Intel Drop: Did We Just Catch “Buzzfeed” Trying to Bring Down Mueller?


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Yesterday a “blockbuster” story came out and was pushed by Daily Beast and The Intercept, two financially powerful “liberal” news organizations.  The source was Buzzfeed.

Here is what I have learned about The Hill, Politico and Buzzfeed:  they are “tools.”  They spin stories and exist as platforms to accomplish specific tasks for agencies and organizations.

The story is this, that Michael Cohen went before congress and lied because Trump told him to lie.  If the story were true, which it may well be, to an extent anyway, and there were corroborating evidence, and with Democrats controlling the House of Representatives, we would have an open war on our hands.

It would also push Mueller into doing something.  What we don’t know about Mueller is whether he is “spinning his wheels” or really going after a real target.

Let me give you more background.

Russia’s two major news outlets, run by the same person, are RT and Sputnik News.  Both run anti-Mueller stories every day, and this could well be to defend Russia against inaccurate charges.

On the other hand, these hit piece on Mueller are coordinated with hit pieces on Hillary Clinton including one on Sputnik, run for days now, that accuses her of involvement in Benghazi.

I might add that I first ran into Gaddafi in 1979.  I worked with his family as banking clients and have had involvement in Libya, through various factions or one or more European intelligence agencies, all along.

If anything, I am “over informed.”

For those of you who get your news off toilet paper wrappers, Benghazi was staged to coincide with Reverend Terry Jones’ worldwide broadcast of “The Innocence of Islam,” a crappy little film that Israeli social media Mossad groups had organized some “spontaneous demonstrations” around that would provide cover for the killing of an American ambassador holding damaging information that we will never learn about.

The “op” itself was organized at the Heritage Foundation in Washington (I have worked with them, they are nuts) and was a sub-project of PJ (Pajama) Media, a propaganda front tied to the ADL.

PJ Media streamed the obnoxious Jones content and the Mossad started demonstrations while a team from the UAE, special forces trained by a former manager at a Dubai/London/Paris based satellite intelligence firm where I was managing director, landed in Libya and met up with a Mossad led fake “militia.”

Together, they used radar jamming trucks sold to Gaddafi that could blank out an entire kilometer.

Gadaffi bought 50 of these trucks, his were built on Toyota Land Cruiser platforms, but an Israeli owned company in Cyprus owned by long time friends.

I might add, they make some of the world’s best surveillance equipment and have been a joy to work with.  Every Middle Eastern nation buys from them, all of them.

You see, when Gaddafi’s government fell apart, this equipment went to various groups inside Libya and Gaddafi owned tons of it, he monitored everything with a Serbian/Israeli run communications monitoring center that the BBC entered and photographed.

All this material is now gone, all of it scrubbed. It had to be in order to justify a hundred million $ fake investigation of Hillary Clinton.  All the Clinton investigations were fakes, all involved Mossad ops, one of them using Pentagon resources as well.  Remember the chubby little girl and her roommate who worked for the DIA, Linda Tripp?

They tried the same thing on Dick Cheney, using Chandra Levy, whose body was found in Rock Creek Park, almost as though we were watching an NCIS episode, but I digress.

The point being, Benghazi and all the Hillary crap, like the fake Pizzagate, is all Mossad op peddled through Google and Facebook, to defend Israeli interests.  Anyone not paid by gambling boss Sheldon Adelson is fair game.

The “Lolita Express” and the Epstein/Trump partnership is a parallel op to the ones listed above. Proof:

Donald Trump & Jeffrey … by on Scribd

Who are the Clintons?  We don’t know but they didn’t run a crooked foundation, there was no “Emailgate” and no drugs ever flew into Mena, Arkansas, a town that has nothing in common with the one in the fake film.

Sheriff Larry Deaver of Arizona, murdered for standing up to cartel bankers, killed by First Responders

My personal knowledge of this is more than considerable.

We might note that everything is classified now, this is censorship.  It puts a jail sentence on anyone who tries to tell the truth about anything because everything is classified.  Nothing gets out of Washington except through the Mossad/Julian Assange, mixed in with fake material all point the finger at those who don’t bow down to Netanyahu and rare others.

Those others really go to jail or, if they are journalists, are murdered.

Murdered by first responders just like Lady Di and so many others, we call it “Boston Brakes”

Behind this all is a real thousand plus year old history.  You see, Russia itself is a fake nation, made up endless  centuries ago of Khazars and the Russ, a Nordic people, half Jewish by choice and half tied to Germany and France.  The “Jewish” population, who make up 95 percent of Jews today: (unquestionable proof)

Genome Evolution of Jewish … by on Scribd

This majority of Jews used Hebrew alphabet they learned from Rabbis sent to Russia but spoke and wrote in Russian/Slavic/Slavonic tongues and eventually Yiddish (a delightful language.)

Religion didn’t so much come from the Torah as the Babylonian Talmud, a very strange book.  Rather than fake it, I will include it in its entirety:

The Babylonian Talmud (Comp… by on Scribd

What we ended up with is a Russia controlled by communists who were Jewish whose agenda we won’t go into here, and a State of Israel, that was and is communist or socialist, that has fought a secret war against the west which is clumsily described by anti-Zionists.

To block real research on this issue, anyone who writes about it is accused of anti-Semitism, though, of course, there are few if any Jews who are Semites at all.  You see, Semites are a language group of Arabs and Ethiopians and the Jews from Europe have no Semitic based bloodlines whatsoever.

They are just Eastern Europeans, nothing secret, Poles, Russians, long married into the Slavs and Germans, not a people at all, just the people you see at Synagogue, who could pass for Germans or Scots or anyone else.


