Vital: More on Israel and their Recent Attack on Damascus, Duff on Press TV



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  1. Everybody be nice to Israel. They’ve always been honest with the rest of the world; ever since their 1947-48 slogan, “a land without a people, for a people without a land.” (not counting the 1+ million inhabitants)

  2. Israel reminds me of those ” One Shot Charlies” that sat in the jungle right off the runway and took shots at planes taking off. A friend of mine said he had enough of him and loaded his black pony { OV-10 I think} with those incendiary 4×4 markers and had his other buddy in his pony take off right in front of him – After Ed returned – never heard from that one shot charlie – agin. Somebody. will get fed up in Syria and launch the S-300 -on Israels one shot charlie. It’s human nature.

    • The longer one tolerates a bully, the worse it gets. Someone must call the bluff of the despicable criminal international gangster bully Israel and soon.

    • By the way Israel did 9/11/01 with the aid or traitors Bush, Cheney and the four star generals and the whores in Congress who immediately passed the unconstitutional Patriot Act following this criminal attack. Israel hates all religions on the planet but worships the religion called MONEY or Dinero in Spanish which they use to bribe or intimidate the whores in America to do their bidding. MONEY is their GOD.

    • The old 99% tax rates must be restored to squeeze every dollar of tax from these rich pieces of garbage in Israel to prevent them from buying our government from the whores in Congress who have it illegally for sale to them. Use this money to pay down the trillions of dollars of debt. End all aid, in every kind, shape or form, to the cesspool Israel. America is broke, bankrupt. A financial meltdown is impending.

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