Divided Islam: Was Mohammad’s First Wife the Real Prophet of Muslims?


    By Nauman Sadiq for VT Islamabad

    In all, Prophet Mohammad married thirteen wives. But he married his first wife Khadija when he was 25 years old and she was 40. All other marriages were contracted after the death of Khadija when Mohammad was 50 years old.

    Mohammad was 40 years old when he received his first divine revelation and Khadija was the first person to convert to Islam. It’s worth noting here that Mohammad was illiterate and couldn’t read and write, whereas Khadija was a rich and erudite merchant of the ruling tribe of Mecca, the Quraysh.

    She would frequently send trade caravans to the Levant and appears to have been well-versed in the history and theology of Judaism and Christianity which were the dominant religion of the Levant then. Therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise that most of Islamic theology is based on the Abrahamic religions.

    It was during the course of one such trade transaction to Syria that Khadija employed Mohammad as her agent. She was impressed by his skills and honesty, and subsequently sent a marriage proposal which Mohammad accepted.

    Thus, it appears that the driving spirit behind the prophethood of Mohammad was actually Khadija, and most verses of the holy book of Muslims, the Quran, were inspired by her, particularly the knowledge of pre-Islamic Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Christianity.

    If we look at the evolution of Islamic religion and culture throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, it hasn’t been natural. Some deleterious mutations have occurred somewhere which have negatively impacted the Islamic societies all over the world.

    Social conditioning plays the same role in social sciences that natural selection plays in biological sciences. It selects the traits, norms and values which are most beneficial to the host culture. Seen from this angle, social diversity is a desirable quality for social progress, because when diverse customs and value systems compete with each other, the culture retains the beneficial customs and values and discards the harmful traditions and habits.

    A decentralized and less organized religion, like Sufi (mystical) Islam, engenders diverse strains of beliefs and opinions which compete with one another in gaining social acceptance and currency. A heavily centralized and tightly organized religion, on the other hand, depends more on authority and dogma than on value and utility. In addition, a centralized religion is also more ossified and less adaptive to change compared to a decentralized faith.

    The Shi’a Muslims have their Imams and Marjahs (religious authorities), but it is generally assumed about Sunni Islam that it discourages the authority of clergy. In this sense, Sunni Islam is closer to Protestantism, at least theoretically, because it prefers an individual and personalized interpretation of scriptures and religion. Although this perception might be true for educated Sunni Muslims, on the popular level of the masses of developing Islamic countries, the House of Saud plays the same role in Sunni Islam that the pope plays in Catholicism.

    By virtue of their physical possession of the holy places of Islam – Mecca and Medina – the Saudi kings are the de facto caliphs of Muslims. The title of the Saudi king: Khadim-ul-Haramain-al-Shareefain (the servant of the house of God), makes him the vice-regent of God on earth; and the title of the caliph of Muslims is not limited to a single nation state, the Saudi king wields enormous influence throughout the commonwealth of Islam, the Muslim Ummah.

    Islam is regarded as the fastest growing religion of the 20th and 21st centuries. According to World Religion Database, the share of world population by religion during the last century was:

    Christianity: 1910: 34.8% ; 2010: 32.8%

    Islam: 1910: 12.6% ; 2010: 22.5%

    Hinduism: 1910: 12.7% ; 2010: 13.8%

    Agnosticism: 1910: 0.2% ; 2010: 9.8%

    Chinese folk religion: 1910: 22.2% ; 2010: 6.3%

    Buddhism: 1910: 7.9% ; 2010: 8%

    Thus, while the number of adherents of all other religions has remained static or dwindled, the proselytization of Islam has nearly doubled.

    The only feature that sets Islam apart from the rest of major cosmopolitan religions, like Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism, and which is also primarily responsible for this atavistic phenomena of Islamic resurgence in the modern era is that Islam as a religion and political ideology has the world’s richest financiers.

    After the 1973 collective Arab oil embargo against the West in the wake of the Arab-Israeli war, the price of oil quadrupled; and the contribution of the Gulf’s petro-sheikhs towards the ‘spiritual well-being’ of Muslims all over the world magnified proportionally. This is the reason why we are witnessing an exponential growth of Islamic charities and madrassas (religious seminaries) all over the world and particularly in the Islamic world.

