PissGate: Epstein Pays off Dershowitz-Maxwell Accuser in Trafficking Lawsuit

Donnie Trump, co-pilot of the Lolita Express, a Mossad Blackmail Scheme


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Only in America and with the help of Alan Dershowitz, can the rape or even the rape and murder of a child (under 14) be a “civil matter.”  If Alan values his reputation earned smearing human rights activists, perhaps he might have filed suit rather than letting a billionaire convicted pedophile pay off his accuser.

Trump, not just associate, but “constant associate,” convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has ended a lawsuit against him by paying off Sarah Ransome.

Ransome sued Epstein for “directing” her to have sex with arch-Zionist nutcase Alan Dershowitz, someone whose tarnished image continually gets a makeover by the likes of Harvey Weinstein in films.  Get the picture?

Behind this is Mossad queen, Ghislaine Maxell, daughter of Robert Maxwell, whose murder in the UK by Israeli agents, set the Fox News/Murdoch/Wikileaks/Assange lie empire into motion.

Trump settled a lawsuit in 2017 where he and Epstein were charged with having sex with a 13 year old girl.  In the lawsuit, “Mary Doe” claimed that “the Donald” told her he had murdered one of her 12 year old friends who had threatened to blackmail him.

This is in New York State court documents.  Hell, I will find it now:

Donald Trump Lawsuit by on Scribd

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  1. Non-prosecution of sex crimes by the government will eventually bring back vigilante justice, and most likely paramilitary groups for self-defense, followed by civil war.

  2. Why it seems that most VIP sexual crimes are done by Jewish people.? They are all in high places and the simple people has no justice done for their evil deeds.

    Would be this a part of antisemitism?????

    • Most likely they are under the microscope of all things Israel and middle east endless war and zionist proliferation of genocidal out of proportion insanity…aka…taking land not prescribed in the UN agreement 1947…This Parana also follows the average Jew at large, with nothing in the zionist pot of witches brew other than Jewish solidarity! It’s hard to escape the rabbinic order of solidarity of Jewish thought… I would use the term brainwashing… but I would incriminate my own delusions of grandeur via my own altruistic conditioning… Something we should all do to get along… to undo the brain freeze of demented lunacy!

  3. See, warping the legal system to fit a lawyer’s criminal needs is not punished by disbarment. Normally, just viewing photos of one nude minor, results in ruination and a long prison sentence. Running a harem of sex trafficked teenagers for sex and abuse by the elite, may become the new norm. Attempts are in the works to legalize pedophilia and saying “googoo” will be enough to qualify to be a willing partner.

  4. Enjoyed the article & truth. The Tribe protects it’s own is patently obvious & is completely void of any morality be it socially, culturally & religious.

  5. Respect Mr Duff but Robert Maxwell did not die in the UK but somewhere in the Caribbean where he was supposed to have fallen off his yacht. Yes, he did get a big funeral and was ‘buried’ in Israel or so we are told.
    Regardless, he would have been 95 by now, a year older than GHWB, that he was offed is more than likely.

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