Electronic Russia

How things might not be what they seem

…by Bohdan Lysytsia for VT Ukraine

In 2019, half of all branches of Russian banks will begin to collect biometric data of citizens. The Russian leadership has planned to extend such identification practices to insurance, government services, driver’s licenses, medical services, etc.

The state plans to take control of all spheres of life in Russia in general. Russia is one of the world leaders in the pace of implementation of this system. The state allocates a lot of money for this. Report of the Russian TV channel “Russia 24” on the topic:



At the same time, many millions of Russians live below the poverty line. Until 2014, only such large cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tyumen and some others lived well in Russia. But almost all of Russia lived poorly and hard. In Russia, a lot of small towns and villages have become extinct over the past twenty years.

When they began to impose sanctions against Russia, in 2014, life became hard and in those cities where it used to be good. The quality of life indicator is food. From 2014, the Russians began to massively switch to ersatz-food, food-fake. Russian massively complain that the food has become very bad, tasteless, disgusting.

Components for food production began to rise in price, but the government forbade raising food prices. Therefore, manufacturers were forced to replace the normal components of the food on cheap analogues. Russia began to import palm oil on a huge scale, which replaces animal fats, but is very harmful to health.

In Russia, “new” products are massively sold, for example, sour cream product, in which there is no sour cream itself or “cheese product”, in which there is no cheese, etc. At the same time, officials urge Russians to endure (literally: tight tighten the belt):

A small digression so that no one would say that the author is too biased against Russia, and he praises Ukraine. This is Ukrainian Minister Reva:

He says that Ukrainians eat too much. This is frank cynicism. In fact, Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe, and Ukrainians live in more poverty than Russians. Ukrainian officials are no different from Russian officials.

In Russia, everything becomes more expensive: fuel, transport, food, goods, services, while wages and pensions either do not rise, or rise very little. New taxes and fees are being introduced.

The Russian government does not care about the hard life of the Russians, they are thinking about how to prevent mass protests, how to keep citizens in obedience. Everything that Orwell predicted about the state of total control is now being actively implemented in Russia.

In the movie “Terminator” there was a prediction that Russia would lead the world to electronic slavery, the newest concentration camp. The film “Terminator: Judgment Day” appeared in 1991, when the USSR collapsed. The film contains information that Russia will continue to face great upheavals and a catastrophe.

Episode 1. On the Freightliner truck there are colors of the Russian flag: white, blue, red.

Big truck symbolizes Russia. Ultimately, the truck breaks down, this indicates a catastrophe in Russia in the future.

Episode 2. There is a warning sign on the bridge: CAUTION 9′-11”.

By the word CAUTION, the word WARNING is close in meaning. Also this word means: forewarning, attentiveness, caution. There is a prediction about the upcoming event, which occurred on 9/11/2001 with the twin towers of the World Trade Center and had global implications.

Episode 3. A Cyberdyne employee wears a T-shirt with the emblem of Russia. A saying was also put on the T-shirt: “When Russia was free, the goose cost three kopecks”.

This saying refers during the Russian Empire before the catastrophe of 1917, when this state was free and great.

Episode 4. Skaynet struck the first nuclear strike on Russia, because it is able to respond with a similar blow in terms of destructiveness. This was the beginning of the Day of Judgment. According to the script of the film, the date of the Doomsday is August 29, 1997. On the same day, August 29, but in 1949 the USSR tested the first atomic bomb RDS-1.

In order to distract Russians from internal problems, the leadership of Russia will begin new wars. In the end result, Russia will unleash (already unleash) the most destructive World War III. After the war on earth will be devastation and famine. Fallen humanity will ask a dictator who will give bread, even if he takes away freedom.

Russia will lead humanity to electronic slavery. People will be applied laser tattoos containing the number of the beast 666 and implanted under the skin chips. Machines (computers) will control the fallen humanity.


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