French authorities are preparing to impose martial law?


By Bohdan Lysytsia, VT Ukraine

On Saturday morning, a strong explosion occurred on one of the central streets of Paris (Rue de Trevise), the cause of which is currently unknown. The media reported on the many victims and the chaos that began in the adjacent neighborhoods. The incident occurred against the backdrop of the incessant protests of “yellow vests.”

According to preliminary information, one explosion occurred. An explosion thundered in one of the shops, causing the collapse of the entire facade of the building.

The following versions of the incident are currently under consideration:

  1. a) an explosion of gas;
  2. b) an explosive device, accidentally or intentionally used by demonstrators.

Most likely, this incident is a special operation under a false flag. French authorities can not stop the protest “yellow vests.” Now we can expect the authorities to blame the leaders of the “yellow vests” for organizing this incident, impose martial law and use the army to quell the protests in France.


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