The Pozner vs Fetzer Lawsuit is On!



Well-known US Marine Officer Vet, former CIA Officer and Intel expert, web host, frequent talk show guest, and noted intelligence reformer, Robert David Steele reports on the Pozner vs. Fetzer lawsuit.

Professor James Fetzer is the Editor of the Amazon-banned book “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”. Pozner is suing Fetzer over Fetzer’s published conclusion that the death certificate Pozner provided to researcher Kelley Watt is a fabrication for which he adduced multiple reasons in Chapter 11 of this well-known book, which anyone can download for free as a .pdf.

by  Preston James

On 27 November 2018, the Minneapolis law firm, Meshbesher and Spence, Ltd., filed a suit against Professor James Fetzer on behalf of its client, Plaintiff Leonard Pozner, for defamation and Professor Fetzer was properly served on 29 November 2018.

Under Wisconsin law, a Defendant has 45 days to submit a response, which would make it imperative that I reply by 11 January 2019, with either an ANSWER or a MOTION TO DISMISS.

Professor Fetzer, a US Marine Officer Vet, well known investigative journalist & author of over 30 books, Truth-warrior, and talk show host, filed an ANSWER rather than a MOTION TO DISMISS early on 4 January 2019 because he did not want the case to be dismissed.

Professor James Fetzer wants to have a formal, legal resolution to this issue once and for all.

Pozner previously sued Wolf Halbig a former School Superintendent, highway patrolman and top school safety expert for his claims about Sandy Hook being a Hoax.

Wolf Halbig is reported to have scheduled a video deposition for Pozner who never showed up and then dropped the lawsuit against Wolf Halbig. This has caused some researchers and investigative journalists to wonder if Lenny Pozner is a pseudonym, so naturally folks following this case would like to see him positively id’d as to who is really is, if he is not Lenny Pozner.

Numerous investigative reporters and researchers have been discovering a great deal of facts suggesting that Nobody died at Sandy Hook and any claims they did were false. Here is one.

Sandy Hooks has been shown to have been a two-day FEMA/DHS Capstone drill will nobody killed, used as a False-Flag on the Second Amendment.

It has also been reported that Wolf Halbig is now suing Pozner for Court Costs and legal fees.

Robert David Steele covered this important story on his own website.

On January 10, 2019, Robert David Steele a Marine Officer Vet and former CIA Officer published a story about this lawsuit at his own main website called Public Intelligence Blog.

Robert David Steele’s story is re-published below with his permission and includes active links back to his website and supportive inclusions.

Robert David Steele has other additional excellent websites listed at

ROBERT STEELE (as excerpted from his article on his own website):

I published the collected memoranda on Sandy Hook because I believe Sandy Hook was a false flag operation officially sponsored by the US Government.

I believe Leonard Pozner to be operating under a false name and believe that he should be fingerprinted and traces run but in such a way as to bypass the national security warrant system  that falsifies results.

Below is what went to the President of the United States, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and the Attorney General.

I stand with James Fetzer against Leonard Pozner, whom I consider to be a fabricator engaged in the obstruction of justice. Let justice be done.

This will not end well for the Zionists who are a parasite within our Republic nor will it end well for employees of the US Government who are in constant betrayal of their oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies domestic as well as foreign.

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  1. I for one want to see this case adjudicated. I’m sure many do. My fears are who the judge will be in any action brought against those who have determined cases like Sandy Hook are false flag ops, maybe with zero deaths. Will Wisconsin import the a clone of the Manhattan judge that oversees all of the 911 cases? The public must call for public access to all investigations involving mass shootings. The Parkland Florida school shooting is another one with many questions, as is the Pennsylvania Synagogue shooting. We can’t accept a quick guilty plea or confession as the end of the story. Though the media seems fine with such scenarios.

    • wjabbe, this NYPost article is mere Establishment propaganda, period and has no relevance to the facts of the case or the Plaintiff’s claims and allegations. All the plaintiff won here was the right to discovery of Jone’s mechanisms for funding his business. That has absolutely nothing to do with the claims of the Plaintiff or the facts of what really happened at the old, shutdown school building which was in a bad state of repair, not suitable for any students for years. It is my understanding that Prof. Fetzer has offered Jones and his attorneys all he and his large team of Ph.D.s and other researchers have discovered proving that Sandy Hook was a FEMA/DHS two-day Capstone drill in a school abandoned in 2008, used only for storage because of asbestos contamination, and no one was killed there at all. Neither Jones or his attorneys have expressed any interest in obtaining all the serious evidence uncovered that Professor Fetzer has offered. This alone raises suspicions about Jones. Is he going to throw the case? Has some kind of deal been made with him?

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