Not Sure We Believe Him: Trump says ‘we have defeated ISIS’ as US starts withdrawal from Syria

VT: Liar, Trump Openly Armed ISIS and al Qaeda as Israeli-Saudi Paid Stooge


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media


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  1. ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service
    Nope, I don’t think think they have been defeated yet.
    and BTW, can we count 200,000 Hasbara Trolls as ISIS?
    Cyber Division?

  2. Well maybe the US is abandoning ISIS as it does our own Veterans; which in a bizarre way I guess they truly are. On a side note, as a Marylander I cannot condone making Trump look like Lefty Driesell.


    Word has it that Bibi will embrace BDS in a very painful volte face amid growing concern by both friends and opposition in the Knesset shocked by his pained demeanor. Today’s news has left him haggard looking, down in the mouth, totally distraught and reeling to a clearly uncomfortable aching disposition. And is it any wonder. Recent developments have been harrowing for Israel. First the Russians give the Syrians the formidable S-300 air defense system to counter any incursions; then Syria has, in the last few days, promised reciprocal action in the event of any Israeli attack on their sovereign country; the Iranians (or was it the Russians) have given Syria missiles that can reach anywhere in Israel and now tody Bibi’s bitch is deserting him pulling US forces out of Syria. And if that wasn’t enough, the kick in the teeth by Trump proved the last camel straw and has forced BIbi to throw himself into a meeting he would rather avoid with the full backing of the Knesset – in fact a meeting any Israeli would rather avoid, with what can be described as a borer from within, a painful, disconcerting encounter with an entity of mortal dread under the letters BDS. Nobody ever imagined it would happen at such sudden notice. A spokesman who accompanied Bibi to the hastily arranged, emergency appointment said there was little or nothing Netanyahu can do really after what he described desultorily as “such heavy consecutive blows to the teeth than seek out some BDS professional. BDS, he sighed – Boycott Divestment and Sanction is bad enough but a meeting with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery is more painful by far. Just thinking about it is excruciating. Don’t you think.”

  4. Pathetic – JANUS the HYPOKRITE (etymology Gr. /hy.po.kri.tɛ̌ːs/ → /y.po.kriˈtis/ → /i.po.kriˈtis/ = actor/liar) of the Zio-Tribe & co-opted by Neo-Roman Empire got caught again lying. The cultural Whore of Babylon on display.

  5. Wasn´t it Clinton and Obamah who created ISIS paid by Swiss Banks for ? I remember something I´ve read this way from Scott Bennett

  6. It sounds like Trump painting himself as the good guy right before Israel whacks Lebanon. Then Trump will say: we now must come to the aid of Israel, therefore, we will increase our presence in Syria

  7. Real BS ! Trump is owned just as much as any U.S. Pres. since LBJ and he damned well knows it . There will NEVER EVER be a Pres. of the U.S. that will not dance to Israel and its shareholders .

  8. No statements from Israel Lover Trump or Israel Lover Sanders should be published unless it is under oath under penalties of perjury like Flynn.
    The same judge should be evaluating their statements for veracity and prepared to sentence them to jail just like Flynn. Note these actions follow the serious arming of Syria by Russia of new systems with the threat to bomb inside Israel if any more attacks by Israel are made inside Syria. Perhaps the Israelis got the message this time but they are very bull headed. I think Putin is serious and means business now. Only time will tell.

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