Measles Outbreak in Georgia: Why Can’t the “Ignorance Virus” Be Conquered?


Health Editor’s Note:  Apparently anti-vaxxers are not just here in the U.S. Ignorance virus is a very accurate name for measles. The cases of measles are seen in adults due to the fact that they were never vaccinated.  Article taken from JAM News….Carol 

321 cases of measles have been recorded in between 1-17 January. Experts say the reason for the spread of the disease is that many have not been vaccinated

Manana Vardiashvili, David Pipia (Photo, video)

Georgia ranks third among the seven European countries with the largest number of measles cases this year. Most of them have been recorded in Serbia, while Ukraine is in second place.

The highest mortality rate was recorded in Serbia, where 14 people have died. Three people died in Georgia in 2018, with 2,000-2,200 measles cases detected in Georgia.

By January 2019, the situation had worsened – the National Centre for Disease Control has announced that there is a measles outbreak in Georgia.

From 1 January to 17 January, in just 17 days, 312 cases of measles were registered in Georgia.

“Measles mainly affects the age group from 20 to 40 years. 56-58 per cent of those infected belong to this group. As for the remaining age groups, eight per cent are infected from age 0 to one year, and 14 per cent from one to five years old,” says the head of the National Centre for Disease Control, Amiran Gamkrelidze, in an interview with Netgazeti.

These rates are growing, as a significant part of the population is still not vaccinated. The only thing that can stop measles is the vaccination of these people.

In the civilized world, measles has long become a controlled viral infection. Why is Georgia unable to overcome it?

Georgia ranks third among the top seven European countries where the number of cases of measles has increased the most, show data from the World Health Organization. Since the beginning of this year, 1,400 cases have been reported, two of which have been fatal.

The first case of measles was reported in January when a hospital worker in Guria, Western Georgia, fell ill. The illness later appeared in Adjara and spread throughout most of Western Georgia.

Specialists predict that the number of people infected will increase. Those that have not had measles in the past and who are not vaccinated against the disease are most at risk. The National Centre for Disease Control reports that there are about half a million people at risk in Georgia.

“Research shows that these are people between 20 and 40 years old. As the number of people who are not vaccinated against measles remains high, the disease will spread,” says Paata Imnadze, the centre’s deputy director.

Breakouts of measles in Georgia took place back in 2004 and 2005 as well when 14,500 fell ill and nine died. In 2014 and 2015, four people died from measles.

Vaccinations against measles were first introduced in Georgia in 1968. Before that, the disease was popularly known as batonebi [ed. the Georgian word for ‘sirs, masters’] and was treated with folk medicine.

Batonebi and anti-vaxxers

Fifty-eight-year-old Dali remembers well how she and her sister fell sick with measles: their grandmother hung red velvet curtains on the windows, put red roses in vases and strongly warned the residents of the home not to curse or argue. The children had to sing in order not to anger the batonebi, or masters. The illness took its toll on them – Dali’s hearing suffered, while her sister had trouble with her hearing and vision.

“We gave both our children scheduled vaccinations. Considering my own experience, I didn’t want to risk their health,” says Dali. However, in Georgia there are many people that think differently and do not vaccinate their children. Official data has it that 10 per cent of children up to six years of age are not vaccinated in Georgia.

Irina Aliashvili is a young mother who has ensured that her three-year-old child receives all the necessary vaccinations. Aliashvili searches for the best doctors and reads up on information pertaining to vaccinations herself.

“I didn’t find any reliable information anywhere that supported the idea that vaccinations can give rise to serious complications or illnesses,” Irina said.

Nini Tvalavadze is 25 years old. She is the co-founder of the NGO Vaccinations and Risk Factors, which collects and distributes information about the dangers of vaccines. Nini asserts that there are many side effects to vaccines which she herself has experienced:

“I began having epileptic attacks when I was five years old, and they continued until I was 18. I was afraid to go outside because I did not know when I would have an attack. The doctors didn’t understand what was the matter with me. Then we realised that it all began with a scheduled vaccination.”

Nini’s daughter is three years old, and aside from vaccinations against tuberculosis (BCG) and Hepatitis B, she has not received any scheduled vaccinations.

