Editor’s note: VT has long been accused of being a Russian front but we are far from it.  We support Russia in Syria and the Russian people.  What we don’t support is Russia’s political games inside the US, backing the Israel lobby and right wing extremism, something done out of ignorance more than anything else.

I have personally worked to stop them for years, no minor effort.  America is enough of a sewer.  We expect some Russian “interference,” that’s normal and perfectly legal.  What Russia needs to realize is the kind of America they can really live with, one not run by nutters and totalitarians, the fake Christian right or the mobsters behind them. 

Time for Russia to “up its game.”g

Not many Russians are likely to understand a shotgun formation or the strategy behind not punting on fourth down. But between September and December 2017, social-media accounts now associated with the Kremlin-backed troll farm known as the Internet Research Association (IRA) showed a sudden interest in the National Football League. And like the Americans its accounts emulated, the IRA didn’t need any familiarity with football for its purposes.

“NFL Supports BLM After 5 Dallas Cops Were Murdered During a Protest,” tweeted one now-suspended account, @ANIIANTRS, on September 24. BLM is a reference to the Black Lives Matter movement, and the slayings the tweet referenced were over a year old at that point. @ANIIANTRS wouldn’t let any interest in week-three games derail its messaging. That same day it tweeted: “NFL Star Ray Lewis Linked to MURDER But Takes A Knee Against ‘Police Brutality.’”

The next week, a different IRA account, @PAMELA_SHARKY13, expressed displeasure with the Rams’ then-cornerback Marcus Peters. “Marcus Peters sits during the anthem after a national tragedy. Congrats on being a piece of shit!” wrote the account’s Russian operator.

The background for the tweets was a coordinated social justice protest by NFL players. The protest was begun by Colin Kaepernick, who was quickly supported by his then-49ers teammate Eric Reid, and saw mostly black players “take a knee” during the National Anthem in a silent but visible protest calling attention to police killings of of African-Americans.

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  1. @M.O.A.B. The only people who loved Catherine the Great, were the ones forced to perform “oral services” for her as a precondition to meert her. She was a German who populated many choice lands with ethnic Germans from her region. The indigenous populations were serfs, a condition as bad as slavery, worsened specially after decrees making the crown unreachable to petition, unless through the land-owner. Ethnic Russians were discriminated against. They eventually rose up in rebellians. Pugachev’s Rebellion (Peasants’ War 1773-75) is but one example of the 50 rebellians since her coronation, participated in by not only Cossacks, but Russian peasants and factory workers, Tatars, Bashkirs, Chuvash. Oh! and the serfs were all those indigenous people who had evolved into a Slavic identity at a melting ground of Slsavone, Ugrians, Finnic, Scythian and much, much later an element of the the Varangian Rus.

  2. @JohnZ, it appears that you are barely holding back on attributing it to American black genetics. Should you ever decide to do that, do consider that most of these American blacks have white blood running in their veins. Which would place those murderous tendencies that you define quite in line with white genocidal recorded history. Do enlighten us: no welfare moms in the Appalachians?

  3. Gordon, seems unexpectedly or not, you smartly stirred the pot. It’s a good way to end one year, and to begin another. Happy New Year to all.

  4. heres a tRumpanzee who no longer feels the need to hide his racism.

    my guess is he doesnt have the courage to do so face to face with black males especially….but saves it for his racist friends after they drink as much beer as they can afford.

  5. I will quote Mr. Duff:” Please pay attention” as you are missing the point that the internet is a weapon in the hands of foreign and of course our lovely domestic enemies that I swore an oath to defend against.

    The war has come home.

    Bring it….


  6. Russia is a lot like Trump. Scams are fair play, and it is up to the populace to have discernment.
    I have seen Russia display its fair share of gullibility though, even entertaining American new age hucksters and certainly having its share of white supremacy. It shouldn’t be that complicated to be able to agree with one thing and not another, when it comes to leaders or countries, but many assumptions are made when presenting this opinion or that. The classic one for this past two years of course, if you don’t like Trump, you must like Hillary. This is elementary school stuff, and America has problems with it. Too many assumptions, attached to trails that don’t exist. This isn’t human nature, it is learned behavior. Dispersion.

    • and speaking of football, the only occupation that requires a four year college degree, in order to qualify to use your own head as a battering ram,.. tons of fake degrees, today is the Military Bowl, sponsored by Northrup Grumman. a special brand of stupid, and a great place for a catch basin of a troll farm in a pool full of white supremacist knuckleheads and drooling war mongers

  7. Thank you for the pointer, Gordon. VT audience may also want to be reminded that Imperial czarist Russia is now embodied in the Russian Federation. The Social Imperialism, condemned by Chairman Mao, continues to this day. For instance, they are building cities in the East with mainly white Russian populations, to the exclusion of other native Asiatic ethnicities. Moreover, almost all the component republics of the Russian Federation, specially in the East, have been populated with ethnic Russians, rendering local populations as minorities in their own lands.

