Israelgate? As Russia probe runs dry, Mueller may turn to Middle East to pursue Trump ‘collusion’



  1. Nothing will happen if the Zionists are involved, remember nothing was done to the Zionists when they attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, and murdered 33 American sailors, and ever member of con-gress signed loyalty oaths to the Zionists.

  2. Oh but the blind cannot lead the blind …Just how many U.S. Presidential candidates have shown their ignorance and pressed their very own lips [ yucck ] against that hideous Wall in Israel ?? ….Too many !..It is not ignorance but a gesture of ass kissing and nothing more . Why are the Palestinians having their land stolen , water and themselves being beaten and killed daily ? Israel is no more a democracy than an overfilled septic tank . The Presbyterian Church , the United Church of Christ the Reformed Churches the Lutherians and Maryknoll have signed a letter may 14th entitled ” 70 years on : Seeking a hopeful future in a time of yearning . ” it calls for the end to the slaughter and justice for the Palestinians . A copy was sent to each Congressman . Most recently the Quakers in Britain banned any investment by the church in companies that exploit the ” military occupation of Palestinian territories by the Israeli Govt. ” Imagine that !

  3. It helped secure the grasp of the AIPAC stranglehold on America – (yes, those two-faced, dual allegiance, double-dealers who set the shady mood of the US political zeitgist for the past number of years) – that so many Ashkenazim rowed in behind Trump on his unlikely heist of the White House. Because at the end of the day it was a heist on a monumental scale that included fly-by-night oligarchs who rifled Russia and were keen to launder millions of dollars to bolster the Trump Presidential bandwagon and thereby be assured to turn a quick profit on their ill-gotten gains through the Trump backdoor into his tawdry world conducted in a fanfare of sleaze. The only ones to gain made sure little or nothing filtered into America beyond the Brooklyn-Queens wall of New York hardly visible from Manhattan where a former tribe – the Canarsee Indians of the Lenape once held sway before selling out for 60 Guilders in 1626. Four centuries later, Trump is busy selling the entire United States out for less.

  4. If Mueller does indict the mideast actors he will, in my book, be half way to exonerating himself for the perjury he committed when he signed the official 911 report. To gain the other 50 % he has to turn himself in after his complete confession.

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