INTERVIEW: Robert David Steele – “Who is winning in USA? Trump or Pelosi? Was a coup averted? What is next?”


Who is winning in USA? Trump or Pelosi? Was a coup averted? What is next?

Javad Heirannia

Tehran Times, 23 January 2019

Reprinted with permission.

Steele, recently recommended to replace James Mattis as Secretary of Defense, is a former candidate for President in the USA (Reform Party, 2012) and the founder of #UNRIG, the Election Integrity movement in America. A prolific author he is also the top reviewer of non-fiction books in the English language, with over 2,500 reviews posted across 98 categories of literature.

Today he answers questions about the U.S. Government shut-down, the rumored coup attempt against President Donald Trump by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and his forecast of near term political, legal, and economic changes in the USA.

Q. Doyle McManus, an established reporter for the Los Angeles Times, has just published an article “Nancy Pelosi is winning in her battle with Trump.”  Do you agree with his assessment?

A. Absolutely not. McManus is typical of the Deep State fake news apparatchiks who write what their audience wants to hear. I have published an open letter disputing his account, SPECIAL: LA Times is Wrong — Nancy Pelosi is Not Winning — An Open Letter from Robert Steele to Doyle McManus that I am happy to summarize here. First and most importantly, McManus is not doing evidence-based reporting – he is ignoring, for example, the successes of the Trump Administration that are “sanctioned” by the Deep State fake news media in the USA – here is one example of honest reporting by the Washington Examiner: Trump’s list: 289 accomplishments in just 20 months, ‘relentless’ promise-keeping. Second, McManus is either ignorant or deliberately deceptive in not reporting on the reality that Nancy Pelosi is a “dead woman walking” (this is an American term for prisoners sentenced to death who are awaiting execution) and that regardless of whether or not she is indicted and convicted by a military tribunal, the Democratic Party has imploded – blacks and Latinos are no longer allowing themselves to be taken for granted, there is increasing wide-spread public understanding of the pernicious influence of traitors like Sheldon Adelson and other Zionists who do not place America First. Third, McManus may be excused for not understanding everything that Trump followers understand: in the next sixty days there will be a political, legal, and economic revolution in the USA, and the Deep State along with its Zionist underbelly will be if not fully defeated, at least gored so badly it becomes impotent in world affairs.

Q. We have noticed a Twitter thread including a Twitter from Donna Brazille referring to “President Pelosi.” Some in the USA are talking about a coup by Pelosi against Trump, to include an assassination attempt against both Trump and Vice President Michael Pence, such that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would become President.  Your thoughts?

A. I have no direct knowledge but have been told by people I trust that there have been twelve – perhaps now fourteen – separate assassination plots (not necessarily attempts) that have been disrupted. A useful point made in the Twitter thread is that the National Security Agency (NSA) is now loyal to President Trump and covering people like Nancy Pelosi with a degree of intimacy they cannot fathom. I do believe that the Deep State, the Zionists including my respected colleagues in the Mossad who hate Benjamin Netanyahu but follow orders until they retire, and the Zionist traitors in the USA including Senator Chuck Schumer, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi along with most other Members of Congress who have been bribed and blackmailed by the Zionists, are both in a panic over likely military tribunals, and also arrogant – they still think they can dictate terms.  Zionism in the USA is OVER! My running list, 29 Zionist Strikes (Zionism is Not Judaism) has been read by over four million U.S. citizens and the number that follow me grows daily. The latest outrage is the murder of U.S. soldiers in Syria now credibly blamed on Zionists – this is in keeping with the Zionist assault on the USS Liberty and the now proven Zionist role in the planning and execution of 9/11. Since you represent an Iranian publication, let me also say that as the second-ranking civilian in Marine Corps Intelligence I read the entire Long Commission Report and concluded that Israel, not Iran, was responsible for the Marine Barracks Bombing in Beirut, which occurred one month after a single Marine following orders stopped a Zionist tank column from crossing an established containment line. It would be helpful if Iran would provide the USA with information that helps make this latter case.

Q. What is your evaluation of the government shut-down, now the longest in history, with 800,000 U.S. government employees not receiving paychecks?

