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Israeli Air Bases Subject to Retaliatory Attack: Russia and Syria

TEHRAN (FNA) Damascus has decided to retaliate against Israel’s attacks with equally powerful offensives on similar targets, Russian media said quoting an Arab paper.

The Arabic-language al-Rai newspaper quoted Syrian army commanders as saying that the country’s army has changed the rules of clashes with Israel and intends to equally retaliate any Israeli attack with similar offensives on Israeli airbases or military positions, Russia’s state-run RT reported.

The Arabic-language website of RT quoted the Kuwaiti daily as reporting that the decision was taken after Russia showed a firm position against Israel’s attacks on Syria after the downing of its Il-20 plane in Syria and the killing of 15 Russian military forces last September.

The report quoted the commanders also as saying that Moscow has shown a green light to Damascus to target Israel in case of any air or missile attack against military targets in Syria.

They added that after the incident for Il-20 plane, Moscow warned Tel Aviv that the Russian forces might be stationed at any Syrian military base and any attack on Syrian territories could potentially end up in casualties among the Russian forces, which Moscow warned, it would never allow to happen.

The sources said that despite Tel Aviv’s claims, Syria is in possession of precision-striking missiles which can target Israel, adding that they have received long and mid-range missiles which work with GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) which is the Russian edition of the GPS.

Also, based on reports, despite Israel’s wrong assessments that it has ruined Syria’s missile power, the country is in the final stage of production of home-made missiles.

The report referred to the accidental downing of Russia’s Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft with 15 servicemen on board by Syria’s S-200 launchers in September, which were at the time responding to a wave of Israeli strikes on state institutions in Lattakia Province.

Moscow held Israel responsible for the incident, saying the regime’s pilots had intentionally used the Russian plane as cover to conduct air raids, effectively putting it in the crosshairs of the Syrian air defenses.

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16 Replies to “Israeli Air Bases Subject to Retaliatory Attack: Russia and Syria

  1. The real battleground for the American people are the low life traitorous scum in the US Government.
    If that battle were ever fought and won our childrens children would have a bright future
    war for Israel would be no more

  2. This change in strategy can, sure as hell, ‘pardon the pun’, drift into, ARMAGGEDON! The END of Israel-Palestine!

  3. So, Syria and Russia finally decide to return fire on israel, after having been fired upon by israel for decades. To suggest it is about time for such retaliation would be an understatement. Yes, retaliation against israeli aggression is long overdue, and in spite of their claim to be human sacred cows, the israelis are not sacred at all.

    Thank you Syria and Russia for standing tall when confronted with war criminals.

    1. Thanks for the article ‘kaho’. It is a pretty sobering evaluation of the menacing military threat facing Israel. And it is a doozy. The article states in boldface that Israel never attacked Hezbollah in Syria only the alleged Iranian supply columns. Meanwhile, it turns out that Iran was also supplying Syria to the back teeth with missiles that have the full measure by distance and destruction of Israeli targets within their scope. Russia buttressing Syria’s defenses with the S-300 system will hopefully keep a lid on things and keep the Knesset war-hawks hooded in a time that calls for calm detachment. Long may it last.

  4. The message is very simple: Don’t attack Syria!
    (Then everything will be all right)

    An attack leading to world conflagration consists of several steps
    1. Israel attacks Syria
    2. Syria retaliates
    3. Israel attacks Syria again (to retaliate the retaliation)
    4. The United States step in, attacking Syria
    5. Syria attacks U.S. forces in Syria
    6. NATO invades the Middle East (yes, again once more)
    7. NATO sends ultimatum to Russia: Leave Syria within 20 days
    8. Russia refuses to follow ultimatum
    9. NATO attacks the Russians in Syria
    10. …
    So we see that there would be many steps between the situation now, and total war
    If everyone would desist from immediate response, but put in some deliberate delays between the various steps, then there might be some hope. But right now it is up to Israel to desist from taking step 1.

  5. Israel probably thinks the US will come to their rescue,again and again and again, and protect their greed for more and more land, but how long can America’s ignorance last?
    Support for Israel’s Evil Empire is waning worldwide.
    Americans are starting to realize that we have nothing to gain with an unholy “alliance” with Israel, but we have to much to lose. The United States borrows about 800 Billion dollars a year to “protect” Israelis empire, how long can America last before it is
    30 Trillion in debt and totally bankrupt?
    We know what Israel has in store for US:
    “Once we squeeze everything we can out of the United States it can dry and blow away”
    Benjamin Netanyahu, overheard talking to the Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard.


    My first instinct is to consider the article a Zionist ruse to have Israel come crying “Wolf” to Congress for more billions to defend the indefensible when the world knows Israel is a pre-set attack dog by default. The word ‘defense’ never enters their mindset let alone the war room of the illogically named Israeli Defense Forces. They defend their illegal military actions with silence anyway and promote so-called legal military actions by deceit: kinda like “The best form of defense is attack.”

    Moreover, should the article be true and Syria is prepared to attack Israel – which I gravely doubt, Russia may need to be overly adamant in insisting Israel keep out of Syria, period.

    As it happens, Bibi is Minister of Defense among other government roles or portfolios, and may decide to call Syria’s bluff to save his own derriere against the tranche of legal cases threatening his political survival.

    The news is unnerving even from my far-flung retreat in Middle America. Not that Syria doesn’t have the right to defend itself and attack the Israeli aggressors. It most certainly does and more power to their elbows!

    I am sure the unsettling news will move many in the Syria/Israel region beyond high tension to a sense of growing claustrophobia allied maybe against (or due to) all the madness to a tad of optimism, akin, I imagine, to the ga-ga mood of a captured French maquisard in a Lyon SS prison cell during WW2 their mind presciently fixed on future events for some semblance of comfort, maybe writing to Santa Klaus for a Barbie Doll at Christmas to help her/him cope with the fear of ropes – σκοινίophobia (I’ll be hanged if I know how to pronounce that) and fear of bullets – ballistophobia. You know it!

  7. These actions by Syria and Russia are long overdue. These selfish gangsters in Israel have had a free ride long enough. They have no respect for anyone else on the planet. They should have been bombed out long ago. They violate every rule in the rule book but blame others for their problems like the cry babies they are. These hypocrite thieves and criminals, who routinely violate all laws, seek to have laws prohibiting anyone from boycotting these criminals, the oldest non violent means to defend against their age old evil criminal behavior. Boycott everything Israel. Tell them to shove it. They have not learned to behave in a civilized world.

    1. Maybe are long overdue because they first needed some time to make a contemporary and decent air defense system like now with S-300 to counteract the zionist terrorist air force…

    2. Yes, only a Boycott will work. If they are attacked, they might well retaliate with nuclear weapons and commit suicide (The Sampson option).

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