Ex-IDF General Reveals Israeli Army’s Deepest Secret


… from Sputnik News, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: Well this piece is a hoot this morning. Don’t expect to see a word about this in corporate media as the Zios has a 100% lock down on reporting internal Israeli disputes because it might given the goyim the idea that they have permission to “dispute things” with Israel, also.

They don’t, without getting whacked over the head with the anti-semite stick, not only by the occupied territory computer trolls, but even your fellow Americans from AIPACs on call army.

This report on the poor readiness shape of the Israeli army might put the US military aid to Israel in a bad light. If their troops are struggling that much, then is their government spending a lot of our aid money Zionist espionage operations here? And, heaven forbid, could there be graft going on inside the supremacist State?

Israel is not alone. We had the recent story about Germany not having its military fully equipped (as in working equipment) for another 16 years. That kind of blows its cover on being concerned over a fake Russian threat.

For a country with the population of the 14 country Metro Atlanta area and Israel being 14th in defense expenditures, one would think that would be sufficient, especially with its large nuke component, and the US military on call.

As Gordon does so love to say, they lie, lie, lie, and keep doing so because there is no price to be paid for getting caught at itJim W. Dean ]

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– First published … January 10, 2019

Maj. Gen. (res.) Yitzhak Brick retired this week after serving as the Israel Defence Forces ombudsman for over a decade. Before his departure, Brick got into a spat with the Israeli military’s top brass after publishing a thorough report suggesting that Israel’s ground forces were grossly unprepared for a major conflict.

Brick continued his barrage of criticism against the military over its allegedly catastrophic readiness levels on Wednesday, the day he was replaced by former defence comptroller Eitan Dahan.

“If there is a war, the trauma of Yom Kippur will be a walk in the park in comparison, Brick said, speaking to Israeli television.

Brick was referring to the October War of 1973 between Israel and a coalition of Arab states, which brought Israel to the brink of defeat and nearly sparked a wider war between the United States and the Soviet Union, whom supported opposite sides in the conflict.

According to the officer, Israel is currently “building the army into a situation where it can give an answer to two threats: Lebanon and Gaza. There seems to have been a change in the Middle East, the Syrians have returned. The main threat that has not been taken into consideration is near us. Our army is built for a region-and-a-half.”

An Israeli Air Force F-15 (File)

“How do you build an army without taking changes in the Middle East into consideration? It’s irresponsible at a national level,” Brick added.

The retired official said his mission as ombudsman had been to ‘burst the bubble’ of the IDF’s illusions.

“The deepest secret of the army, that they do everything to keep safe, is that what happens in the army stays there. They have been doing it with amazing success until today, until this Brick comes and bursts the bubble,” Brick said.

Prior to his retirement, Brick repeatedly criticised the military over what he perceived as its dangerous unpreparedness for war. Last June, he cited an acute shortage of doctors and psychiatrists, as well as cost-cutting measures, which he said had a negative effect on the morale of young officers and NCOs.

Brick blamed these flaws on the 2015 five-year reform strategy, which proposed reducing the number of career soldiers to less than 40,000, and reduced compulsory military service by three months for men. These changes resulted in burnout and the loss of motivation among the remaining officers, according to the ombudsman.

A Knesset investigation challenged Brick’s findings, concluding late last year that the army was in good shape and that operational preparedness had actually “significantly improved” since the 2014 Gaza war.

Israel had the 14th largest defence expenditure in the world in 2017, spending $21.6 billion, far outstripping most regional competitors, including traditional foe Syria, which spent $1.87 billion, and Iran, which spent $6.3 billion, according to Global Firepower.

Israel is also believed to possess between 80 and 400 nuclear warheads, although its official policy is not to confirm or deny its possession of such arms. Israel has been involved in 14 conflicts in its 71 year history, including wars with Arab states, as well as limited conflicts with militant groups such as the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO), Hezbollah and Hamas.

SOURCESputnik News

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  1. Milking the Goyim US taxpayer …Just as th e” Dual Citizens ” holding political offices across America but concentrated on Capitol Hill . What a Rothschild Ponzi scheme .

  2. Global Research is not a valid source ?
    do you have a valid source proving THAT?

    ridiculous to make such an assertion.

  3. Not only is the Israeli army unprepared, but even the Air Force seems to have more than its share of problems and recently has had to resort to hiding behind civilian aircraft in order to launch missle attacks against Syrian military installations. Heck, just the other day, a story came out about an F15D that lost its canopy during a training flight!!! (It was reported in The Aviationist website.) Let’s not forget the F35 bird strikes too a few months back….hahahaha!

  4. Ian G. – Is Global Research one of the sites that intentionally mixes good and bad information to confuse the issue, and do we know who controls the site?

  5. Did you bother to verify this tale? Global Research is not a valid source therefore unless you bother to verify whether it is true or not, it’s just a tale.

  6. Jim, prior to VT coming on in my browser it was interrupted by a page saying it was “checking” my browser. Are you guys doing that, or is someone else involved? This just started yesterday.

    • i think I’m getting the same thing too and it seems that VT has recently paid CloudFlare to Provide DDoS Attacks previously found often at VT ……

  7. Or perhaps it was because the troops found out that their entire command structure was utter and complete b*******t?

  8. and sometimes, recruitment qualifications fluctuate with leadership desires, and demand of certain positions.
    Reagan instituted the “quality force initiative” for example, in an attempt to raise the quality of recruits.
    Keeping recruiters out of high schools should be a thing. Arming underage soldiers is against international law, but recruiting is not.

  9. the Problem is That None of the People that are Critical of Israel are no where near the Power to make the decision to cut off Israel …………. Through deliberaste efforts All Pro Israel Morons are Promoted and Approved to get Everything in USA to be “”” Surplussed “”” and then sent to Israel ….. it’s their firm grip over USA and not only the current are Israeli Slaves but the next four rungs of the ladder are too Pro Israel morons ……. they only promote their own assets to Position of Power so as to assure continious Profits and pay offs …….

  10. With legislation on the table about to go for a vote, to the tune of 33 billion in aid to Israel for military, it is common to see military produce readiness reports that are on the edge of disaster.
    The report correlates with the timing of the bill.
    US policy should require any recipient of foreign military aid, to disclose nuclear weapons data and to maintain a membership to NPT, along with admittance to IAEA inspectors to verify everything. Aid should also be dependent on membership and cooperation with the ICC and the UN. I do not see this as too much to ask. It is minimum and basic.

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