now presenting itself as an economic security risk to the EU. 

What makes this possible is the EU selling more to the US that we do to them. The whole concept of squeezing Europe with the first sanctions barrage was based on this, knowing the EU companies would not want to lose their US export business, or even having EU companies run out of the US or their profits confiscated via sanctions.

And by that I don’t mean returned to their US customers in any way, but seized by the Treasury Department, which still will be running a trillion dollar deficit.

The con behind the game being played here is that the big US red ink budgets allow it to do anything it wants to do economically simply by saying it has an economic national security issue at stake. But we all know none of the penalties will amount to a feather onto our $20 trillion in red ink.

The EU is going to have to play another card to save itself, one the US never thought that it would ever dare, and that is sending the US military home, clearing out its bases, for representing a national security threat to the EU.

Does it have the balls to do that? I doubt it. But it does when sanctioning Russia over Ukraine, when the EU once had a $100-billion per year trade deficit. We are seeing the fallout from that mistake in the streets of Paris, where demands on Macron are increasing by the day.

The French people smell they have the political advantage now with a broad people’s coalition. The idiot French elite sacrificed farm exports lost to Russia due to the Ukraine sanctions to be on the US squeeze team, never thinking they would end up in the cross hairs themselves. By holding the EU business community’s feet to the fire, it is pushing them to put the squeeze on their respective governments.

Frankly the US has declared war on the EU economy in a move to make it a de facto colony to survive its own financial mess. It is telling EU business to “play ball with us, even against your own countries, and you will come out of this with your shirt still on.” Isn’t that special?

The EU needs to take a look at what the US is doing to Syria and realize that a different version of that is in the works for Europe. The clock is ticking  Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … December 11, 2018

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Companies that work in Russia’s energy pipeline sector are risking US sanctions, and Washington is considering possible actions against the Nord Stream-2 project, Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Francis Fannon told reporters on Tuesday.

“The firms working in Russian energy pipeline sector are engaging a lot of business that carries sanctions risk. We continue to review potential sanctions actions,” Fannon said. “The US government has the ability to sanction Russia export energy pipelines under section 232 the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA),”

The statement follows Fannon’s comment made on Monday that Washington believes that the construction of the pipeline poses “broad geostrategic threats” to European security and called on all parties to withdraw from it.

READ MORE: Austria’s OMV Ready to Keep Financing Nord Stream 2 Amid Criticism — CEO

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov said last week that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project is developing and there are no obstacles to its implementation.

The Nord Stream 2 is a joint venture of Russia’s Gazprom with France’s Engie, Austria’s OMV AG, UK-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell, and Germany’s Uniper and Wintershall. It aims to deliver 55 billion cubic meters (some 2 trillion cubic feet) of Russian natural gas per year to the European Union through the Baltic Sea bypassing Ukraine.

The pipeline project has been welcomed by some countries in Europe and opposed by a number of others, including Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States, while the United States has also expressed its opposition.

Last week, US National Security Advisor John Bolton said that Washington was considering some options to stop the construction of the pipeline.

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9 Replies to “When is the EU going to start sanctioning the US?

  1. The EU banks should send those sub-prime US mortgages back as payment for trade deals at stated value. US doesn’t like it then get your merchandise elsewhere and we want GOLD for payment, and also are doubling the rent you need to pay for ALL land and sea ports for your war machine. We fear USA more than Russia or China. USA has been a predatory nation since leaving Europe to North America to carry out the Native American Genocide, the CIA has started wars in ALL the corners of the world.

  2. If the US sanctions European companies doing business with Gazprom, it’s a good bet it does so with the unannounced blessing of the EU central bank. In matters of western central bank fiat, it’s probably the bankers driving policy more than the politicians. When the subprime mortgage crashed the economy in 2008, it also hit in Europe. Why? Because many of those fraudulent bundled mortgage securities were then sold to European banks, thereby spreading the contagion, and yet nothing was ever said about this by any European leaders at the time. We also learned from the one-time audit of the Federal Reserve in Dodd-Frank the loaned the ECB $23 trillion in swaps immediately after the crisis
    This is not about Russian intervention in Ukraine, or election rigging in the US, or some Russian threat to NATO or Europe. It’s about a paradigm shift of power away from bankrupt, fiat printing nations in the west toward a Eurasian trade zone where the requirement of a gold or asset backed currency is required to participate. For the US, that probably means at least a fifty percent dollar devaluation. Flame away!

  3. I just saw in the news that the U.S. is setting up a new military base right on the border of Turkey and Syria without the approval of either Syria or Turkey. Could something like that happen within the EU? I think I recall Poland asking the U.S. “Please set up a U.S. military base within Poland.” So there we have the opposite situation. But maybe something like that could happen somewhere in Eastern Europe, like Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova? I don’t know enough about those countries, though. And so it’s just a wild guess. But it shows that the U.S. posesses a huge potential for power games, in spite of all its economic troubles. And if they so desire, they can go in anywhere in the world and set up its military bases. Even within Russia and China itself. But then they’d probably want to ask first.

    1. These are actually observation posts, a defacto border for Turkish backed forces not to cross or risk engaging US fire. Erdogan has ducked taking on the US, while he had gone where he wanted in Sryia as a defacto occupier, like the US, to enhance its bargaining position on the final political settlement. Both Russia and Iran have never said a word to challenge this, only Syria…which gave room for the US to have some cover, ie., “If they are cool with Turkey occupying the country, then why not us, too.”

  4. Even if the EU must sacrifice some business they must end extortion by the thugs in the U.S. now. Boot the thugs in the U.S. out of the EU. Obviously they can’t be trusted with an Israel lover liar like Trump. Russia, EU must join hands with Iran and China and tell the U.S. to Shove It. The U.S. is already on thin ice due to the potential for a financial mellt down any minute now. It will happen when these fools owe so much money.

    1. The U.S. is clearly on the way down now. It is obvious to any school kid. The end could come at any instant without warning. When it does they won’t be worth a plug nickel for aiding anyone because all their attention will be directed to a massive depression at home which will make 1929 look like child’s play. These fools never learn from history.

    2. The financial “melt down” is ALREADY BEING PROGRAMMED on the airwaves as I type. The uptick in the programming is preparing the commoners . . . OMIGOSH. The BEST TRUTH IN ADVERTISING is The House of Commons. At least they call the people what they believe them to be . . . common.


  5. Humpty Trumpty just did a reach around and pulled the little shit Bolton out, and flung it at the international business world.

    So next time you want to make an international contract with a U.S. business . . . we’ll don’t, ’cause we’re flaming, Bolton flicking war starters.

    Rule #1 . . . they work both ends against the middle.

    Ex: Guy owns a bar. One night, three thugs walk in, chase the customers away and break up the joint. A nice regular walks up to the owner, pats him on the back and offers the pub owner a little protection against future thugs ever touching the place again . . . but the charming regular wants a little something in return. A huge cut of the take. The guy bar owner agrees. The nice, charming regular, goes outside and walks up the block some ways. There he meets the three thugs, who he immediately congratulate with hand shakes and pats on the back, saying “Nice job boys. Real nice job . . . “

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