Are there plots within plots?  Of course there are, hell, we could well start with the Vatican and the fake religion we call Christianity but why should I piss everyone off at the same time?

Anyway, BuzzFeed seems, or as I see it, to have dangled a fake story in front of as many as possible to take as much air out of Mueller as possible.

Problem is, too many trust Mueller.  We know Trump, how he came up through the mob, how he is compromised by Kushner and before that, Roy Cohn and that he isn’t so bright and so stable as well, not unlike Dick Cheney in that sense.

Then again, if you knew how stupid people are in Washington, you would flee the US screaming.

Well, today we have an FBI witch hunt against Press TV in Iran, one I personally find mysterious and even insane.

We have the fake Russian press making Trump look like a Russian dupe every time they defend him.

We have Mueller, who stood down on 9/11 tasked with saving America but why should we trust him.

And we have a problem, a world built on lies, ruled by the weak.

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  1. Ron Unz is a disinfo agent working for Israel, therefore anything he writes has an agenda behind it.

  2. You’ve gone down the wrong path because you’re missing key arts of the puzzle. Wikileaks as an organisation does not exist, it is nothing more than a fake front for the Israeli Unit 8200, based in Herzliya, Israel and is something akin to the American NSA. Julian Assange is a Mossad agent, the charges against him are a fraud to lend him false credibility and he has never been resident in the Ecuadorian Embassy, they simply bring him in from the country retreat he really inhabits when needed. Unit 8200 receives all of the raw surveillance data gathered by the NSA under an agreement signed by Bush Jr, they filter and sort this information, fishing for material they can use against people, usually as blackmail, or in the case of the Hilary email farce, to publicly defame them. They usually alter the material to make it appear incriminating, which is precisely what they did with the emails from Hilary”s server, which they obtained from the NSA. The entire email saga was nothing more than the Israelis attacking Hillary in order to insert their chosen puppet, Trump, into the White House. Therefore, if you want to point the finger of blame for the Rich murder somewhere, point it squarely at Israel and the Mossad. As for Russian involvement, that is again, an Israeli falsehood, designed to sow tension between the two nations, in particular, to convince the US sheeple that the Russians are a threat and should be viewed as an enemy – Cold War redux, courtesy of Israel.

  3. This piece jumps all over the place and doesn’t connect the dots very well for us readers.

    How was the Buzzfeed article supposed “to push Mueller” to do anything? Not explained.

    Why is Israel/Mossad out to get Hillary? It is possible Hillary would be tougher on Israel than Trump, I’ll grant you that. But it’s not like she was anti-Israel. Check out an Israeli perspective from Haaretz:

    The real crime of Benghazzi, which occurred after a US-led regime change under Hillary and Obama, was that we were smuggling weapons out of Libya to the rebels in Syria so we could do another regime-change there.

  4. The shroud is one of hundreds of scams the church openly allows or facilitates. Fingers of saints in test tubes is another, and don’t forget that magic bread from the last supper they passed around. Stories of exorcisms , devils, and crazy props are all part of the scam. That shroud has made millions and millions.

  5. People nitpick these Shroud research reports like picking gnat crap out of pepper (to paraphrase a famous senator), but even if a person is unwilling to watch the lengthy videos and assess the overall evidence, they can make simple mental tests to prove the obvious to themselves, like this:

    If the image were a photograph, and since the image looks like a photographic negative, that might seem plausible, only there are proofs against that. Skeptics claim such, but not only is the Shroud at least 500 years older than photography, there is not a single photograph in existence anywhere on Earth dated before 1824, and that fact is testified to by every scientist and pro photographer on the planet. And since there is zero evidence of photography or photo residue on or in the Shroud, that proves it’s not any kind of photograph.

    As far as being a painting is concerned, not only is there no evidence of painting on or in the Shroud, nobody in any period of history from the 1300’s going back in time ever painted a photographic negative or anything that looked like a photographic negative. Proof that it’s not a painting.

    Finally, despite the 1970’s and 1980’s tests to determine exactly what the image is composed of, with the conclusion then that “we don’t know”, some scientists who have scraped off small bits of the image with sticky substances do know exactly what substance makes the image – a “scorch” of the linen that’s micro-thin and on the very surface of the linen, with no penetration of the linen, even to 1/1000 of an inch.

    And we know how such a micro-thin scorch can be made, despite the fact that we don’t have the tools or experience on hand to duplicate it. But it can be done, with multi-billion-watt lasers firing for billionths of a second, to prevent any penetration below the top surface of the linen. All that is needed is the funding (many millions of dollars) to buy the super-lasers and the massive power generators, and many hours of work to recreate the scorch one square millimeter at a time.

    Or, to make things much simpler, a divine resurrection and reenergizing of a body exactly as the Roman and Temple guards experienced it at the time, before they were all murdered to cover it up. In that respect, we have much in common with the Romans.

  6. Lady de Rothschild is both smart and quite easy on the eyes. Born in New Jersey, I’d bet a six pack she played field hockey and or lacrosse. Those Rothschilds pick their women well, the cream rises to the top.

  7. Well Gordy, there you go again with another uplifting message of hope. I for one think our leaders are insane. And I totally agree with you about the Heritage Foundation. I can’t help but think that six billion people could, with a wee bit of direction, change the world for the better.

  8. I take exception with Christians who spread this sort of nonsense. The Bible is 100% the work of man, there is nothing divine about it and those conversions of ‘cannibals and headhunters’ were achieved by force and accompanied by mass murder and genocide – white Europeans used Christianity as an excuse for the wholesale murder and pillage they inflicted on the peoples unlucky enough to occupy areas that contained valuable resources the European powers wished to exploit.

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