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Facebook Addiction Equals Poor Health, Impaired Decision-Making

Health Editor’s Note:  How many times a day do you check your FB account?  Do you feel the need to alert your friends, and others depending on your security level, to everything you are doing and thinking about during your waking hours? Have your interactions on FB taken the place of actually seeing and talking with someone in person or on the phone.  Like to really hear another person’s voice and respond immediately in communication…no texting, no following that person’s FB feed. We could get back to actually interacting in real time…really…..Carol

Extensive Facebook Use Linked to Poor Health, Decision Making

Is it Causal or Epiphenomenon (a secondary effect or byproduct that arises from but does not causally influence a process)?

By Nicole Lou, Contributing Writer, MedPage Today

Facebook “addiction” — not only spending lots of time on Facebook but also seeing negative social impacts from it, yet craving it and trying unsuccessfully to cut down — was associated with impaired decision-making in one study and with self-perceived physical ill health in another.

In the first, researchers gave 71 participants recruited from a German university 100 tries each at the computerized Iowa Gambling Task, in which players should learn from prior rewards and punishments to make better bets — in other words, a test of value-based decision-making.

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    1. Good one John. Was out to dinner once and a family of 6 sat down next to me. ALL had their cell phones and spoke nothing to each other the entire time there. Waitress came back 3x’s. They couldn’t even break away to read the menu. I had to kick my sister from under the table to quiet her opinions even though I’m sure that family would have never heard her. Don’t own one, never have. Facebook?? what’s that?

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