It’s a Christmas conspiracy, Charlie Brown!


Merry Christmas, VT readers!

‘Tis the season for exchanging gifts, ’tis it not? ‘Tis also the season for sending your friends and relatives some sort of greeting card, letter, or (if you’re a cyber-acculturated cheapskate) email letting them know you’re not dead and giving them at least a vague sense of what you’ve been up to.

So why not send your friends and relatives some thought-provoking mirth too?  Just forward this Peanuts parody as—or alongside—your “official Christmas greeting.” Who knows, if it goes viral, maybe thousands or even millions of people will eventually come to doubt the official story of Santa Claus!

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Yours in joy, merriment, and good cheer

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor


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  1. Happy Winter Solstice everyone! May the blessings of the great Mother earth bestow on you all, peace, freedom , liberty, happiness, prosperity and good health!

  2. Merry Christmas to all at VT to the readers and commentators . And lets hope for a more sane and peaceful world with the start of the New Year .

  3. Yes, yes! All three of them need to be renditioned to Abu Garib for advanced interrogation and confession to spying for the Russians.
    Charlie brown is a rayciss, sexist oppressor of women and people of color. Schroeder is obviously a little Nazi/fascist/ rayciss….you can just tell by the name.
    And the dog, the dog has been trained to hate gays, Latinos, blacks and Muslims.
    Oh, the shame of it…. VT allowing such politically incorrect white male oppressor/rayciss cartoons on its website.

  4. The cartoon that teaches us dogs are the only sane creatures around us. But Snoopy was a war monger and often day dreamed about being a fighter pilot.
    The real conspiracy here is, most people don’t know, Admiral Byrd killed Santa and ate his reindeer. We just haven’t had the heart to tell the others.
    It is not such a hard thing to make sleigh tracks and deer prints on the roof in the snow, and smear boots with ash to make tracks from the fireplace to the tree. Calligraphy stencils are available for the handwritten note verifying the person with a bonafide signature and gold stamped seal.

  5. Smiles and mirth; what’s wrong with laughter? Thank you for the giggles and a Merry Christmas. I once asked a Jewish girlfriend about celebrating Christmas, she said, “I don’t know about Jesus Christ, but, I do believe in Santa!” There you go, best to all, and when in Rome….

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