    The phenomena of Islamic radicalism all over the world is directly linked to Islamic madrassas that are generously funded by the Gulf’s petro-dollars. These madrassas attract children from the most impoverished backgrounds in the Third World Islamic countries, because they offer the kind of incentives and facilities which even the government-funded public schools cannot provide: such as free boarding and lodging, free meals for destitute students, no tuition fee at all and free of cost books and stationery; some generously funded madrassas even pay monthly stipends to their students.

    Moreover, it’s a misconception that the Arab sheikhs of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and some conservative emirates of UAE generally sponsor the Wahhabi-Salafi sect of Islam. The difference between numerous sects of Sunni Islam is more nominal than substantive. Islamic charities and madrassas belonging to all the Sunni denominations get generous funding from the Gulf Arab states as well as from wealthy private donors.

    Besides madrassas, another factor that promotes the Gulf’s Wahhabi-Salafi ideology in the Islamic world is the ritual of Hajj and Umrah. Every year, millions of Muslim men and women from all over the Islamic world travel to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina to perform the pilgrimage. When the pilgrims return home to their native countries, after spending a month or two in Saudi Arabia, along with cleansed hearts and purified souls, they also bring along the tales of Saudi hospitality and their supposedly ‘true and authentic’ version of Islam, which some Muslims, especially the backward, rural folks, find attractive and worth-emulating.

    Yet another factor which contributes to the rise of Wahhabi-Salafi ideology throughout the Islamic world is the migrant workers. Millions of Muslim men, women and families from all over the developing Islamic countries live and work in energy-rich Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. Some of them permanently reside there but mostly they work on temporary work permits.

    Just like the pilgrims, when the migrant workers return home to their native villages and towns, they also bring along the tales of Saudi hospitality and their version of supposedly ‘authentic Islam.’ Spending time in the Gulf Arab states entitles one to pass authoritative judgments on religious matters, and having a cursory understanding of Arabic, the language of Quran, makes one equivalent of a Qazi (a learned jurist) amongst illiterate, rural Muslims; and such charlatans simply reproduce the customs and traditions of the Arabs as the authentic version of Islam to their backward, rural communities.

    Finally, regarding the regression of Islamic culture and religion in the modern era, the designation caliphate was used to describe enlightened and majestic Islamic empires of yore, such as the Umayyads of Damascus, the Abbasids of Baghdad, the Ottomans of Turkey and the Mughals of India.

    And now, it is being used as a slur to revile the repressive and medieval rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and two-bit warlords like the Taliban’s deceased chief, Mullah Omar, and the Islamic State’s fugitive leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, have appropriated the exalted Islamic titles of Ameer-ul-momineen and the caliph of Muslims.

    About the author:

    Nauman Sadiq is an Islamabad-based attorney, columnist and geopolitical analyst focused on the politics of Af-Pak and Middle East regions, neocolonialism and petro-imperialism.

    Best wishes for New Year,

    Nauman Sadiq.

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    1. Khadija was a devout Catholic. After her first husband died, she donated much of her wealth to the Catholic church and became a nun at a Catholic monastery. Not long after, she was given a mission to go back into the world and marry Mohammed.
      At the time, the Roman Empire was state of collapse and the Catholic Pope was devising a plan to keep control over the holy city of Jerusalem as the Roman legions were called from Judea to defend Rome. The plan was to create a new religion in Arabia. Former attempts to get Arabs to convert to the Catholic religion were met with limited success. So, a new religion, more appealing to Arabs would be created. Khadija had tremendous influence over Mohammed as well as her cousin, who was also a devout Catholic.
      The Catholic church would center this new religion around Mohammed and offer to finance Mohammod’s armies to spread this new religion. In return, after Mohammed’s armies conquered Judea, Mohammed agreed to allow the Catholic Church control over Jerusalem.
      The plan ran into a problem because before the Muslim armies had conquered Judea, Mohammed died. His successor refused to turn Jerusalem over to the Catholic Church because he considered Jerusalem to also be a holy site to the Muslims. Also, by then, the Muslim armies were so strong that they no longer require assistance from the Catholic Church. The rest is known history. Source: “The Secret History of the New World Order.”