    • You are the biggest bullshitter and a liar. Name at least one city you’ve mentioned. Neither in Czarist Russia nor in the Soviet Union or RF now minorities were oppressed or ever denied to maintain their local languages or culture or were segregated. Go and get your 30 coins from Cuss Sunstein.

    • Chairman Maos embodiers of today don’t accept a single African in their country, but on the contrary they do accept African farmlands to feed their getting fat Asiatic upper middle class. Resulting in starvation in Africa and mass immigration into Europe.

    • @JL you are partly right about the China of today, even though they do have nuymerous scholarships for strudents from the developing counhtries, including Africa. [They have a fund set aside for that: every major Chinese company has to pay 2% of their earnings into that fund. Particularly in the telecom sector]. It is in fact an exploitative, globalist, capitalist money-laundering (through Macao, Singapore & Hong Kong) economy. The reinstatement of Deng, whom Mao regretted not taking care of at the same time as Liu Shao Chi, led to bourgeois revisionism. That coupled with Big Han Chauvinism has left China with a shell CP only. Though they haven’t yet reached the critical mass in Africa that spurred the mass migration into Europe. That one lays squarely on the shoulders of the Europeans, who still hold on to the resources of the post-colonial countries.

      On another note, why are afraid of declaring your name & revealing your identity? And why are you harboring such hatred for “Asiatics”?

    • @Marry Poppins. Ummm you embody a lie since you have a fictitious, contrived name. Why are you so afraid of declaring your name & revealing your identity? Perhaps it’s because you a troll? Most of what you say is a blatant lie, just like your name. The Adyghe, Chechen, Mari and many in the Far East are examples enough to prove that you are the rabid liar.

      The Cyrillization of the local languages is a blatant example of Russian Social Imperialism. The 3 domes of the Kremlin are a perennial humiliation of the Tatars. The packing of republics with ethnic Russians is yet another example. Just like it was in Kazakhstan; until much of the ethnic Russian the population fled after the new republic became more fair towards Kazakhs. Did I mention those Russians were awarded the best lands? Another example of Social Imperialism.

      I don’t have to go to Cuss Sunstein (sure you didnt mean Cass?). I have attended extensive political philosophy study groups in my youth to have learned analytics and apply heuristics from a Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist perspective.

    • Jaffer, I’m Karelian and a Fin too and I can assure You that the situation in here is not that tragic at all. Ukraine sanctions from both sides of the Rus/Fin(EU) border causes difficulties, but we’ve been here for thousands of years and we can wait a couple presidencies more, especially from Ukraine side. To say Pandoras Box been open for all the time, the endless Taiga (is finnic and means Magic) of Siberia will solve all the problems.

      I have absolutely no problems with asians, but with the current globalist and historical feudalist economy system, where big cities and aristrocrates eat all the fat of the land and we countrymen are forced to do something that those highlives don’t choke on their own shit.

    • @JL my utmost respects to you for being a Karelian and a Finn. Delighted, in fact. My first positive impression of the Finns was about 58 years ago when I learned that the original Bowie knife was actually a Finnish blade. Fast forward 18 years ago when I read articles by Finnish nationalists, with eye-opening, credible assertions of their linkage to the Sumerians. There was also an article poking fun at the Swedes, particularly the Runes. The interpretations were hilarious. I only wish I could find it again. Then two years ago I learned about the Tikka & Sako rifles. Nice to know that a people, some of whose adherents claim roots in the Middle East, can come up with high-quality products. More recently, I saw a Finnish movie with the backdrop of the Kalevala as a theme. I suppose that narrator sees linkage with Asiatics, possibly Tungusic people. Today I learned about Lapua, the home of the .338 Lapua.

      Having expressed my awe and admiration, I still view Karelia as occupied. In one of my jobs with a global telecom company, I talked to people from all around the world, incl. Espoo, Lahti, Outokumpu, Turku, Vantaa. It was then that I got the impression that Karelians were entering Finland. Correct me if I am wrong, Putin did offer it back to Finland, but was decllined?

  8. Mr. Duff this is a huge national security issue for America and exploits our internal weaknesses since our Military is strong and lacks little.

    Social media should be nationalized and heavily regulated not just to guard against trolls but to protect people’s privacy and finances.

    View it more as a road system which is under regulation so that roads stay open to bennifit all. Private contractors yes but overseen by strict regulations and accountability.


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