…by Jonas E. Alexis

When Israeli General Moshe Dayan compared Israeli officials to “mad dog,”[1] perhaps he was onto something. Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld seemed to have indicated way back in 2003 that Israel became a “mad dog” because the United States has been Israel’s bitch since the beginning of time. Creveld declared in the Guardian then:

“With the assault on Iraq, the US was not merely adopting Israel’s long-established methods – of initiative, offence and pre-emption – it was also adopting Israel’s adversaries as its own. Iraq had always ranked high among those; it was one of its so-called ‘faraway’ enemies.”[2]

Creveld moved on to say that “The threatening of wild, irrational violence, in response to political pressure, has been an Israeli impulse from the very earliest days. It was first authoritatively documented, in the 1950s, by Moshe Sharett, the dovish Prime Minister, who wrote of his Defence Minister, Pinhas Lavon, that he ‘constantly preached for acts of madness’ or ‘going crazy’ if ever Israel were crossed.”[3]

In other words, irrationality has been ingrained in the geopolitical ideology of Israeli officials from time immemorial. And that irrationality will continue to set the world ablaze if Israel isn’t challenged to abide by the moral and political order. We have certainly seen Israel in action in Syria, and Israeli officials know that the Syrian government, with the help of Russia and Iran, humiliated them in the region.

But Israeli officials are not ready to give up. They continue to antagonize Syria and violate every possible law that you can imagine in the region. Israeli officials always want to drink the blood of other people, and they seem to enjoy every bit of it. As Gordon Duff and Nahed al Husaini has recently reported, “The mood in Damascus is unsettling. There is no water, no fuel, no electricity in Damascus.”

The average Syrian isn’t benefiting from this. The Syrian government isn’t profiting from the war. After all, the war itself has already devastated families and ruined much of Syria. Who in his right mind would even think about putting more gas into an already burning bush? Who would even remotely suggest that more attack in Syria will bring something good?

Israeli officials. They think that international laws were not made for them. As it was reported last summer: “Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Thursday that Israel will not be bound by whatever agreements the international community may reach on Syria after its civil war.” Lieberman continued to say unapologetically:

“As far as the state of Israel is concerned, with all respect and appreciation for all agreements and all understandings, they are not binding on us. What obligates us are solely the security interests of the State of Israel. All other understandings and agreements that are reached in all kinds of places are simply irrelevant from our point of view.”

Lieberman again put the issue in proper perspective because he summarized what we have been saying for years: Israel is not and has never been willing to follow international law. The regime wants to abide by a different law which is neither moral nor reasonable. In that sense, the West—or what’s left of it—needs to seriously revise its unconditional support for the state of Israel.

Unless and until Western officials challenge the Israeli regime on moral and political terms, then the regime will continue to set the world on fire. I would hasten to say that it is the responsibility of every Western politician to think deep about these issues, to stop screwing around, to stop playing dice with precious lives in the Middle East, and to approach the Israel/Palestinian issue on universally moral terms.

  • [1] “The War Game,” Guardian, September 21, 2003.
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  1. Who are the terrorists of the world in fact? The outlaw government of Israel and all its silent supporters there and around the world and all three corrupt branches of the totally outlaw and illegal and unconstitutional government of the United States of America. These are the real terrorists who planned and did 9/11/01 aided and abetted by lying cheating coward four star generals who sold out and lied in their meaningless worthless oath of office. Shame on these worthless coward pieces of hypocrite garbage. All should be sitting in a jail cell for life. And the whores in Congress who rushed to pass the unconstitutional and improperly named Patriot Act which is in reality a tyranny act. If there is a real God anywhere he must send all these despicable terrorists and rapists of Earth to Hell ASAP.

  2. Millions of innocent people killed by the US and allied invasions and occupations have left the region ripe for mercenary plunder and employment .These wars since 9-11 helped to create the largest human migration in recorded history . Are Americans still full of pride in being manipulated by a rogue state ? A state that is built on stolen land one that itself has committed acts of terrorism on the indigenous population that seems to worsen with every day that passes and is Hell bent on getting the US into a major war . ? This same state has control and ownership of the US Congress and the blind and soulless cannot see this .

    • You’re correct. However, Israel hasn’t lost the war in Syria, for the simple reason that the war is far from over, there are still many unresolved issues and much fighting to come. The Israelis won’t simply give up, then there is Turkey, they want to annex northern Syria and Iraq, the Kurdish inhabited territories, currently, it is only the presence of US forces that is holding them back. Israel will be actively working on influencing Erdogan.

  3. The financial and other support of Israel by the whores in the U.S. Congress is totally illegal and unconstitutional because it is based on illegal force and extortion, bribery, threats, etc. Therefore U.S. Citizens are being shafted and should have the independent right to defend Syria since their government has been corruptly compromised by bribes, threats and other illegal means to be induced to send money and weapons to this cesspool of gangsters called Israel. Our corrupt Congress even seeks to prevent non violent actions of citizens in the form of boycott by citizens against Israel again violating our own Constitution. Therefore citizens have every right to independently retaliate against the criminals in Israel to aid the people of Syria since the gutless wonders at the U.N. are looking the other way in the so called “rule of law”. The U.S. is a shameful disgrace and a government of gangsters just like Israel. What a total corrupt joke the U.S. government has become aided by the lying four star generals of its military gangsters and traitors who cowardly refused to speak truth about the 9/11/01 con of Israel against the U.S. U.S. government policy is being propounded by the three thugs and con artists: Israel Lover Liars Trump, Pompeo and Bolton all using illegal and unconstitutional armed force against U.S. Citizens. Shame on them.

    • Every bribed by Israel whore in the U.S. Congress, every whore in the Supreme Court especially the large number of Jews compared to the small population, and the three Israel lover liar whores Trump, Pompeo and Bolton, and the liar coward whores in the U.S. Military should be forced to watch this video of former U.S. Marine Ken O’keefe at LAX about 3 years ago:


      We lowly U.S. Citizens have had our Constitutional rights gang raped from us by illegal armed force from gangsters in Israel and our own government. We have every right to defend ourselves from these unindicted criminals we are forced to pay for and support with hard earned tax money.

    • Unindicted thugs and hoodlums in Israel seek to use the age old ruse of religion as a trojan horse to rob banks all over the planet. The only God these criminals worship is a five letter obscene word MONEY. Nothing new here under the Sun. Six letters in Spanish DINERO. I urge the editors to have former U.S. Marine Ken O’ Keefe on again for another updated interview on the sad state of affairs of the Military Traitors destroying what is left of this totally hi jacked and corrupted country. Ken O’keefe is a real Marine Hero, not a gutless coward like the four star generals who cowardly have remained silent about the many crimes of 9/11/01 they and their traitor compatriots Bush and Cheney participated in against their own country! It is now 17+ years and counting.

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