A. This is a very important question because it underlies a proper evaluation of whether President Trump or Speaker Pelosi is winning.  First, let me point out that the President very cleverly arranged with his friend Peter Thiel to have PayPal offer interest-free cash advances to every government person temporarily not receiving a paycheck. These loans are guaranteed by the U.S. Government, which has announced that all furloughed employees will receive back pay once the shutdown ends.  The “suffering” is real for those not smart enough to learn of and take advantage of the PayPal offer, but drastically over-stated for the larger majority. Shut-downs are a form of political “chicken,” they always end, and the employees are always paid for their mandated time off. It also merits comment that most federal employees are connected to the Democrats, not the Republicans – at an operational level, the shutdown is hurting the Democrats more than the Republicans.

The shutdown should also be evaluated at a strategic level. At this level, despite the modest impact on airports and national parks, the reality is that most Americans think the U.S. federal government is too big and does not matter other than as a waste of money and creator of toxic regulations.  My friend and most respected colleague James Fallows has written a book with his wife, Our Towns: A 100,000 Mile Journey into the Heart of America, documenting a 100,000-mile journey that comes to the conclusion that most Americans live completely apart from the widely disrespected U.S. federal government. At the strategic level it is also vital to note that once the shutdown goes past 30 days, as it has, the President has the authority to demand a Reduction in Force (RIF) with the potential for reducing the size and budget of the federal government by no less than ten percent and perhaps as much as twenty percent.

I believe the government shutdown will end shortly, in part because the President has a number of political, legal, and economic initiatives to announce, and it is time for the final phase of the Trump Revolution. The Government is demonstrably 50% waste and should be cut in half starting with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) that consumes 60% of the annual disposable (and mostly borrowed) budget of the federal government, and the secret intelligence world that my colleague William Binney and I have agreed can be cut by up to 70%, particularly if the President creates the Open Source Agency as approved twice by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Q. There is a great deal of skepticism in Iran and we imagine elsewhere, about the military tribunals actually taking place. There is skepticism about the so-called 70,000 sealed indictments. What do you think is happening?

A. For me as an observer with no direct knowledge, the “truth tellers” or core indicators are the testimonial exchange that Senator Lindsey Graham (R-NC) had with now Justice Brett Kavanaugh on this topic; the $500 million being spent on Guantanamo (which I believe should be returned to Cuba—our elites should be tried and imprisoned or put to death in the USA), and the assignment of additional military police to Guantanamo. This could, of course, be complex “signaling” to the elite – the 1% — that their days are numbered.  Similarly, however many sealed indictments exist, I doubt most of them will be opened. The elite are now aware that NSA has every email and every call they have made in the past twenty years. In my view most of the indictments are there to “neutralize” 90% of the elite “enablers” including corrupt judges and prosecutors as well as bank officials, paving the way for the actual indictment and conviction of perhaps 1,000 elites including Dick Cheney and both Bill and Hillary Clinton.  In my view, Cheney must hang first for 9/11, then we can take down the Clintons for treason, pedophilia, election fraud, and charity fraud.

I do believe that the public is now insistent on justice, and the public is no longer going to tolerate covering up elite pedophilia and elite treason. It used to be “reprehensible” for anyone to suggest that someone like Jared Kushner was a traitor who was reported by MI-6 (I have no direct knowledge)  to be in a clandestine homosexual relationship with a Zionist “sugar-daddy” that sodomized him regularly. That is no longer the case. Just as U.S. military generals and admirals are being brought to court by subordinates for such misbehavior, the rule of law is now creeping back up toward the elite.

Trump may not finish the job – there is now open speculation that he wants to quit and will not run again in 2020. I believe that 2020 will be generally focused on three things: genuine election reform that takes down both the Democratic and Republican parties in favor of Independents and small parties including  the emerging Constitutional Party and the Sandernista-Ocasios; public  exposure of elite pedophiles as well as financial criminals and traitors; and evidence-based governance such that we throw the United Nations (UN) out of New York, leave the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and close all of our military bases overseas.  America First means not Zionist Israel First.  I drew this line earlier with the Honorable Dr. Cynthia McKinney, and it is my intent to finish the job if Donald Trump does not. I must mention that HR 1, which pretends to sponsor election reform is actually a scam – seeking to privatize gerrymandering of districts (Diebold fraud on steroids) – and treason – seeking to enable voting by non-citizens.