    2. “God/Creator gave us Reason not Religion.” Wrote our Thomas Paine some 240 years ago. Now, we can reflect on that, in view of what is going on today. All the, so called, ‘Hearsay Religions’ have been handed down to us by, ‘Control Freaks.’ Moses, Mohamed, Joseph Smith and others, who have provided superstitious, phony, fake, explanations, answers to the naïve, primitive, ignorant, looking for answers masses of Humanity. The result is that today the World is split along religious lines. Who gains from this? Divide and conquer! In my opinion Religion and the, ‘offspring’ of Religion, Ideology, (the Curses of Mankind), in the hand of ‘Control Freaks’ are the ‘Tools’ to help them accomplish their, eventual, Total Control, over their fellow travelers on this Planet! That ‘Goal’ is a, ‘HIGH TECH GULAG.” We must resist to take sides! Try to live by the credo; “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR LIKE THY SELVES!” Ignore and reject all the other, B>S>!!

    3. Khalid, one has to be at the receiving end of the colonial to see it’s nuances in so-called post-colonial Westerners. They are oblivious to it themselves & are vehement in denying traces of it in their thinking when it is pointed out.

      Feel free to reach me at my email: jjamil at earthlink dot net. I would very much like to befriend you on a more personal basis. That is if you won’t get shocked by my leftist stance on many matters. My email has a built-in firewall which I check behind daily.

    4. It was deleted because it was childish, imbecilic and made you look very bad indeed, ranting and raving like a spoilt child, to say nothing of the insults and epithets. Are you really a Muslim? If so, do you realise how bad you are making Muslims look by your incredibly bad behaviour? Or maybe you’re really a fat, bored Haifa housewife being paid to write this crap by the ADL and trying to made Muslims look like a bunch of reactionary lunatics?

    5. You’re only wrong by about 1000 years, you are comparing how places like Britain were over 2000 years ago with Arabia of about 1000 years ago, highly disingenuous indeed. The Arabic world didn’t really develop those things either, they just re-discovered them from ancient Greek texts and only became more developed than Europe because, at that period of history, Europe was locked in a mini ice age and had lost half it’s population to the plague.

      Do you even realise the passive-aggressive racism that is deeply imbued in your statement? This ‘my ancestry is better and more noble than yours’ rubbish has no place in the modern world, we should be emphasising our similarities, not our differences as the latter leads to much unpleasantness and is most counterproductive.

    6. Interesting article, but it includes some dubious elements. The notion that only or primarily Khadijah would be involved in Abrahamic monotheistic culture at that time and place is absurd; there were Christians, Jews, and perhaps most importantly Hanifs (pure monotheists) in and around Mecca. The statement that Islam is growing because “it has the world’s richest financiers” is a half-truth at best; those rich financiers are trying to spread a style of Islam that puts off most non-Muslims, so they are actually HINDERING the spread of Islam by spending their money to make it look bad. The notion that the “Wahhabi-Salafi sect of Islam” is very close to normal Sunni Islam is completely wrong; all classical scholars would have looked at today’s Wahhabi-Salafis as extreme deviants or “heretics” whose jettisoning of the classical law schools, attacks on other Muslims, etc. are wildly un-Islamic; it is only uneducated/brainwashed Sunnis who can’t tell the difference. And the author’s bizarre claim that “the House of Saud plays the same role in Sunni Islam that the pope plays in Catholicism” is beyond absurd! I have traveled and done public speaking all over Morocco and Turkey, in many cases with Sunni Islamic revivalists, and I have never met a single Sunni Muslim in those countries who did not REVILE the House of Saud!!! In Morocco, everyone despises the Saudi princes who come to gamble and rape and whore. This is hardly the way Catholics see the Pope!

      • The Greeks got their knowledge from the Babylonians, who had acquired it from the Sumerians. Any Magyar or Finn nationalist scholar will confirm that. The Arabs of areas comprising present-day Syria & Iraq also had access to texts translated through Assyrian records. The clans in those regions know which of them have lineages stretching back to those cultures. One example was Mustafa Akkad, from the Akkadians.

