Israel’s new envoy to Ireland on facing an ‘extreme’ BDS challenge

Israel’s new Ambassador to the Emerald Isle, Ophir Kariv, struggles to stay on script as he talks to Stephen Oryszczuk about his new role


As you’d expect, Israel’s new ambassador to Ireland won’t be drawn on most things, but when an Irish senator accuses his kin of “Goebbels-style” propaganda in the Emerald Isle, surely he’ll come close?

Speaking to Jewish News this week, Ambassador Ophir Kariv was happier to talk about the Bill being debated when those comments were made last Wednesday. “It’s the most extreme anti-Israel legislation in Europe,” he says. But it’s a start – the word “extreme” is used advisedly by diplomats.


  1. All across America in every business that sells any groceries soaps bleaches nearly every label includes a Rabbinical Jew tax stamp . Usually its a K in a circle or the letter U in a circle on the product and its a TAX stamp and sometimes there are multiple stamps on the one item . Yes the joo collects every time YOU buy any product with this kosher stamp . Personally I try very hard NOT to buy anything with this mark of the Beast on the label ….It has nothing to do with better flavor or quality …Taxation without representation ? they drove the Mafia out of business long ago look who owns Las Vegas . Actually Im surprised Ireland allows these leeches to set foot on the Emerald Isle .


    Israel’s Ophir Kariv, Israel’s new ambassador to Ireland will find tangling with “The Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill 2018” a very salutary experience. I urge VT readers to read the first article on the original boycott in County Mayo. I imagine Ophir Kariv has read it. If not, he should.

    The Leader of the Irish Land League and main protagonist of the boycott was Michael Davitt of Straide Village in Co. Mayo. (It is the same Michael Davitt who steered one Lloyd George into Parliamentary politics at a farmers meeting in Wales in 1886.) But this is about Israel, or more particularly about the Occupied Territories.

    Oddly enough, Michael Davitt wrote an account of a murderous pogrom in Kishinev, Russia in the early 1900’s and the plight of the Jewish victims. He was a friend of persecuted Jews.

    • The Irish government (Dail) under De Valera allowed twelve (12) Jews into Ireland during WW2. A shocking and absolutely appalling figure by any standard. The Irish have an affinity for that specific number of Jews representing as it does, the Apostles of Jesus. As I understand, there were more Irish who went to fight the British Army in Palestine. According to a former Jewish work colleague in New York back in the 80’s, one of them stayed on after the British withdrew and lived at Kibbutz Ravi outside Tiberius.

      A priest of the Limerick diocese in Ireland stirred up some local hysteria against Jews around 1905 which was quickly suppressed by the local Royal Irish Constabulary but not before a few shop-front windows were shattered. The number of Jews in Ireland has risen in recent years and the community has been well represented in politics – Alan Shatter and Mervin Taylor being among those I can recall. William Annyas, a Jew was elected Mayor of Youghal, County Cork in 1555 (I knew his sister well!) and more recently we had Gerald Yael Goldberg who was Lord Mayor of Cork in 1977. Robert and Ben Briscoe were notable Lord Mayors of Dublin. As Yogi Berra said when he heard about it: “Only in America!”

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