Intel Drop: Israel Dancing the World Toward War Over Syria


By Gordon Duff with Nahed al Husaini in Damascus

Damascus and Latakia were attacked today by Israeli planes firing missiles from Lebanon’s airspace.  Again, Syria hasn’t used its Russian S300 system, this time because of a general fear in Russia, and Russia is very much in control of Syria’s air defenses, of a broader conflict.

Insiders in Moscow believe a nuclear war brought about by Israel is days away.  Trump will likely “lose his cookies” if Israeli planes begin dropping from the skies of Lebanon and if Russia fails to do this, they will lose everything.

Stranger still is the Iraqi secret delegation that just flew into Israel.  Even the Iraqi Foreign Ministry knows nothing about it, we got the call when our people were there on the ground unloading them from the plane.

The real war will be Iraq, they are the ones with the oil and the majority Shiite population.  Playing Sunni and Shiite inside Iraq against each other has long been the game of Israel and Saudi Arabia though the two are moving politically further and further apart.

With embassies of Bahrain and the UAE opening in Damascus…along with Egypt and Britain…the mood in Damascus is unsettling.

There is no water, no fuel, no electricity in Damascus.

The town is freezing, and no one is getting a real explanation.

Beyond this, the issues is Turkey and Erdogan.  Erdogan thinks he is keeping Idlib Province as the hub of his imaginary Ottoman Empire but Erdogan has burned everyone.  Both Russia and America hate him, he has betrayed everyone, backed out of every agreement, broken every promise and proven militarily inept as well.

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  1. yes, the truth really hurts….i agree with the definition of israel == antichrist. by objective, not theological terms. if someone’s position is in opposition, they can be said to be anti the thing they are in opposition to. why i’m no longer xtian. because belief is what the believer makes it. and xtian believers are forever tweaking their definition of biblical terms, as the moment requires to maintain their superior status. as the old british playwright professor keith johnstone was famous for defining, the “status transaction.” believers will argue till the cows come home and line up the turgid johnny-boy haggee, god holds his chosen to a different standard, outside the book of revelation. so, the torrid war god yahweh does not include neoisrael in his book of revelation. bull f’in shit. i say.

  2. Restraint, empathy, diplomacy are words not known to USrael. Bully, barbarism, aggression are their vocabulary.
    US and Israel occupied their countries and then went about clearing the inhabitants. They have written ‘folklore’ about this process, always claiming democracy and that they were acting in self defense from violent, vicious natives. Both had religion on THEIR side to justify killing and slaughter of non believers.
    2019 … please tell me something has changed

  3. putin is israel’s puppet, too. his russian mafia, who owns him, are bolshevik/litvaks. c’mom. all political spectacle/ entertainment. big buks for hollywood. yeah! bring on shumer/ pelosi daddy/ mommy politics. we want more!!! cabel news networks have not been so overheated. entertainment capitalism for the dummed down masses. democrats full steam ahead.

  4. No it isn’t, it’s being sensible and restrained and avoiding falling into the trap of escalating the conflict. Trump is an Israeli puppet and is all too willing and ready to start a war with Russia and Iran using the excuse of defending poor little Israel. It would suit him personally too as it would neatly put an end to the accusations he’s tied to the Russians and they helped put him in power.

  5. They are blackmailing and bribing the whole world into submission by weather weapons, HAARP, and other DEW weapons to be their slaves, not just the Samson option

  6. Perhaps this is Nutty’s “response” to the charges finally brought against him, pulling a Sampson against the whole region, even his own people. No matter what Nutty’s illusions are, Israel would be a plate of glass in the event of nuclear war.

    • Yeah, I wrote in 2017 about ho a war would suit Netanyahu as it would save him from being impeached and prosecuted for corruption. Bibi and the rest of the Likud leaders don’t care what happens to the 6 million Israelis, they have a load of deep underground bunkers to hide out in,courtesy of the US Army Corps of Engineers, so they are crazy enough to think they could ride out a nuclear war safe underground, they might even see such a scenario as being beneficial to them as their opponents would all be fried by nukes while they were safely ensconced in their bunkers.

  7. Israel= Dead American troops . Prepare America for a trail of body bags from the middle east packaged by Israel .

  8. USA and Soviets were ever engaged in war for the world, while anyone else might have been engaged in world war(s). Russia of the 21st century is not an expansionist entity as would be expected by Pentagon strategists, and doesn’t follow ex Russian or Soviet military imperialism. Syria is a site for ex strategic bases, but also a line of defense for Chechnya and Dagestan, there is no russian support for world war.

  9. A very real and believable story unfolding indeed. This has been building toward world war for so, so long now that maybe we are in it and do not know it.
    Israel is calling the ball here and everyone obeys thus far. I do not wish to see blood spilled but we all must expect some reaction to Israeli aggression.
    The entire world must annex Israel or shun them into submission. Submission? Now that’s a word to catch their attention.

  10. “… our people were there on the ground” surely know the names of the Iraqi delegation or having seen who they are can readily assign the traitors to whatever camp they represent in Iraq. I cannot see yet a third war front emerge from the ashes of Iraq and certainly not against a growing sense of nationalism slowly yet clearly emerging throughout the Middle East. Israel seeks to destroy it as do the washed-up Western dross facing their own struggles against it across Europe. I refuse to mention (well I can’t avoid it now, can I) the Orange Buffoon or his pompous, puffed up and petty (r)emissaries hickey-boy Bolton and pompom Pompeo who swoon over Netanya (who?) all kissy-kissy and lovey-dovey as unctuous cheerleaders for a piece of that pie in the sky – Ersatz Israel.

    The S-300 system isn’t supposed to be handed over to Syrian command for a few weeks yet when Russia can step aside and allow Assad’s hardened forces take a shot back for once at the IAF attacks. Will this then justify a nuclear response by Israel? Hardly. Nobody wants to see an escalation but if Israel continues to push the button Russia, Iran and quite possibly Turkey will be rattling more than sabers in their direction. Then could it be dog-eat-dog and the devil take the hindmost. I doubt it. Brick’s recent comments are a good tell of what to expect from Israel and when Netanya (who?) eventually gets to play his hand he will be found to have been bluffing. Then he loses the plot and the pot.

    • We have to see Iraq’s response to this. I am still figuring out what the “semi-defectors” plan was when this news of their trip got out. And why did they really need to fly to Israel in the first place if they wanted to have some kind of exchange. That could have been handled in other ways with less chance of going public. Maybe that is what Israel wanted, a scandal in Iraq to show it is compromised by not only the US using it, but now the Zionists, too. We should be hearing more about this in the Iraq news, as the Iranians will have a major interest, also.

  11. “When you call the tune, you must pay the piper”
    Someday Israel will pay for it’s treachery and the harm to humanity it has caused.
    It is estimated that the United States “borrows” 1 Trillion Dollars a year to protect Israelis Empire.
    When will America finally say: Enough is Enough?
    It will start when We start electing politicians that are not sponsored by Sheldon Adelson, AIPAC, JDL and the Israel Lobby.

  12. One would assume just as Shin Bet has contingency plans to remove a Prime Minister who puts Israel in grave danger, a similar group exists in the USA. I believe Gordon Duff even hinted at it being connected to JSOC is a previous article. After all, only religious whackos who believe nuclear war will trigger the Second Coming of Christ/the real Messiah want full-scale nuclear war.

  13. This would be an ideal situation for the United States to sort out and stabilize; except for our support of Israel and its proxies such as ISIS. Again, we fail, and are left holding the bill.

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