      • Dead right Kevin!!! Scholars of Traditional (Sunni) Islam revile the Wahabi/Salafi re-manifestation of the fanatical Kharijites. Who also exist as Oman’s Ibadi. And existed as the fanatical muwahiddun of Spain and the Maghreb. As do 150,000 member tribe of Ashraaf (noble ones descended from the Prophet PBUH) of Suleimaniya Iraq (Saddam Hussein’s clan is from them). All true, un-brainwashed Sunnis consider the Al Saud clan as illegal satanic occupiers of the Hejaz, usurping the rights of the Ashraaf of the Hejaz. The Imams of the Zaidis (aka Houthis), the Idrissids of Libya & the Hashemites of Jordan are different branches of the same clans.

        The Hanif that you mention were also known as followers of the Faith of Abraham (Deen-e-Ibrahimi).

      • While I agree with much of what you say about the Whabbi cult, Kevin, you might find it interesting to read David Livingstone’s book, “Terrorism and the Illuminati.” In his book , he reveals that agents of British Intelligence created some of the extremist Islamic cults like Whabbi, Salifi, and Takfiri. These various Islamic cults were created to advance British Geopolitical agendas in the Middle East. The Whabbi cult was instrumental in splitting Arabia off from the Ottoman Turkish empire. The Salifi militants were used to guard the Suez canal. The British placed the former dessert pirates of the house of Saud into power in Saudi Arabia. This was because the Sauds were outlaw enemies of the Ottoman Turks. So, much of the problems in the Middle East were caused by the past policies of the British.

      • Because Britain has been under Judeo-Zionist control since the 1690s and it was the Zionists who wanted to destroy the Ottoman Empire so they could create Israel. Anyone who blames the British without also acknowledging the Judeo-Zionist role is being disingenuous.

    7. Ian, there is one undeniable truth: that you have the mindset of the colonist, bent on demonizing Muslims, terrified of losing all that you collectively, as European colonists, have attained. It is cloaked in fake intellectualism, using VT as a bullying pulpit. Told you I have been down the atheist route. Found it severely lacking in spirituality. As for your words, like you they suck.

      • You are so utterly wrong it isn’t even funny. I have absolutely no interest in demonising anyone and to suggest I have a colonial mindset is pathetically laughable; if you are going to point the finger at someone for having a neo-colonial mindset, it should be Michael Shrimpton, a man who I hold diametrically opposite views to on virtually all subjects, not least of which is colonialism. To claim I demonise Islam is to ignore the very many times I have written about how the demonisation of Islam is part of the Zionist divide and conquer strategy, how it is the intelligence services who are behind both the Islamic hate preachers and the far right nationalists, how they are creating inter-racial and inter-religious divides for their own nefarious ends.

        If you are going to criticise me, at least try to be accurate, what you just wrote is laughably incorrect.

    8. Ian Greenhalgh likes to impose his beliefs, or lack thereof, upon others while condemning others for their beliefs. We are not asking him to believe us; nor should it be the other way around. If being an atheist is a pre-requisite to VT participation, then please announce it. VT has many Muslim readers, contributors & alliances; all of whom would like this to be in the open.

      There is a modern discipline called Emotional Intelligence. Which, succintly put, means being sensitive to one’s audience, which needs to be considered, at the very least.

      Just an FYI of my background:
      – father served in wartime British Indian Intelligence, identifying Indian mill-owners supplying to the Wehrmacht;
      – myself attended a school with a Torch (Illuminati?) and “Lucerna Meis Pedibus” on it’s school badge;
      – schools motto is “indocti discant”, stated more fully as “indocti discant et ament meminissi periti” in the Scottish Rites;
      – was an atheist studying political philosophy from the unique aspect of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoism;
      – subsequently underwent spiritual training with a combination of Naqshbandi & Chishtiyya Sufi orders.