Nini says she gets her information about the dangers of vaccinations from the internet and that she herself studies the cases she has come across.

“There was one case where a child received a vaccination and later became autistic. Another child lost an arm after getting polio from a vaccination,” she says.

Nini says that, despite the fact that she hasn’t been vaccinated, her daughter is not ill and has a good immune system. Because of this she does not intend to begin vaccinating her in the future either.

The Centre for Disease Control denies all claims that vaccinations can cause illness or complications, and attests to the quality of available vaccines.

“We only get high-quality European vaccines in Georgia. After the 1990s, there has not been a single case of complications or infections after vaccination,” says Paata Imnadze.

Imnadze says there are practically no complications associated with the measles vaccine.

“The worst thing that can happen is an allergic reaction, but we have not had such a case to date.” Imnadze says that such cases are very rare, one in a million, and even in these cases a doctor can always act quickly and provide urgent care.

Vaccination storage area in the National Centre for Disease Control of Georgia. Photo: David Pipia, JAMnews, October 2018

Is disinformation to blame?

Specialists say there are two reasons behind the epidemic in Georgia: the failure of the 1990s immunisation programme and the subsequent refusal of parents to vaccinate their children afterwards.

In 2008 the government planned to have one million people between the ages of 6 and 27 vaccinated. However, only about half of their target was reached.

“A media campaign began which attested to the supposed harms of vaccination – even I became afraid. The programme, of course, failed,” says Paata Imnadze.

There are several myths in Georgian society pertaining to the use of vaccinations. Many continue to think that vaccinations can cause autism.

The greatest harm to regular vaccinations in the world was caused by an article by English scientist Andrew Wakefield in the Lancet journal in 1998 in which he claimed that a measles vaccine was causing autism.

It was later proven that the article was paid for and falsified. The journal issued an apology and had the article redacted. However, the lie spread like a virus: the consequences of that article in Europe and the USA have more or less been overcome, but in Georgia it has been difficult.

“The Russian propaganda machine took an interest in the topic of vaccination against measles. It has been shown that Russian trolls have been involved in the dissemination of disinformation across European social media and internet sites,” Imnadze says.

The Georgian parliament is looking at a bill which will make vaccinations mandatory. Should parents be unable to show a document attesting to their child’s vaccination history, children will not be accepted into schools. The bill was accepted in its first reading.

However, the NGO Vaccinations and Risk Factors is gathering signatures to prevent this bill from coming into force. Activists of the movement say they will come out in protest.



Measles is a viral infection that is transmitted via the air. It is easily spread and the risk of infection is particularly high in populous areas. The measles virus causes fever and a rash on the skin and pus in the mouth. Sometimes it causes complications in the form of ear, lung or brain inflammation. According to the World Health Organization, one in 1,000 cases of measles are fatal.


Symptoms should immediately be brought to the attention of a doctor.


Vaccinations against measles are given in two rounds, the first at the age of one and the second at the age of five.


“When a child falls ill before one year of age, this means that the mother did not have immunity against the virus. Before one year of age, the child shouldn’t fall ill. If they do, the illness is hard to treat. That’s why parents whose children are younger than one year old must ensure that they themselves are vaccinated,” Imnadze says.

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  1. So, you completely ignore the concrete evidence in the form of tens of millions of healthy adult Britons who were vaccinated as children and instead chose to believe this bullshit. You’re a nutcase and you should be ashamed of yourself for promulgating this nonsense.

  2. Please find information about the latest disease outbreak and my short commentary, and not to get into the pro or anti-vaccine debate – it is a bit more complicated as to what is going on in Georgia.

    RE: Measles outbreak in Georgia: why can’t the ‘ignorance virus’ be conquered?

    Not to take sides, as I had vaccines as a child too and got shot up with everything (every disease) known to man when I was in the US Army.

    Here is what I am sharing with the Georgian Press

    Now Georgia is facing a measles outbreak on top (in addition to widespread) swine flu, coincidence or not?

    I feel it has more to do with scaring the population into accepting mass vaccinations. This is not the first time this has happened in recent years. In 2014 there was also a measles outbreak and the US responded by the US military donating vaccines.

    The question is why did this earlier vaccination program not work?

