American PMCs in Syria can be bombed


Donald Trump withdraws the US contingent from Syria, because for him the wall on the border with Mexico is more important. So says the chief researcher of the Institute of the USA and Canada, RAS, Vladimir Vasiliev .


  1. Private contractors are no more than mercenaries and afforded little protection under the Geneva Convention. With no air cover, etc. they will be incinerated along with the rest.

  2. So, the salary of an E-8 or so, replaced by private mercenaries, would reduce cost ? I don’t think so.
    It’s to evade responsibility, and as they are not a part of US military, they are foreign combatants and legal targets. It should be illegal for any private “for hire” military unit to be based in the US. If you want to serve, the recruiting office is easy to find. Or find a host country somewhere else. The purpose of a volunteer army is usurped by paid corporate thugs. Allowing them to flourish, will not end well.

  3. Trump still hasn’t revealed the FISA report, which I do believe he will as his nuclear option, I just wish he tells those Zionist and Saudi’s go Fu*k yourselves, which he probably won’t do unless he releases the REAL 9/11 report which puts those Zionist right in the middle of 9/11. I do know that he was very close JFK Jr. and he promised him if he could find his fathers real killers he would.

  4. For what it is worth Gordon, Trump wants this wall because come hell or high water the UN, the neocons and Progressives are going to flood this country with, not just thousands of illegals, but millions of them, to break our will, with or without Trump for their NWO that Trump through a monkey wrench into.
    So, no one knows what Trump really knows but, as Lincoln, Jackson and JFK tried to get these Viperous cabal out of here, the dream of the evil Albert Pike lives on and the enslavement of human kind continues, just look at China, is that what we want. ? Well, that is what American Progressives want for us, and who knows if that is what you want as well. I surely don’t want this slavery, this debt, this loss of rights,

    • Please don’t mention Trump in the same breath as great men like Lincoln and Kennedy; Trump is a disgusting psychopath and not fit to lace their boots. There is no flood of migrants on the horizon, the caravan was blatant fake news to stir up the latent racism and xenophobia of white America; it’s yellow journalism exactly like that employed by the Hearst newspapers a century ago when they demonised Asian Americans as ‘The Yellow Peril’ and Mexican Americans as Marijuana-crazed lazy good for nothings, to say nothing of how they constantly wrote about the perils of young white women being raped by blacks. The same yellow journalism is being peddled today, just slightly reworked for a new age, but as pernicious, false and fraudulent as ever. Get whitey scared of folks with brown skin, the age old way of spreading social disharmony and applying the Zionist ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. Sadly, people are still falling for it.

    • ” no one knows what Trump really knows ” um, yes they do. The thing everyone knows that Trump doesn’t know, is the wall is a stupid idea. Wait until he tries to block the river views along the Rio Grande. Everything he has ordered has been overturned, and not because of some global plot to “break our will”,… what does that even mean ? What will ? The will to do what exactly ?
      The US is a country of immigrants, that is our will. Your fears have been triggered by propaganda.
      Our history is , every wave of migrants is opposed by the latest previous wave. Let us in, but NOT THEM !
      For crying out loud.

    • “…wrote about the perils of young white women being raped by blacks…” – IG

      I have read articles on that subject (but of course much more measured than the early 20th Century yellow journalism) by Jim W. Dean right here on VT.

  5. Israel lover Trump is lying about all this like he does about everything else. The expensive wall will not keep anyone out. They will blow a hole in it, climb over it with ladders or other means, or dig under it. It is a total waste of money. The only way to prevent entry is with a firing squad which he is not going to do and is prohibited from doing. There is even a reported Go Fund Me to buy tall ladders to go over it.

    • The phony expensive worthless wall is much ado about nothing to divert public attention from all his many other problems with payoffs to women and corruption with banks. Mueller has not provided his report yet on criminal Trump.

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