      • No, I don’t try to impose anything, quite the contrary, I believe that everyone is entitled to his or her own beliefs. However, when people get together, codify those beliefs into religious dogma then use that religion for their own ends, then I rail against it. Personal belief is fine, but religion is ancient superstition and mysticism, in short, a pile of outdated bullshit and has no place in the modern world. Religion functions to control and manipulate people and has been a massive detriment to the whole of humanity; it has caused more death, suffering and cruelty than anything else in recorded history, therefore I feel fully justified in criticising it. Religion has never been a positive force, it has never done anything positive for the betterment of mankind, rather it has been a millstone around our necks and a tool used by the elite to control the masses, not least by using the divide and conquer strategy to set one religion against another in futile, pointless and imbecilic ‘my god is better than your god’ squabbles that have slaughtered countless millions and set back the progress of humanity untold amounts.

        As for being sensitive to one’s audience, that’s bullshit, it is far more apropos to hold to the rule of thumb that if you’re not upsetting someone then you obviously weren’t provocative enough in what you said. Truth often hurts, especially when it punctures the bubbles of delusion that the religious float around in. I deal in the truth, as far as I an discern it and if you find that hurts you, then you need to look to yourself, to your own id, your own delusions and misconceptions, to find the source of the pain, rather than blaming my words.

    9. @ Khalid, It’s an assertion based on a modern reconstruction of the Earth Religion aka Wicca. Nauman Sadiq is striving to be the darling of the modernists in Pakistan, by touting Feminism (who have their roots in Zionism). True Earth Religion of the ancients was very far from it’s modern feminist interpretations.

      • It deeply saddens me that people are still caught up in all this mystical religious nonsense in an age where we should have left all that crap behind. The human race will never evolve into a truly forward thinking and developing entity until we finally abandon all this religious crap. Who cares what may or may not have happened in the Middle east a millennia or two ago, it has no relevance to the modern world and is nothing more than yet another meme that can be exploited in order to create divisions that can be leveraged into conflict, thus forwarding the Zionist divide and conquer strategy. I honestly cannot take seriously anything said by anyone who proclaims to be a follower of one or other religion as I think all religions are equally bullshit and pointless and have no place in the modern world. I continue to be amazed at how touchy and easily upset many Muslims are, how ready they are to take offence at any perceived slight against their religion. Quite frankly, it’s childish and pathetic behaviour, grow up, so what if someone insulted some aspect of your stupid, childish beliefs. I vividly remember 20 years ago making a passing joke/comment that maybe Muhammad didn’t fly from Mecca to Medina, maybe he just smoked some really good hashish and imagined the whole thing. Well, the mess that caused was incredible, I have people threatening to kill me over my ‘deeply offensive remark’. How pathetic, how immature, how utterly childish, for grown men to want to kill someone over a simple comment meant in jest. Small wonder we Europeans are so deeply concerned about the Islamisation of Europe. Just as we are freeing ourselves from the burden of Christian dogmatic bullshit, here comes an even worse set of nonsensical outmoded crap in the form of Islam, only this time, it’s adherents are even crazier and fanatical than the Christians were. Who gives a holy heck about Muhammad or his wife, it’s all a load of nonsense and people who get worked up about such things need to have a long, hard think about themselves and the dogma they have chosen to follow. If you’re going to get worked up about something, make it something relevant to the modern world, something that actually matters, something that is happening right now and can actually have an effect on the world and it’s people.

    10. @ wally. You are right about it being the one of the oldest religious sites in the world. According to some Islamic traditions, this was the very place that Adam landed in upon the illuminated platform, a portion of which is now the Black Stone of the Ka’aba. Which would make it the oldest religious site. Some Hindus hold the position that the Ka’aba is the most ancient Hindu site. They extrapolate that the three Shaitans, stoned during the Hajj, are actually Shiv-lingams. The tribes of ancient Arabia, knew it to be a holy site; thus out of reverence placed a token (depicting an revered leader or ancestor) representing their tribe there. Thus Islam in Arabia was not as much as blending in with paganism, but a reassertion of an original monotheistic tradition; which over time, had degenerated into paganism.

      No one has mentioned it yet (perhaps it would lend credence to their African origins), but it seems that both the goddess Hera and the god Thor may have had a presence there. Evidenced by the Cave of Hira where the Prophet (s.a.w.s.) used to meditate & received his first revelation. And the Cave of Thaur where he found refuge & knowledge was placed in his & his companian’s hearts (per the Quran). To add another head-spinning twist, that cave was also the placed where an ancient snake visited. He was the king his race. lends a new meaning to the nagavanshi lineages in the Hindus, doesn’t it?