I speculate that known-Mossad affiliates Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of famed Zionist spy Robert Maxwell who proliferated the original Zionist backdoor software program PROMIS) were doubled, and turned over to the Trump team all of the videos, the complete roster of compromised guests, and much more. In my view as both a former spy and as a sponsor of a major book on pedophilia as well as an active participant in an international judicial inquiry into elite pedophilia, there will be three losers on the pedophilia front: the Zionists, the Catholic Church, and the Mormon Church. I mention this to emphasize that while I regard the Zionists as the worst of the parasites in America, there are other cultural and economic and legal threats to our society, and the day must come when we are effective against all of them – particularly those that seek to divide & conquer, to attack family and community values, and as has recently emerged, to murder up and coming young straight white men (the Smiley Face Killers). It is a fact that neither the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) nor any of the 18,000 police jurisdiction across America are competent or coherent in dealing with organized white collar crime and Red Miyafa (Russian, Zionist, U.S.) crime. America has become a Third World nation in relation to the rule of law and evidence-based decision-making in the public interest, neither of which exist at the federal level or at most state levels. We are overdue for a “cultural revolution” that restores power to the public at the local level – a distributed decentralized culture, economy, government, and society. I offer some additional commentary at The Second American Revolution – Reflections on the Near Future.

Q. What is next in the Trump Revolution as you call it in your Trump Revolution series?

I believe that President Trump will soon announce a gold-backed dollar, the nationalization of the Federal Reserve (at the same time that the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and many others also nationalize their Central Banks), the joint introduction by China, Russia, and the U.S. of a new economic system that recovers the mega-trillions stolen by the Deep State from all countries, and very soon — before 1 February — the release of over a trillion dollars into the U.S. economy from the bottom up, the most audacious transfer of wealth from top to bottom in the history of mankind.

For myself, I have been promised a great deal of money to create a truth channel that replaces #GoogleGestapo, the Zionist-controlled social media ecology that censors, manipulates data, and digitally assassinates both conservative and progressive voices raised in opposition to the Deep State and the Zionists. You readers can learn more at my article, a list of references, and my posts on this topic. The core starting points are Plans for Displacement of #GoogleGestapo UPDATE 2 and Core Works UPDATED with 21st Century University. While this truth channel will be in the service of our President should he wish to abandon Twitter and finally get serious about two-way communications with 200 million voters, it is explicitly designed to be both post-Trump and post-Western.

Q. Will Donald Trump win re-election?

A. The short answer is yes. Not only is the U.S. economy and U.S. society stronger – including a new economic and political activism and consciousness among blacks and Latinos (I am a white Latino) – but he has already amassed a $100 million political action fund. In combination with the dramatic effect of the political, legal, and economic actions I see him taking in 2019, and his ability to electrify crowds across the country when the time comes in 2020 to reconnect to the public, I see no possible opposition to his being re-elected. The Secret Service is now both competent and loyal and will not repeat the mistakes it made that allowed the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and there are layers of defense around our President that preclude the more modern biological and electromagnetic pulse attacks that might succeed with a less well-defended individual.

My concern is that the President, for whom the White House is a huge burden – it is “low rent” quarters and a fixed schedule both of which he hates – might choose not to run again. I am hearing rumors of his having selected a businessman to receive his blessing as the candidate in 2020 – Pence will be gone by then, lucky to escape, perhaps with a secret Presidential pardon, back into his lazy ignominious habits. I want President Trump to finish the job. If he does not run I will be very likely to run, with a split ticket, coalition cabinet, balanced budget, and seven to twelve core policy planks including the legalization of marijuana and a student and elderly debt jubilee.  There is nothing wrong with America the Beautiful that cannot be fixed by restoring integrity to how we elect and how we govern.  I pray that Donald Trump will not quit in the final half of his mission from God. He has my support as long as he stays the course. No one, including me, could possibly be as good as he toward our shared goal of restoring America the Beautiful, America First.

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  1. lol..who is this lunatic?
    not only is he wrong he is lying so many times here it would make tRump himself blush.
    14 attempts at assassination foiled?
    blacks and Latinos leaving for the repiglicon party
    more dem voters being hurt by the shutdown…just a few of the EASILY disputed lies this propagandist is trying to get away with.
    this is the stuff you see for the idiots over at brietbart…but since VT and gordon duff supports it…i think the time has come to stop coming here.

    i know no one cares about one reader..but you deserve the type of fools who believe what you believe.

