Book Review: A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam

A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam

By I.A. Ibrahim   Second Edition

For hard copy of book:   $2.50

Health Editor’s Note:  This is a deeply informative booklet and is a very well-written guide to understanding Islam.  This Guide is laid out in such a way that all aspects of Islam are explained and described.  This booklet is also viewable, in all its hard copy splendor, on line for free.  Some chapter titles are: Some Evidence for the Truth of Islam which contains among other items as the scientific miracles of the Qur’an,  Some Benefits of Islam, and General Information on Islam with several pages of references…..Carol  

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One Reply to “Book Review: A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam

  1. There’s a lot of stretching “common phrases in all religions” into miracles. For instance, to assign miracle status to a verse that suggests 40 days as a key stage in embryonic development is short of the requirement.
    40 days is a time period used in many many religious stories in connection with a great many things.
    For the record, I am not an atheist, I just do not belong to any religion, nor do I think women should be owned by men. Control of others is not a miracle, nor is it sound spiritual practice. If the 40 days, and mountains as pegs, count as miracles, then what of the 20 day calendar containing Aqabal as the 13th day, and that day associated with building, specifically the cube and blocks of temples, by the Maya 6,000 years ago ? Surely that is a miracle also. I do believe in miracles and have seen a few, but making ambiguous phrases into miracles is a hallmark of religion. And always the miracles are in the past, as no priest of religion currently wishes to be analyzed for miracle status. Rockets flying to the moon is a miracle. Mendeleev got the periodic table in a dream, and never suggested it was a miracle.

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