    This raises additional questions as for ‘why many Russian and Georgian media outlets have alleged that the spread of such dangerous illnesses as swine flu in Georgia are connected with experiments with bioagents?”

    A sudden unexplained outbreak of measles, not restricted to children–as is usually the case, was previously linked with the Lugar project, 2014-2015.

    Paata Imnadze, Director of the Georgian National Centre for Disease Control, an entity which was supposed to have taken over the assets of the Lugar lab, has dismissed the rise in flu and measles infections by specifically stating that it had “nothing to do with the laboratory.”

    However, he claimed in 2014, “At present, elderly people are getting sick because their immunity is low. In 2008 we launched a large-scale campaign to vaccinate one million. But we vaccinated only 500,000, and now we are seeing the consequences,” he said.

    Many questions remain, more than there are answers to be found. However, Imnadze is still unable to explain why the vaccine for a children’s disease had been donated by the US Department of Defense rather than a public health entity, like the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia, etc.

    It would be good to know why “informed consent” had not been obtained from all of those vaccinated, including adults, as the law requires.

    I am still concerned that some components of this vaccine were not so harmless, and its donation and issue was likely part of a dark experiment.

    I still suspect that some ingredients of this vaccine may not have not so harmless, and its donation and issuance could be part of a dark experiment–one that may continue till now.

    There appears to a direct relationship between those who got the flu vaccine and who now have the measles, and that is currently under investigation by the Georgian Media with help from Veterans Today.


      So much media attention, with recriminations and counterclaims, that the story over Georgia was even featured in the Washington Post and NYT times. That is but the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

      But now another story is developing in Tbilisi Georgia, and it seems that they are hastening the field research even before the smoke clears as to all outstanding recriminations of recent weeks as the true agenda of the Lugar Lab. Georgia’s Health Minister David Sergeenko has recently announced the need for much of the population to be vaccinated against flu, including pregnant women and children, two categories that are severely impacted by vaccines, in terms of stillbirths, miscarriages, and other adverse flu vaccine reactions.
      In short, it is clear that Influenza epidemiological and data on seasonal viral strains from Georgia is limited. If the truth would be known, as to the complications, there would be social and political consequences.

      This is especially true in terms of morbidity and mortality rates, i.e., sickness and death in Georgia, and few if any, of any recent publications, viewed, were described antigenic and genetic characteristics of seasonal influenza viruses circulating freely in the country, and often there are several flu outbreaks in what was once a one-off flu season.


      It is just necessary to do a bit of desk research and the name of BIG Pharma GlaxoSmithKline will soon surface, and the history of what insiders claim to be an experimental program to prevent a flu epidemic, starting with the H1H1 to the latest, (H3N2), etc. including strains of African Swine Flu who found a new home in China before being spread to Europe and China

  3. How the hell can you be so utterly stupid and ignore the evidence all around you that vaccines are not dangerous? In Britain there are millions upon millions of people who have been vaccinated without any health issues. I’m 43 and every single child at my school was vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, brucilosis and other diseases and you know what? Not one of us fell ill as a result, not one, and you know what else? Not one of us caught any of those diseases. So where the hell do you get this utterly stupid notion about vaccines being a bad thing? How can you ignore the fact that Britain has been vaccinating it’s children for over a century and there haven’t been any major health issues as a result? Maybe a few children have had a negative reaction, but the number must be so small as to be statistically insignificant because anyone with half a brain can see that this country is now free of the terrible diseases that were all too common only a little over a century ago. Honestly, you must be a nutcase to ignore the evidence all around you in the form of healthy adults who were vaccinated as children.

  4. No Ian, this does not work with me. It is wrong to stop at what titles pretend to say. I always read the full articles and observe the facts so that I can reason with my mind. So you have been driven to think the Leicester case has been debunked by an article from New York Times? First of all, I did not know that this newspaper from the other side of the ocean could tell the truth better than the local chronicles. So, the NYT article in your “debunking” link from vaxopedia aimed at destroying the Leicester method tells this:

    “After 1883, Leicester became a a stronghold for the anti-vaccination movement. Outbreaks of smallpox soon followed, as is seen in this New York Times report from 1884.”

