There has never been much functional logic in the land of Trumpistan.
But try this one on for size.

If Mexico was going to pay for the wall, and now we’re going to have
to pay for it ourselves instead, then we must all be Mexicans. And if

we’re all Mexicans living in America, then we must all be illegal
immigrants and must be deported immediately.

The one thing most strongly branded during the Trump campaign was the
instant, enthusiastic crowd response to the question, “Who’s going to
pay for the wall? . . . MEXICO!” By comparison, chants of “Lock her
up” went off with a delayed fuse.

Trump didn’t just promise his voters lunch, he promised them a free
lunch. THAT was the promise, that it would not cost us a dime. Wait a
minute, you mean we’ll actually have to pay for it ourselves? Somehow
we doubt we would have heard such lusty shouts of “WE WILL!,” or
all those rallies.

Above all Trump promised that we were getting in him the world’s best
business negotiator. But not only has Trump failed to get a wall from
Mexico, he can’t even successfully negotiate with the Democrats.
Trump had his wall in hand, he HAD it, 25 billion dollars worth, and
all he had to do was have some mercy for the “dreamers,” as supported
by a clear majority of the American people.

But Trump capriciously reneged on that, as abruptly as he junked the
year end continuing resolution, which is why 1/4 of our government is
now shut down or working without pay. He arrogantly tried to drive a
bargain the Democrats could never accept.

Oh, but that was when the Republicans held all the levers of power.
They had a full two years with all those levers under their control
to push a wall through. If the so-called wall was ever a priority
with Trump, ever an urgent need, ever something he was truly serious
about, it would have happened a long time ago. The fact is it is not
even a practical proposal. It could never be built without decades of
eminent domain battles in court.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the 2018 election. The
political ground shifted dramatically. When the book is written it
ought to be entitled, “The Art Of Blowing A Deal.”

Now, Mick Mulvaney and Sarah Sanders are out there literally begging
the Democrats to give Trump anything at all. Forget even 5 billion.
Word is they are already down to 2.5 billion, just try to salvage
some sliver of technical victory. Even as Trump makes hysterical
threats on Twitter about shutting down the whole border, an
invitation to total economic catastrophe.

Remember those prototype concrete monoliths in San Diego? Mexico
didn’t even pay for those. The “reprogrammed” money for those was
stolen from the budget of Customs & Border Protection, making our
border that much more insecure right there.

Forget all those concrete boondoggles. “Psst, hey buddy, how about a
hot deal on some pointed steel slats instead?”

We had definitely planned on cracking a joke about Trump being
negotiated down to a bead curtain. But Nancy Pelosi beat us to it.
Good on her for that one. Credit where credit it due.

Yes, Trump must be impeached. But impeachment is just an ADDITIONAL
check and balance provided in the Constitution to make sure bad guys
can be removed, even if they cannot by law be prosecuted any other

Trump must ALSO be literally locked up, the fate he has maliciously
called down on everyone else who has ever challenged him, including
the prosecutors who are dedicated only to public service.

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  1. The question is “Do we want to be just another South American country ?
    Probably 5 billion of the 7 billion people in the World would rather be in the US.
    WE must be selective in who we allow into the US.

  2. Act Blue is on my list as pernicious. Once you send anything, they come day after day even twice a day.
    My advice is to give to whatever candidate directly.
    In NY, I registered through the DMV online, as instructed, but at the poll, in my little town of 2,000 where I have been paying property taxes my name was not on the list. I filled out an affidavit ballot. Over a month and a half after the election, I was notified my vote was purged. This week, I received a notice I am eligible to vote in the November election. Yes, last November. I say, no more voting until, they fix it right. I would like to see 65 % of all eligible voters Not Voting in Protest. No More Party registration. Just eligible or not. Paper ballots.

    • I should add, that my vote was purged in the district that Chris Collins won while under indictment for multiple felonies. He did not attend any debate, nor did he appear in any commercials or ads, and the party paid for smear ads against his opponent that were blatantly racist. Our election system is broken beyond repair folks, we need an overhaul.

  3. All political grandstanding . What a shoah coming from both political parties involved in the ruin of the nation . Silly rabbits tricks are for kids . The Defense Budget is there for this purpose . Build a wall [ although impossible on places ] using money from the Defense Budget . This is all political show while the Soros investments are marching to this country . Soros should be shot on sight …

  4. Trump is a developer whose standard practice is to use lawyers and LLCs to get out of paying architects, engineers, and contractors for work performed, so why should we expect anything different from him when it comes to campaign promises?

    N.b. Note the people not getting paid are not investors willing to take a risk for higher returns, but firms who had to bid on the work that they completed and were expecting a 2% to 3% write-up at best.

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