Intel Drop: Russia is Russia, Russia is Russia’s friend and Trump is their “Fodder”

Trump was put in office by the Deep State because having a strong and credible America is a threat, anyone who can't see this is blind


…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Ever since VT and I were named in the MSM as “Russian agents,” the FBI decided they wanted to hang out at my house (nicer than average folks actually), it has become important to raise the bar.

We begin.

I publish extensively in Russia, have appeared on Russian television (in Russian) often but am mostly boycotted by RT and Sputnik.  There is a reason for this.

Lunacy? No kidding

I won’t begin to go into who or how many I know in Russia.  I know that there are those in Russia who aren’t idiots at all though I spend much time explaining American politics and history to Russian audiences.

Similarly, I am considered a Russian specialist (and have some academic credits to support that…..and I can’t begin to tell you how silly that is) and am turned to for explanations of “Russian intentions” and policy by think tanks and “others.”

None of them get it, years of fake terror wars while looting the Middle East has left them beyond fat and lazy.

How they love this, humiliating America

First we talk about RT and Sputnik, not for Russians but a “game” played out to give  a strongly deceptive view of Russian strategic thinking. This is their job and they do it well, it is legal to do this and wise as well.  The US can’t be trusted.

RT and Sputnik do little but kiss neocon and Israeli behinds and attack American progressives and anyone who stands behind American working people.  They are in love with Donnie Trump and America’s criminal elites.

Russia’s fake Trump on the left and the real unretouched Trump, one of the few non photoshopped profiles of trump on the Right

If the Russian people knew how they are being portrayed by their English language media, there would be trouble.

The game is simple, Russians know Trump is not only an idiot with the attention span of a gnat but that those around him like Bolton are “useful idiots as well.”  Russia loved Flynn and they told me so, which got me interrogated by the FBI, thank you very much.

They love fools, corrupt fools because “bringing down America,” destroying America’s credibility with Europe, Turkey, Japan, Korea and other “allies,” like Australia, Canada and New Zealand, is critical to Russia’s financial survival.

Trump is the man to deliver these American failures, and has done a great job.

He was going to withdraw from Syria to kiss Erdogan’s behind, but now is forced to stay because Erdogan’s didn’t fall in line, now everyone is on the US, breaking its word, trapped in Syria and now forced to suck hind tit with Assad’s forces moving in around American positions. This is a huge defeat for the US.

Now Pakistan hates us, Imran Khan thinks Trump is a moron and Trump, the idiot he is, has no idea how important Pakistan has been to US foreign policy in the region.  India is India’s friend, not America’s and Trump has insulted and humiliated Modi one time too many.

Trump has literally destroyed Saudi Arabia, Iran must love him. Trump is destroying Israel as well.

Europe despises him though Trump’s supporters have spent millions there, with Steve Bannon running the show (very well), organizing a new Nazi uprising across Europe that will eventually kick America’s behind as well.

What is painful is reading the Russian press, some of it at least, and how it “seems” to hate everyday Americans on behalf of the Kosher Nostra.

One might assume that this organization is somehow blackmailing Putin, or that’s how they are making it seem and how Russia is powerless behind some level of total disorder and corruption internally, or that’s how Russia Today and Sputnik are playing it out for anyone who cares to look.

Why are they selling that idea?  Are they playing Trump and Bolton, both of whom are out of their depth? I suspect so, but then, what do I know?

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  1. I remember that article that went after VT and NEO Journal as being Russian propaganda. (Was it in the WaPo?). In a way it’s a badge of honor, a sign that you are getting enough attention and having enough influence that they have to do something about you to discredit you.

    I don’t agree with you guys about everything but I do appreciate your different perspective.

    It is fact that during the campaign Trump offered a different foreign policy approach: Iraq was a mistake; Assad can stay in power; let’s work with the Russians to fight terrorism. And this was a radical break from past US foreign policy – and likely a factor in setting Establishment forces against him. Clearly, once he became president and with Flynn and Bannon gone, he has floundered and flip-flopped and staffed with bad neocon choices. It’s a bit of a mystery but at one point he did have some ideas. Where did Trump get these ideas? Were they his own? Were they from polling data and cynically used to manipulate voters? Did they come from Flynn or Bannon or some military generals?. . .