    This is trange enough, since the NYT article is from 1884, so the smallpox outbreaks should have been those occurred until that date, but the problem for the NYT article is that Leicester method came later, starting from 1885:

    “So, in 1885 there was a great demonstration of 80,000 to 100,000 people in protest of these laws forcing vaccines on the masses. In his address to the audience, Mr. Councillor Butcher of Leicester said:
    Many present had been sufferers under the Acts, and all they asked was that in the future they and their children might be let alone. They lived for something else in this world than to be experimented upon for the stamping out of a particular disease. A large and increasing portion of the public were of opinion that the best way to get rid of smallpox and similar diseases was to use plenty of water, eat good food, live in light and airy houses, and see that the Corporation kept the streets clean and the drains in order. If such details were attended to, there was no need to fear smallpox, or any of its kindred; and if they were neglected, neither vaccination nor any other prescription by Act of Parliament could save them. (121)”

    Mainstream journals like New York Times are always good at telling their version of “truth” at the masses, isn’it? The strategy to cut pieces of facts and making collages trying to fabricate false reconstructions does not work. Everytime I hear the word “debunking, I see that there is falsity and disinformation behind.

    • Oh how pedantic of you to focus on just one aspect of the topic. Admit you’re wrong, the Leicester Method is a fiction, rather than disproving the effectiveness of the smallpox vaccine, the Leicester case proves that it worked. You could have looked at anyone of dozens of other sources that prove this, but no, you resorted to pedantry and looked at just a NYT article. There is a reason why the British govt. made vaccination against smallpox compulsory – so that nutcases like you couldn’t spoil things for everyone else and prevent the improvement in public health and resultant fall in mortality rates. If we allowed people like you to influence things, children would still be dying en masse, as they did in the 19th century. Feel free to be as stupid as you like, but for god’s sake, keep it to yourself, the rest of us are just thankful medical science wasn’t derailed by such nonsense.

  5. This is dangerous nonsense. Yes, fish oils are good for you, I have taken them daily for 30 years, but to suggest they cure measles is utter rubbish.

    • Sorry, but the notion that the Leicester Method did not use vaccination has been debunked for over a century, the truth is that the instance of small pox was reduced to a very low level in Leicester because the majority had already been vaccinated before the efforts in sanitation and isolation that became known as the Leicester Method began. The nursing staff in the isolation hospital were all vaccinated, they had to be, otherwise they would have contracted the disease and many of them would have died.

      The anti-vaccination movement in Leicester began in 1883, the result was that within a few months, there was a serious smallpox outbreak.

    • Leicester wasn’t unvaccinated, that is simply not true.

      “There is very good reason why the “Leicester Method” is so often quoted by those who are opposed to compulsory vaccinated; for the essential characteristic of the “Method” – that which indeed constitutes its most distinctive feature – is that it professes to suffice for the control of small-pox without resort to universal vaccination, the one measure which is regarded as all-important in most places.”

      C. Killick Millard, MD – Medical Officer of Health for Leicester 1904

  6. How shameful to push this evil. The human body needs to be left alone so it can develop it’s own natural defenses. You totally destroy the bodies ability to do this with these evil vaccines. Starting with the “anti-vaxx ignorance” statement. How baiting and unprofessional.

    Why would all of this money have been paid out?
    How about true health?
    If this doesn’t tear your heart out, you don’t have one. It brought tears to my eyes.
    Read away and learn something. I know you won’t. My sister was on RN. For years she refused to even glance at anything but pro vaccines. She finally did, now she feels guilty and trapped in the system. The more credentials the less a persons brain can learn. The cup is full. You already know everything.

    • The body doesn’t have natural defences against polio, or smallpox, or typhoid or many other dangerous diseases, you know, those diseases that used to be common but are now almost unheard of in the developed world – thanks to vaccination.

    • No, it’s not nonsense, what is nonsense is what you just said about ‘ebb and flow’ and vaccinated kids getting polio, try using your brain before you write this crap. Ever seen a kid with polio? No, because we have managed to get rid of the disease through vaccination, yet as recently as 50 years ago, it was a common sight in hospitals to see children with polio stuck inside iron lung machines to keep them alive because polio was destroying their ability to breathe for themselves.