      • @ M.O.A.B, we do tend to look for differences, choosing to ignore much. I really enjoy bringing this up with white supremacists. Here’s more to make the spin even more dizzying:

        Such as the ancient Greeks viewed the Ethiopians as gods. Afro-centrism places Hercules as someone from the Ethiopian region. The ancient aborigines of Arabia are an African/Negroid people. Moreover, the Aesir (Thor’s people) are considered to be from the South, by some Scandinavian scholars. Which would make the Vanir (Loki’s people) indigenous. [Hence Odin’s adoption of Loki symbolizes the assimilation of a conquered people]. Some, of both the Hungarian and the Finn nationalists, view the Sumerians as part of their ethno-genesis. They both claim their original alphabet is derived from the Sumerian script. The Hungarians credibly assert the most linguistic markers of their language with Sumerian. The Finns state the Norse to be an unlettered lot, who acquired knowledge of the Runes from them. Once again, they assert that the Runes are derived from Sumerian.

        Factor in the Yemeni tradition that the whole world’s people orinatedd from Yemen. Which encompasses the Horn of Africa and Ethiopia, since they were in regional empires , with seats of power alternating in the Horn and Yemen. Kind of resonates with Leakey’s theory of east African origins of mankind., doesn’t it?

    11. @Khalid, don’t apologize to Nauman. He does not refer to the prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.s.) with the proper honorific. You are dead right about him not knowing anything about Islam.

    12. Nauman, seems like you need to learn a lot more before commenting with any authority.

      You do know that the Quraish were of Hebraic origin? Thus they would have arcane knowledge of pre-Mosaic traditions. Also, the Prophet’s grand-father (and his clan) followed the Deen-e-Ibrahimi (Religion of Abraham). Which in itself was distinct from post-Mosaic Judaism. [That many of the Quraish were idol-worshppers was due to the lust for power & the greed of gathering wealth from tribes across Arabia, who came for annual pilgrimage]. Know also that there were Jews in the Hijaz from the Himyari (a distinct people speaking a South Arabian language) kingdom of Yemen, who also followed post-Mosaic traditions. Umm Khadija (r.a.) was a direct cousin of Syedna Abu Bakr (r.a.). As was the prophet’s mother. Those Quraish followed the Unitarian Christian tradition. The Unitarian Christian scholar, Waraqa, was her cousin. When the Prophet did travel to Levant, he would meet the (Unitarian) monk Bahira; who confirmed to his Unitarian followers of his impending prophethood – perhaps as an assurance of relief from oppression by Trinitarian Byzantines. .

      Thus no one would have to travel as far as the Levant to learn about Hebraic traditions, nor Christianity. They existed already in the Hejaz, albeit of a nature that was more original than Trinitarian Christianity or Talmudic Judaism.

    13. The idea that Islam and Christianity were dominant religions in the late part of the classical era and early mediaeval era is untrue. Christianity and Islam were both fringe and unpopular religions right up until the 10th or 11th centuries. They were both persecuted heavily by pagans and Jews. The Christians were persecuted far more harshly by the pagans than the Muslims were, which is why Christianity had to be altered around the 6th and 7th century to conform to Roman pagan traditions, it was either that or be killed. Christianity is still very much a pagan religion at heart. Islam on the other hand was far better at blending in with the pagans than the christians which is why it spread faster. An example of this would be the kaabaa, it used to be a pagan shrine before Islam, then it became incorporated into the religion. It is arguabley one of the oldest religious sights in the world.

      • @Wally please see my reply about Islam/paganism erronously placed above. Now about Christianity. You are referring to Trinitarian Christianity. The Unitarian Christians, embodied in the Vandals, did not tolerate any form of paganism. It was because of their actions that the word “iconoclast” was coined. Some of the unitarians were ” were Lucian of Antioch, Eusebius of Caesarea, Arius, Eusebius of Nicomedia, Asterius the Sophist, Eunomius, and Ulfilas, as well as Felix, Bishop of Urgell.” wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unitarianism

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