“Jews will not replace us”: Why white supremacists go after Jews

Several hundred white nationalists and white supremacists carrying torches march in a parade at the University of Virginia. (Evelyn Hockstein for The Washington Post)

Washington Post: Jews and non-Jews are drawn to debates about whether Jews are white. It’s the sort of question that captivates academics and activists, roping in everyone from Israeli “Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot to African American literary luminary James Baldwin.

On the one hand, Jews have been discriminated against for centuries, including by white cultures from Nazi Germany to the United States. On the other, many Jews have attained a significant measure of acceptance, and many can often “pass” as white when not wearing traditional Jewish symbols.

Implicitly at stake in this argument is whether efforts to combat racism should prioritize prejudice against Jews or whether other persecuted populations should take precedence.

Personally, I’ve found this debate beside the point, and this weekend’s disturbing events in Charlottesville perfectly illustrate why: The white supremacists have already made their decision.

When white nationalists descended upon the historic Virginia city to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, their “Unite the Right” rally gathered a veritable who’s who of top neo-Nazis in the United States, including Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke and alt-right leading light Richard Spencer, among others.

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  1. Not only that, the AGWs are used to rob Americans at gunpoint with innocuous traffic fines, fines for washing your car, fines for this and that and worse: civil asset forfeiture, which is a license to steal….anything….your car, what ever cash you’re carrying, your home, boat or anything of values that local thugs (AGWs) deem of value to them as a means to keep their racket going.
    In America , the Bill of Rights is being trashed by both parties. The courts and judges are corrupt jokes, lawyers are lying corrupt bastards and the AGWs are nothing more than thugs with badges.

  2. Yes, in America where you can be shot for “contempt of cop”. America’s police forces are made up largely of losers with low IQs and a chip on their shoulders. Just one glance tells you they are of a lower life form: obese, out of shape from sitting on their fat arses all day in a car, none of them really know the laws, they violate the Bill of Rights every chance they get and with more than 80,000 SWAT raids every year by cops wearing more armor than a Marine in Afghanistan, they invade the wrong home because they got the address wrong……can any of them read? End up with shooting and killing an innocent person because of some hyped up cop-wannabe soldier or maybe they will shoot the family pet or your kids or your wife or your grand parents and they get a get out of jail free card whereas the family then has to file a wrongful death lawsuit with the city.
    With more than 50,000 people sent to hospital ERs every year for contacts with the AGWs(armed government workers) and 900 murdered , Americans have as much to fear from LEOs as any other criminal class.

  3. I live in a civilised, peaceful country, so I don’t feel the need to own any guns. However, if I did, I could obtain a license and go to either of the two local shooting ranges.

    Don’t start trying to point fingers of blame otherwise I might start to remind you that your nation has carried out nearly 200 illegal and violent regime change operations around the globe since the 1940s and has bombed dozens of countries and murdered millions while claiming to be a force for good and the world’s policeman.

  4. I do indeed live in a country with more freedom – Britain, where the police aren’t a bunch of armed thugs and we don’t have a Patriot Act or an Israeli trained and controlled DHS to enforce it, nor do we imprison the majority of the black 18-30 males so we can make them work live slaves, the list is long. When you feel like facing reality, then maybe you can have something to say that isn’t dumb. If the US people weren’t so dumbed down and ignorant then they wouldn’t have allowed an orange shitbag to slither his way into the White House. Sadly the rest of the world has to suffer because of US exceptionalism – exceptionally ignorant and exceptionally arrogant about their country and it’s role in the world – the bully in the yard that is fast becoming the most hated nation with a childish clown president and a thoroughly despised military.

  5. Americans are free – to do what they’re told. Otherwise it’s off to the gulag to work as slave labour, that’s if you survive your encounter with the paramilitary thugs in uniform that masquerade as police without being shot.

    The land of the fat and the home of the dumb….

    Sadly, that is what it has become.

  6. Since this article came from WaPo, one should expect this kind of liberal scolding and hysteria.
    For one thing the KKK is nothing more than a tiny smattering of people, maybe a couple hundred, 50% of whom are FBI infiltrators and David Duke hasn’t been a member in decades.
    The problem with the tribe know as Jews, primarily the European Jew, is that they are not what they claim to be and they have perpetrated more mischief than any other bunch, which is why they’ve been booted out of so many countries.
    Their time is coming here as well.
    Everything about them is a lie.

  7. Consider the fact Jews will say ” We are Gods Chosen ” …Consider the fact not ONE Jew is Hebrew as mentioned in the Bible . Consider the fact our govt. the U.S. govt. will protect and defend modern Israel to the last drop of our blood . Consider the fact the Talmud and Kabbalah say some of the most racist things , a non Jew is considered not equal even to cattle and called Goy or Goyim …What a BS article …

  8. So, the taunting of the Native American Vietnam veteran at the Lincoln memorial yesterday, started with the Catholic students (wearing maga hats) taunting another group called the Black Israelites. The students left and came back, each time increasing in number with the intention of swarming. Nathan Phillips gives the first hand account……
    Nathan Phillips, Native American Man Harassed By High Schoolers, Tells His Story | AM Joy | MSNBC

    • Oh David, David… fake news I’m afraid. Plenty of video material online to see what happened. Nathan Phillips lied his head off in the interview. Blatant propaganda. Particularly interesting are the videos showing a few minutes before Phillips enters the scene of black “israelites” spewing hatred towards pretty much to everyone, including the native Americans and some blacks. It is funny (and sad at the same time) that all the mass media got from this situation was a bogus “confrontation” between a native elder and white kids. The native elder then went to lie on recorded interview. You see, racism always has to be white, when other “races” hurl hateful abuse at someone it’s not racism – funny that.

  9. I think that the majority of those pushing white versus the Jews are Jews themselves to try and get a race war started. I have a couple of white friends like this yet they don’t believe in Christmas (Christ’s Mass) and won’t celebrate it.

  10. This argument, trying to separate Jews from whites, is more smoke and mirrors. I agree Jews are a tribal thing, not a race unto their self. They created the rather recent tag anti-Semite, yet few Jews are Semites. Saying today’s Jew isn’t white is akin to saying Russians aren’t white, or Ukrainians aren’t white. The powerful Jews are white. Yet they are trying to divide the races with the intent to start a race war, a war they can sit on the sidelines of and remain unharmed. It ain’t going to happen. I think a University study has proved they aren’t a race.

  11. It’s a question for zoologists. I’m not a zoologist, but I play one in the comment section.
    My one true wish, if I could fly in a jet, would be to fly in the SR-71. As time goes by, the possibility is diminishing rapidly. It would take a miracle now. I would need to know someone extremely influential.
    But, there are four races of humanity, that are indisputable, red, yellow, black and white. This is common knowledge around the earth. There is however, an argument that the people of India constitute another race, but I don’t go there. As for Jews, it can be argued they are a tribe, but not a separate race. They are undeniably white. But the presence of Ethiopian Jews, means that it is a religion, that wants to be a race. Kindof.

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