Breaking/Exclusive! Erdogan’s “Free Syrian Army” Responsible for Manbij Attack Killing 4 Americans, More Attacks Planned


By Gordon Duff and Nahed al Husaini with sources in Russian Intelligence

Russian military police operating in Syria arrested members of the organization responsible for killing 4 American soldiers in an attack in Manbij on Sunday.  The attack was ordered by Turkish President Recep Erdogan in retaliation to President Trump’s threat last week to economically crush Turkey.

The Free Syrian Army members now in Russian custody confirmed that new attacks on Americans inside Syria are planned. The FSA is comprised of a loose confederation of Syrian tribal groups paid by the Turkish government and acting as adjuncts to the Turkish Army.

Turkey created the current incarnation of the FSA to fight the Kurds inside Syria.  They are entirely Turkish controlled and Turkish commanded.

In fact, there is nothing either “free” or “Syrian” at all about the “Free Syrian Army,” a group now tasked with acting as an advance unit for the Turkish Army and as a terrorist group now used to murder American soldiers on behalf of Turkish President Erdogan now engage in a “twitter spat” with Donald Trump.

The US is entirely aware Erdogan is responsible and is looking for a way to blame Russia and pay off Erdogan, perhaps by transferring American missile technology to Turkey.

This is Erdogan’s demand, they want to start producing their own Patriot Missiles and exporting them in competition with Israel (who also uses stolen US technology to fuel their military exports).

More as things transpire.


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  1. Seriously? Low rank cannon fodder meet knows who gave the order and what was the orriginal intentional plan.. Guys.. wth…
    Probably, some US sneaky sabotage operation went sour, so they had casualties, and now they need to blame someone as a cover up. or something like that. Cause the claims that been made soulds like child level bulshit.

  2. Rafiki, I understand that Obama gave back to Iran some of their frozen assets. So yes it was Iran’s money, yet it it remains a payoff. My argument is with the motive,. This Turkey did it out of anger and pride is nonsense, it ,just doesn’t make sense. Unless I sharply underestimate Turkish maturityx. Israel and the US MICC profits from this not Turkey.

  3. JOETV, in response to your comment about Obama paying off Iran. you are wrong my friend. Obama didn’t pay them off, he gave the Iranians their own money back. part of the Iranians’ assets that Us had frozen since the hostage crisis.
    as for the killing of the 4 Americans, I believe it was done by the Israelis and their CIA assets on the ground. they are the ones to benefit from this. remember, Satanyahoo got on the phone with Trump and asked him not to withdraw the us forces from Syria.

  4. If Putin is clever, he can get the Turks/Turkish proxies and US/US proxy forces fighting each other in Syria, making the winner easier to then be mopped up by the SAA.

    • Putin is not just clever, he is extremely wise. He is working on a sustained alliance with Turkey. Hence no retaliation for shooting down Russian jets by Turkish air defenses; nor for Turkmen shooting down their helicopter pilots. Suppressed nationalistic jingoism by the Russian right on the occasion. He did far better. He warned Erdogan about the CIA proxy, Gulen’s activities. Thus gaining a strategic ally. His game is to create a solid block consisting of Iran, Turkey, Iran, (many hope) Pakistan, possibly Afghanistan. That would cover Russia’s Southern flanks. He may be also looking to establish a Russian naval base in a NATO-independent Turkish Mediterranean port. It is a certainty that a Turkish alliance will go a long way in countering US & Israeli influence in the Central Asian Republics. It wouldn’t surprise me if he starts supporting a Caucasus Republics block, perhaps in the form of a Customs Union, or even a Federation; once assured that they will be free of US & Israeli influence.

      The guy is a strategist par excellence!!! Arguably the greatest leader of the 21st Century. I didn’t know this earlier: he also offered Koenigsberg (East Prussia) back to Germany & Karelia to the Finns. Thereby demonstrating a complete lack of territorial ambitions!!. [And I am neither a Putin fan, nor a Russophile, Au contraire, I am dead against Russian Social Imperialism & have reservations about Putin]. The other one is Erdogan, gaining increasing stature with Muslims worldwide. More so, since it appears these two are working in tandem on many issues. Some of us look to Imran Khan, an ethnic Pakhtun, achieving a similar stature, when peace is negotiated with Taliban, who are mainly Pukhtun. [My cousin-in-law is IK’s chief advisor & party co-founder; while another cousin has formed a political party to oppose him. Go figure!!!].

  5. There were claims that it was a car bomb but that video looked more like a suicide bomber. The was no destroyed in the after photos. Also there was a photo of the severed top half of a man with no sign of a bottom half, so logically either the bomber or a victim showing the explosion at waist height. Mind you, if a suicide vest it must have packed a hell of a punch.

    Also no sign of US MRAPs etc close by,which was strange.

  6. Hmmm . . . Sounds like a plan to me. OK just to make sure I got this right. Erdogan blows up 4 US soldiers. America knows Erdogan did it, but America’s CIA media blames Russia. America transfers missile tech to Turkey. Turkey makes missiles and sells them cheaper. Erdogan promises not to blow up anymore US soldiers. I don’t know Ollie. Do you think it will work? I mean if we got to pay the guy off can’t we just send him pallets loaded with dollars. After all that’s how Obama paid off Iran..

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