    • Real eyes realize the real lies. Your in awareness of the fabricated simulacra reality. That’s what matter’s most. The risible & shillarious alchemical psychodrama ‘arc of crisis’s’ playing out has lost it’s narrative. People get it or they don’t. No middle ground now. This is the same supposed expert telling hs Aliens are real as well. Yet can’t explain Mandelbrot’s Set or Schumann Resonance. Two of the most important real science revealing facts. Discernment is key to any cognitive leaper or Dunbar’s number adept critical thinker. Glad you made it last the filter. HOW to think not WHAT to think. Cheers

  2. Shut-downs are a form of political “chicken,”

    In this case, one might even call it a “Mexican standoff.”


  3. Have you become a part of Q Anon now Gordon, endorsing this guy? After all the insightful articles about Trump the frontman/fallguy for the Khazarian Mafia, you think Orange Man is part of some patriotic network about to “arrest all the liberals” and kill them? Listen to what this guy with the cigar is saying.

    He’s a direct puppet of the Bolshevik Jews, not some second-hand typical shabbos goy found in the usual Establishment circles. His faction is the worst of the Deep State madness we’re groaning under. I’m convinced his wall down south is not to keep Mexicans out as much as Americans in. Iron Curtain II, and by the same people who brought you that wonderful experiment, the Russian Revolution and the killing of 66 million Russian Christians. This is their bait and switch at the end of this siren song, a promise to “clean up the swamp” while destroying the United States, paralyzing us. Trump’s obviously a subversive finishing off the rest of what functioning government we still have. Steele is too blinded by his own bigotry against “liberals.” I don’t know what his motives are but his judgement is beneath our trust.

    • All the ‘smart’ Federal workers can get their one time 250$-500$ and live off that ‘till their backpay comes.
      Donnie John is quoted as saying he may shut it until the next presidential election.

    • Well posited & good to see you here. We know each other from the past @ SM Starbuck’s ;-\. Your discernment is spot on & the alchemical psychodrama of lies & deception continues & only digs itself in more of hole eh. Cheers my friend.

    • Agree..
      The lunatism about Russian is beyond me. Russia is a captured state, run by the khazar mafia parasitic and revanchist deep state for 1130 years out of our 7527 years of the newest history..
      You will see no Russian face on the Russian TV. No Russian opinion, national interest is tolerated in a targeted country with race replacement AND the highest migration in the world and not a single Russian or right politician or party allowed. None. They are all executed or jailed or declared extremists.
      Putin is a provincial nonentity from an extremely humble background of being a bastard adopted by an elderly poor couple in their early 40s who had lost their own 2 sons in the 2nd ww in starvation, a cleaner and a security guard who libed in 20 m room in fkatshare on 5th floor walkup in poor neighbourhood. Everything about this crim8nal basrard is fake.
      All his friends and associates are also low life jews and some Ukrainians.
      The head of foreign office is ethnic Armenian Iavrov, the head of the propaganda machine Russia Today is armenian nut and hater, low life Simonyan.. All their prooagandists are jews and armenisns with few ukrainians and a couple of Russian scum traitors ss no decent and non criminal is employed by this anti Russian mafia plundering and torturing our nation in an open genocide that has killed 110 m in 100 years and counting.

      Trump and Putin are run by the Chabad who are also behind the war in Ukraibe and Chernobyl of 1986. Trump’s airhead toxic daughter is a fanatical Chavad adept whivh screams volumes sbout this idiot. She is akso great friends with the biggest jewish crook from Russia, the Abramovich family. Her husband’s brother is their business partner in arts.
      Putin is openly run by Chabab who are taking over Russia in an open war on our territory. Some extremist sect from stinky shithole in Brooklyn simply own the agenda in Russia and make sure their voice is loud and heard on everything be it law or politics, everything but not religion. There are 0,1% Jews in Russia, of them perhaps only 15% r religious, od them 1% r Chabad.

  4. Nope not a chance this is correct. Masonic Zionism-AIPAC-SES-Deep State still running the show. There is only a perception of left & Right. Two different wings of the same Vulture. Just depends on the abulia of the people.

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