    It is not clear to me in this editorial how Trump “destroyed Saudi Arabia”. Not clear at all. That is all due to the Khashoggi murder, which the Saudis might have gotten away with if it wasn’t for Turkish intelligence. What is more suspicious actually is why the MSM trumpeted up the death of one journalist and made it a major political issue.

    I also don’t see RT attacking American progressives. Quite the opposite actually. I see them criticizing US empire, which makes sense for them to do.

    Yes, I am sure the Russians love the weakening of US Empire and NATO and some of the other institutions that underpin the Neoliberal world order. On the other hand, now they have to deal with the loose cannon that is Trump, that is one minute threatening N.Korea with fiery destruction and the next agreeing to work towards peace; that is one minute saying he needs to work with the Russians and the next firing cruise missiles in to Syria. He is inconsistent and not predictable. That could be worse.

  2. What do you mean Donny The Draft Dodger has no “Foreign Policy”?
    He does what Sheldon Adelson, AIPAC, and Bibi Netanyahu tell him to do.
    ” Once we squeeze everything out of the United States it can dry up and blow away”
    Benjamin Netanyahu overheard speaking to Jonathan Pollard.

  3. My dear Mr. Greenhalgh the nature of the enemy is global.

    What is truth? Our dearest enemy hates it but in the end enemy or friend is a matter of the wave function not a single point in time…

    just an opinion…


  4. To me, the most interesting part of this “intel drop’ is the comment on Pakistan “Pakistan hates us”, because, well, Pakistan really does have nuclear weapons and if it does not ally with the US, who does it ally with? Crucially, how is the Pakistan-Israel relationship changing, if at all? Is their an enhanced partnership in the offing? Something to watch for, right? As as Trump goes, it’s obvious that s far as the middle east goes, the South China Sea and North Korea, he’s become almost irrelevant. The neocons are in charge. This irrelevance extends to Russia and sanctions. It is still Israel’s rage against Russia that is determining US policy against it. Putin doesn’t get it, or maybe he does and just like the Israelis too much? Russia seems content with what it has already accomplished in Syria, which means it has accepted the idea of a Kurdish zone in Syria and partition. That makes him and the “moron” partners, right? Well, at least we see a potential for a limited partnership on this one specific issue, which Assad will have to swallow or what…?

    • Pakistan can offer China overland pipeline, rail, and highway access to the Indian Ocean, which is of strategic importance, since all the sea routes to the Indian Ocean except a very long detour south of Australia through the Southern Ocean can easily be blockaded.

  5. The US has been so successfully infiltrated, its institutions now bereft of any backbone finely filleted by Israel. Does it take a gnat-brain to put two and two together and see Russia similarly ‘done’ from within by latent Zionist/Bolshevik forces. Putin recently reined in Bibi over the downed Russian aircraft that killed fifteen servicemen, backed up by a no-nonsense General Staff that let Israel know in no uncertain terms – ‘thus far and no further’. RT by all accounts is tied editorially to Israel so no surprise there. Sputnik, questionable. Neither responded to a suggested article I sent out a few months ago because Jim Dean wished it broadcast abroad but, another Russia outlet obliged.

    Britain too is also under the Zionist cosh. Ian Greenhalgh has given us a close insight into Mossad/Zionist controlled connivance in British politics. We read where the Labour Party under Corbyn strains to retain a Parliamentary balance under relentless attack by these same Zionist forces.

    Look today at the way Israel gets first ‘dibs’ on the new Senate roster pushing a Bill to try and dismantle the BDS movement here in the US. Maybe I’ll relent if someone, somewhere can show me just one piece of Israeli legislation that can be categorically stated as being pro-US or pro-Britain. I’ll wait in vain.

    • No, you don’t need examples, all you need to know is that the editorial control of RT and Sputnik is in the hands of those who are not loyal to Russia. We can’t outright state the names of these people, for obvious reasons.

  6. I will be looking for a mailing address for VT so I can mail that Air America DVD (when I get it transferred). I can’t send it as an email attachment because the ATT/Yahoo system won’t allow me to attach video files because my old legacy machine doesn’t meet their standards (meaning I can’t be easily hacked with this old software and even older hardware). I enjoy these intel updates by you Gordon, many many thanks.

  7. “Trump has literally destroyed Saudi Arabia… Trump is destroying Israel as well.” – GD

    Maybe Trump is living up to the expectations of some of us of being so bad that he unintentionally does good.

    P.S. Site under attack for posting this article? I keep getting “server unavailable” errors.

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