    • Use some common sense, polio has been eradicated in the first world and there hasn’t been a cancer epidemic, therefore, IF the vaccine can cause cancer, it will only be in a very small number of cases. I live in Britain, where everyone was vaccinated as a child against multiple diseases and there hasn’t been a cancer epidemic. This concrete proof in the form of tens of millions of healthy adults trumps any crap you can find online.

  7. @ John Z
    “Why are the big pharmaceutical companies being protected from lawsuits?”

    Grab a fresh barf-bag and visit these two links discussing “gulf war syndrome by Gary Null :

    Gary Null produced a documentary that exposed the skullduggery committed by all parties
    involved and he was awarded a tsunami of effluvium for his efforts. The “skunk juice “treatment.
    Skunk juice ….
    A reporter for Reuters described its effect in the following words:
    Imagine taking a chunk of rotting corpse from a stagnant sewer, placing it in a blender and spraying the filthy liquid in your face. Your gag reflex goes off the charts and you can’t escape, because the nauseating stench persists for days.

    • FDR was crippled by polio, he ended up in a wheelchair and by WW2, couldn’t even stand up, when he met with Churchill and Stalin, his son, a serving navy officer, had to hold him up for the photographs. In the 1920s he was still able to stand using crutches, but by the time he made his inaugural address as POTUS, he had to use a cane and be supported by his son James to make it to the lectern. I bet FDR would have some choice words for these anti-vaccine nutcases.

      Sadly, there isn’t a stupidity vaccine….

    • Nawlins, Yes, I am pro vaccinations….My children and grandchildren have had all vaccines….no reactions or health problems. I have had vaccines as a child, but because there were no vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox I got the diseases. Lucky for me I did not have severe cases of any. Hey, how about polio? I did receive the Sabin vaccine as soon as it was available. They bused us from elementary school to the health department. Not a nice thing for a small child, but no polio for me or anyone who had the vaccine. Then there was the Sabin polio vaccine, on the sugar cubes. The whole family went for those. Do you think that we should not be protected against polio? Is having polio a childhood right of passage? Polio maims and kills….and so does measles. Antivaxxers count on others being vaccinated to keep them from having the diseases (I have heard interviews with ativaxxers and they say this)that there are vaccines for. Antivaxxers and their children give killer diseases to babies before babies are old enough to be vaccinated…how cool is that??????.

  8. How would someone in Georgia know that they are getting a properly made vaccine from Europe, and not a disease causing cocktail cooked up at the Lugar bio-warfare lab?

    • Exactly, and that is the question many Georgians are asking now,, and with good reason. I have been in Georgia for the last 26 years and have inside tracks as to what is going on. Georgia is one big test bed for all kinds of medical and vaccine experiments.

  9. It is always intelligent to have alternative ways of dealing with any problem.
    The late Frederick R. Klenner, M.D. became fascinated by the safe, simple and cheap powers of high dose Vitamin C to cure and prevent viral diseases in man and many other medical problems. The criminals in the FDA have obstructed just the study of these facts and only approved a trivial daily dose of 60 milligrams to prevent scurvy when much higher doses, given intravenously, are necessary to cure viral diseases up to and including polio which Klenner proved before 1949! While it is good to take Vitamin C by mouth, it leaves the body in about 2 hours in the urine. This is why it must be given intravenously to get a high enough concentration in the blood. But no ordinary patient is able to prepare the preparation of Vitamin C to be injected into their own body. Only a trained pharmacist can do this job. But because the criminals at the FDA have obstructed this knowledge most pharmacists fear making such preparations. There is no reason to believe high dose Vitamin C can’t cure all additional viral diseases as well. I urge everyone to read the above two seminal articles. Fred Klenner, M.D. lived from 1907 and died in 1984. He was a top biology student from Pennsylvania who earned his M.D. degree at Duke University in 1936. He was a true research scientist in addition to treating patients. Even poisonous snake and insect bites can easily be cured this way. It is similar to the way Vitamin B-12 shots are administered.

  10. Well if a federal agency says something, it must be true. Seems to be the main point of this drivel. nIf vaccines are so safe, why has the US government paid out approximately 4 billion dollars to vaccine injury/death victims since 1988?

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